Peace offer of Krishna ~ Mahabharata

Peace offer of Krishna

Peace offer of Krishna -After expelling King Susharma and the Kauravas from the battlefield, the Pandavas revealed themselves publicly. Virat was very happy to get his real introduction and wanted to marry his daughter Uttara to Arjun, but Arjun said that he has taught Uttara to music and dance, so he cannot marry his disciple. He accepted Uttara’s marriage with his son Abhimanyu. Along with Sri Krishna and Balarama, many big kings and emperors also attended this marriage.

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After Abhimanyu’s marriage, the Pandavas sent Sri Krishna as their consul with the aim of returning their kingdom to Hastinapur, so that he could propose peace. Sri Krishna came to Hastinapur with a peace proposal.
After receiving proper hospitality and posture in Dhritarashtra’s Rajya Sabha, Shri Krishna said- “O Rajan! The Pandavas have sent salutes to all the gurus present here saying that we have completed twelve years of exile and one year of exile as per the agreement made earlier. Now you return half of our kingdom as promised to us. ”

Hearing the words of Shri Krishna, the gurus, Bhishma, Vidur, Dronacharya, etc., and the great sages like Parashuram, Kanva, etc., explained to Dhritarashtra that they should return the Pandavas to their kingdom immediately on the path of religion and justice.

But even after explaining this to him, Duryodhana was very angry and said – “Being the eldest son, this state had the authority of my father Dhritarashtra, but taking advantage of his darkness, Uncle Pandu took control of the throne. I am the eldest of Maharaj Dhritarashtra I am a son, so I have only and only authority over this state. I am not ready to give the land to the Pandavas, even as the tip of a needle. If they want their kingdom back, they can fight it and get it. ”

Even after convincing all the people present in the Rajya Sabha, Duryodhana stood by his point. Shri Krishna returned to the Pandavas.

Due to Duryodhana’s insistence on not giving the Pandavas a kingdom, the war between the two sides was decided, hence both sides started seeking help for themselves.

One day Duryodhana reached Dwarikapuri to get help from Sri Krishna for future war. When he arrived, at that time, Shri Krishna was engrossed in sleep, so he sat at his head. Shortly after this, Arjun too reached out to him for the same task and seeing them slept, sat at his feet.

When Shri Krishna’s sleep broke, first he looked at Arjun. Sri Krishna asked Arjuna the reason for his arrival. Arjun said- “Lord! I have come to seek help from you for future war.” As soon as Arjuna said this, Duryodhana sat at the head and said – “O Krishna! I have also come to help you. Since I have come before Arjuna, I have the first right to ask for help. ”

Hearing the words of Duryodhana, Lord Krishna turned around and looked at Duryodhana and said- “O Duryodhana! I have seen Arjuna first, and you say that you have come first. So I have to help both of you. I will help you both.” I will give my whole army to one and I will live with the other myself. But I will neither fight nor bear arms. Now you guys decide what you want. ”

Arjuna expressed his desire to keep Shri Krishna with him, which pleased Duryodhana, as he had come to take the huge army of Shri Krishna. In this way, Shri Krishna gave his army to Duryodhana for future war and became himself with the Pandavas.

After Duryodhana left, Sri Krishna asked Arjuna- “O Parth! What did you think of me even after I decided not to fight?” Arjuna replied- “Lord! I believe that wherever you are, there is victory and then I wish that you become my charioteer. ” Hearing of Arjuna, Lord Krishna accepted him to be his charioteer. (Peace offer of Krishna)

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