Parvati worship

Parvati worship and boon receipt of Shri Sitaji and Ram-Laxman dialogue

Religious story

Parvati worship  –Sitaji wanders repeatedly under the pretext of seeing deer, birds, and trees, and seeing Shri Ramji’s image, his love is not growing any less. (Ie, it increases a lot)

Seeing the bow of Shivji as hard, she walked in a heart-wrenching (mourning in mind) placing the idol idol of Shri Ramji in her heart. (Remembering the hardness of Shiva’s bow, he was worried about how this Sukumar Raghunathji would break it, he had an indignation in his heart from the memory of his father’s vow, so began to mourn his mind.

Only after the love of Aishwarya was forgotten. This happened, then she was delighted as soon as she remembered the power of God and went on carrying the image of the heart in her heart.) When Lord Shri Ramji learned about happiness, affection, beauty, and virtues going to Shri Jankiji.

Then, by making soft ink of the supreme love, he painted his form on his beautiful mind wall. Sitaji again went to Bhavaniji’s temple and worshiped her feet and folded her hands and said –

-Mother, again and again, regards.happy mothers day.

O Parvati, daughter of Himachal king of the best mountains! Hail to you, hail, O moon of the face of Mahadevji (looking at the gaze) Chakori! Hail to you, O mother of elephant-headed Ganesha and six-faced Swamikarthikji! Hey Jagjjanani! O one with a fine body of electricity! We salute you!

You have neither the beginning nor the middle nor the end. The Vedas do not even know your immense influence. You are going to create, follow, and destroy the world. She is fascinated by the world and is an independent monk.

O mother, among the best women who consider husband to be the presiding deity! Is your first count. Thousands of Saraswati and Seshaji cannot be called your immense glory.

Hey (I will give my prayers to the devotees) Grooms! O enemy of Tripur, beloved wife of Shivji! All four fruits are accessible by serving you. O, Goddess! By worshiping your lotus feet, the gods, humans, and sages all become happy.

You know my desire very well, because you always live in the city like everyone’s heart. That is why I did not reveal it. Saying this, Janaki Ji held his feet.

Girijaji fell in love with Sitaji’s humility and love. The garland of them (the throat) slipped and the idol smiled. Sitaji respectfully held that Prasad (Mala) on the head. Gauriji’s heart was filled with joy and she said-

Hey Sita! Listen to our true Assis, your wish will be fulfilled. The word of Naradji is always holy (without doubt, confusion, etc.) and truth. In which your mind is anymore, you will get the same groom.

In which your mind has become attached, by the same nature you will get a beautiful little groom (Shri Ramchandraji). He is a treasure of mercy and sujan (omniscient), knows your modesty and affection. In this way, listening to the blessings of Shri Gauriji, Jankiji, and all his friends were heartened. Tulsidasji says- After worshiping Bhavaniji again and again, Sitaji returned to the palace with a happy heart.

-Durga Saptashati Third Chapter

The joy of Sitaji’s heart considering Gauriji favorable, cannot be said. The origins of the beautiful forests started tearing their left limbs.

Appreciating the beauty of Sitaji in the heart, the two brothers went to Guruji. Shri Ramchandraji told everything to Vishwamitra, because he has a simple nature, deceit does not even touch him.

The Muni worshiped after getting the flowers. Then blessed both brothers so that your desire is successful. Hearing this, Shri Ram-Laxman became happy.

The great scientist Muni Vishwamitra started eating and telling some ancient stories. The day passed, and after receiving the Guru’s orders, the two brothers went to the evening.

(There) A beautiful moon rose in the east direction. Shri Ramchandraji found happiness by seeing him like Sita’s face. Then I thought in my mind that this moon is not like the face of Sitaji.

It is born in the brackish sea, then (due to its origin from the same sea) the poison is its brother, in the day it remains malleable (glorified, languid), and is black (with black spots). How can the poor poor moon match the face of Sitaji?

Janakpur inspection of Shri Ram-Laxman

Therefore, you will be accused of doing a lot of improper deeds in making you simile the face of Jankiji. In this way, by describing the image of Sitaji’s face on the pretext of moon, it was a great night, he went to Guruji.

After paying obeisance to the lotus feet of the sage, he rested after getting the order, at the end of the night Shri Raghunathji woke up and looking at his brother said –

O hey! Look, Arunodaya has given happiness to Kamal, Chakravak, and the whole world. Laxmanji, with both hands folded, said a soft voice informing the effect of the Lord.

Due to Arunoday, Kumudini shook and the light of the stars faded, just as all the kings have become weak on hearing your arrival.

All kings of the stars do Ujala (dim light), but they cannot remove the great darkness like a bow. The end of the night like lotus, chakra, bumblebee, and many other types of birds are cheering.

-Shree Durga Saptashati Pathan

By the way, O Lord! All your devotees will be happy when the bow breaks. The sun rose, darkness was destroye without exertion. The stars hid, there was light in the world.

Hey Raghunathji! The Sun has shown the majesty of the Lord (you) to all the kings on the pretext of his rise. To reveal (openly) the glory of the strength of your arms, this method of breaking the bow has been revealed.

Lord smiled upon hearing the brother’s words. Then, by nature, the holy Shri Ramji retired from the toilet and took a bath and after doing routine work, he came to Guruji. He came and gave head in the beautiful feet of Guruji.

Janakaji then called Shatanandji and immediately sent him to Vishwamitra Muni. He came and heard Janakji’s request. Vishwamitra jovially called both brothers.

Because After worshiping the feet of Shatanandji, Lord Shri Ramchandraji sat down with Guruji. Then the sage said – O Tat! Come, Janakji has sent the call.

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Fourth Chapter Durga Saptashati


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