Origin of Kuru dynasty- Mahabharata

Origin of Kuru dynasty – Mahabharata

Origin of the Kuru dynasty –The Kuru dynasty began with King Kuru. He was the first man of this dynasty. King Kuru was very majestic, brave, and brilliant. The branches of the ‘ Kuru dynasty’ emerged and developed in his name. One of the majestic and fiery heroes was born in the Kuru dynasty. The famous Pandavas and Kauravas of Mahabharata also took birth in the Kuru dynasty itself. The battle of Mahabharata also took place between the Kuru dynasty, which lasted for eighteen days. The ‘Kuru dynasty’ mentioned in the Mahabharata is estimated to have been in power from 1200 to 800 BCE. Looking at the mythological belief, it is known that the period of Parikshit and Mahapadmananda, son of Abhimanyu, grandson of Pandava Arjuna, stop in 382 BC.
The story
Who was ‘Kuru’? And by whom and how was he born ?, Ved Vyas has highlighted these questions in Mahabharata. The story of ‘Karu Dynasty’ is very interesting and inspiring, which is as follows-

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King sand

In ancient times, a majestic king ruled in Hastinapur, whose name was Sandra. King Sandaran was as bright as the Sun and was very considerate of his subjects. He himself tried his best to overcome the sufferings of his subjects even after taking the trouble. Sambar was an exclusive devotee of Sun God. He used to worship Sun God with great reverence every day. Till he could not worship the sun god, he did not even take a sip of water under the throat.

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Meet with heat

One day Sandhar went to a mountain to hunt. As he was traveling with the bow and arrow in his hand atop the mountain, he saw an extremely beautiful young lady. That young woman was cast in the mold of beauty. It seemed that the creator of each of his parts was groomed with great interest. Samvar had not seen such a beautiful woman to date. Sanvran became enamored of the woman who captivated the mind. Forgetting everything, he surrendered himself to her. He went to the young woman, looking at her with satisfied eyes, and said- “Tanwangi, who are you? Are you a goddess, a Gandharva, or a kinnari? My mind has become fickle when you see me. You marry me with a Gandharva and take pleasure. ” But the woman did not answer anything about the statement. She kept looking at the closure for a few moments, then disappeared. Sanvara became extremely distraught when the woman became invisible. He threw a bow and arrow and mourned like demons – “Beautiful! Where have you gone? Just as the lotus withers without the sun and the way the plant dries up without water, similarly I cannot survive without you.” Your beauty has stolen my mind. You appear and tell me who you are and how I can find you. ”

Statement of heat

With such a state of distress and distraction, the woman reappeared. She looked towards the hymn and said- “Rajan! I myself am enchanted by you, but I am under the command of my father. I am the younger daughter of the Sun God. My name is ‘Tapati’. Unless my father commands I will not marry you. If you want me, please my father. ” The woman ends her statement and becomes invisible again. Samvar again started mourning like a maniac. He fell down on the earth and began to sound the mountain with the cry of ‘hot and hot’. Calling the sandalwood heat, he fell down on the earth and fainted. When his consciousness returned, he remembered the burning heat again. He also remembered the statement of the ascetic that- “If you want to have me, please my father Surya Dev. I cannot marry you without his permission.”
Sun test
A wave of electricity rose in the veins of sand. He kept on thinking that he would worship the sun god to get the heat. You will forget everything to make them happy. Sandhya started worshiping Sun God. Gradually, years passed, meditation kept on doing. In the end, the idea of ​​taking the test of sunrise arose in the mind of Sun God. It was night. There was silence everywhere. Samvara Naitra was seated in a closed meditation posture. Suddenly someone heard a voice in his ears – “Sanctum, you are engaged here in penance. Your capital is burning in fire.” Even after hearing this statement, Sandhar remained silently in his place. Even a little sorrow did not arise in his mind. A second sound was heard again in his ears – “Sandhar, all the people of your family died in the fire.” But even then King Samvar remained as firm as the Himalayas and stayed in his place. For the third time, he heard a loud voice in his ears – “Sanvar, your subjects are being burned in the fire of famine. People are spitting on hearing your name.” On this too, Sankara remained steadfast in penance. The Sun God was pleased at his perseverance and he appeared and said – “Sangh, I am fascinated by your perseverance. Say, what do you want?”

Married to a hot woman

Salutation said to the sun god, “God! I want nothing more than your daughter Tapti. Please give me gratitude for my life by giving me to Tapti.” Lord Surya Dev replied in a posture of happiness- “Sanvar, I know everything. The heat also loves you. The heat is yours from today.” Surya Dev duly married his daughter Tapti with Sambar.

or. They started living on the same mountain with sandal heat and after getting a wife, they forgot their subjects in raga-rang.

Famine in the state

After marriage, Sambaran drowned in indulgence and luxury, and on the other hand, a severe famine arose in his kingdom. The earth dried up, wells, ponds, and trees also dried up. The subjects started dying of hunger. People left the state and started moving to other countries. When the king of a country drowns in raga-rang, the condition of his subjects is the same. The minister of King Samvar was very intelligent and of a generous heart. He set out to find the cacophony. He wandered and reached the same mountain on which Samvar resided with the heat. Seeing the scorching heat, the wise minister understood that his king was trapped in the beautiful web of the woman. The minister acted with great intelligence. He made pictures of humans burning in the fire of famine to free Sanvran from the trap of lust. He took the pictures and appeared before the ceremony. He told Samvar- “Maharaj! I want to present you a book of pictures.”

The Minister of Sanitation moved that book of pictures towards the publication. The pages of the book began to be turned back and forth. On one page, humans were eating the leaves of trees, in some, the mothers were throwing their children in the well. On one page, hungry humans were eating raw meat from animals and on another page, thirsty people were licking with mud in their hands. On seeing the hymn pictures, he said with seriousness- “This is the scene of the subjects of which king’s kingdom?” The minister replied in a very slow and effective voice – “The name of that king is ‘Sandhar’.” Sandhar got surprised after hearing this. He looked at the minister with astonishing eyesight. The minister again said in his own way – “I am telling the truth, Maharaj! This is the scene of your people. The people are dying of hunger. There is chaos all around. The state has neither food nor water. The chest of the earth explodes. Gone. Maharaj, the trees have dried up, calling you. ”

Birth of Kuru
Hearing this condition of his state and subjects from the mouth of the minister, Sancharan’s heart shook. He got up and stood up and said- “This is the condition of my people and I am lying here under the head. I am sorry. Minister! I am thankful to you, you did me very well by waking me up.” Sandhar reached his capital with heat. As soon as he reached the capital, heavy rain started. Dry earth covered with greenery. The famine went away. The subjects started living with happiness and peace. She started worshiping both, considering Sanvara as divine and Tapati as a goddess. After some time, a son was born from Sambaran and Tapti, named ‘Kuru’. Kuru was also as great and virtuous as his parents. Later, the ‘Kuru dynasty’ started in his name.

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