Pandavas Unknown ~ Mahabharata

Pandavas Unknown ~ Mahabharata

Pandavas Unknown -‘Unknown house’ means “Living in an unfamiliar place and unknown place without coming to anyone’s knowledge.”

After the completion of the twelfth year of exile, the Pandavas now planned to stay with King Virat of Matsya country for their unknown residence. He changed his costume and set out towards Matsya Desh. On the way, in a crematorium inside a terrible forest, they hid their weapons and laid dead dead bodies and bones on them, so that no one could come there due to fear. They also kept their pseudonyms, which were ‘Jai’, ‘Jayant’, ‘Vijay’, ‘Jayatsen’ and ‘Jaidwal’. But these names were only for the route, in Matsya country they were going to change these names to another name.

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Upon reaching the court of King Virat, Yudhishthira said- “O Rajan! I was born in Vyaghrapada gotra and my name is ‘Kank’. I am well versed in gaming. I wished to serve you. ”

Virat said – “Kank! You look like a man, I am happy to have you. So you stay here respectfully. ”

After that, the rest of the Pandavas reached the court of King Virat and said- “O Rajadhiraj! We were all the first servants of King Yudhishthira. After the Pandavas have gone into exile, we have appeared in your court for service. ”

When King Virat asked for an introduction, Bhimsen with the first hand-embroidered and said – “Maharaj! Good welfare My name is Ballav. I know best how to cook a kitchen. I was the cook of Maharaj Yudhishthira. ”

Sahadeva said- “Maharaj! My name is Tantipal. I am proficient in identifying breeds of cows and calves and I used to look after the cowshed of Maharaj Yudhishthira. ”

Nakula said- “O Matsyadhipati! My name is Granthik. I am an expert in astronomy. My job here was to take care of his observatory at King Yudhishthira’s.

Maharaj Virat kept them all in his service. Finally, by the curse given by Urvashi, he became impotent, wore ivory bangles, and kneaded the head on his head, Arjun said, “O Matsyraj! My name is Vrihannala, I am well versed in dance and music. Since I am impotent, Maharaj Yudhishthira appointed me to teach dance and music to his inner girls. ”

After getting enchanted at the performance of Vrhannala’s dance-music, after getting his impotence checked, Maharaj Virat appointed him for his daughter Uttara’s dance-music education.

Here Draupadi went to King Virat’s wife Sudeshna and said- “Queen! My name is Sairandri. I used to work as the handmaid of Draupadi, the queen of Dharmaraja Yudhishthira earlier, but I have been relieved because of her exile. Now I have come to you wishing you service. ”

Impressed by the appearance, quality and beauty of Sairandhri, Queen Sudeshna appointed her as her chief maid. In this way, the Pandavas got employed in the service of Virat, the king of Matsya Desh, and started his unknown.

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