Praise the gods, Indra’s nectar rain

Praise the gods, Indra’s nectar rain

The Gods started showering flowers with joy. Stings started ringing in the sky. Kinnar Songs started. Apsaras climbed on planes and started dancing.

Seeing the infinite and immense beauty of Lord Shri Ramchandraji along with Shri Jankiji, the bear-monkeys were delighted and started chanting the essence of happiness Shri Raghunathji.
Then, after getting the permission of Shri Raghunathji, Indra’s charioteer walked headlong into the matli feet (carrying a chariot). Subsequently, the eternally selfish gods came. They are saying such words as if they are great parents.
Then, after getting the permission of Shri Raghunathji, Indra’s charioteer walked headlong into the matli feet (carrying a chariot). Subsequently, the eternally selfish gods came. They are saying such words as if they are great parents.
You are identical, Brahman, indestructible, continual, monogamous, indifferent by nature (enemy-friend-soulless), unbroken, nirguna (devoid of mystic qualities), unborn, sinless, formless, invincible, immortal (whose power never goes in vain) And are merciful.
You wore the bodies of Matsya, Kachhap, Varaha, Narsingh, Vamana and Parashurama. Hey Nath! When the gods found sorrow, then by destroying many bodies, you destroyed their grief.
This wicked malady heart, a constant enemy of the Gods, was a hero of greed, greed and the item and extremely angry. The Shiromani of such unhappiness also attained your ultimate position. It was a surprise in our mind.
We gods, despite being superior officers, are selfish and forgetful of your devotion and are constantly in the flow of Bhavsagar (cycle of birth and death). Now, Lord! We have come under your shelter, protect us.
After praying, the deity and Siddha all stood here with folded hands. Then Brahma ji started being praised by a body pulsed with utmost love.
O continual pleasures and (who defeats sorrows) Hari! O Raghunathji wearing a bow and arrow! Hail thee. Oh, Lord! You are like a lion to disguise an elephant like a bhava (birth and death). Hey Nath! Hey ubiquitous! You are the sea of virtues and the ultimate clever.
Your body has the same, but unique image as many Cupids. Siddha, Munishwar and the poet keep on singing your qualities. Your fame is pure. You caught Ravanarupi Mahasarp in a rage like Garuda.
Oh, Lord! You are the form of pleasures to servants, destroyers of grief and fear, always anger-free and continual knowledge. Your avatar is a group of superior, immense divine qualities, unloading earth and knowledge.
(But even on incarnation) You are eternal, unborn, broad, one (unique) and eternal. O Lord of compassion, Shriram! I greet you with great pleasure. O Raghukul’s Jewelry! O the one who kills the demon and defeats all the faults! Vibhishan was humbled, made him the king of Lanka.
O stores of virtue and knowledge! Hey honorable! O unborn, wide and devoid of myriad disorders, Shriram! I greet you every day. The brilliance and force of your arms is intense. You are perfect in destroying the evil group.
O without mercy to those who are poor and to those who are interested in them and the glory of glory! I greet you with Srijanaki ji. You are about to fight against Bhavsagar, because the cause is beyond both nature and the working world and is going to defeat the difficult defects arising from the mind.
You are about to wear a beautiful arrow, bow and tarkus. Like red (lotus) lotus, you have eyes. You are the best among the kings, the temple of happiness, the beautiful, the Vallabh of Shri (Lakshmiji) and the destroyer of Mad (ego), Kama and false love
You are indestructible or blameless, unbroken, not subject to the senses. Despite being always in form, you never said all that, Vedas say so. It is not (any) legend (Kori Kalpana). Just as the sun and the light of the sun are different and not separate, similarly you are both different and integral from the world.
O broad God! All these monkeys are thankful forms, who are respectfully watching your face. (And) Hey Hare! Damn our (immortal) life and the deva (divine) body, which we have forgotten (in worldly matters) in a world devoid of your devotion.
Hey Deendayalu! Now take pity and take away my discriminating intellect, by which I do the opposite, and consider the grief as happiness, and enjoy it.
You are the denier of the wicked and the delightful ornament of the earth. Your Charanakamal is served by Shiva-Parvati. O king of kings! Give me the boon that you always have my benevolent love in your feet.
In this way Brahma ji pleaded with a very loving body. His eyes were not satisfied while visiting Shree Ramji, the sea of beauty.
At the same time Dashrathji came there. Seeing the son (Shriramji), water flooded his eyes (of Premashru). Prabhu along with younger brother Laxmanji worshiped him and then father blessed him.
(Shriramji said-) O Tat! All this is the effect of your virtues, which I conquered the invincible demon king. His love increased greatly after hearing the son’s words. Water flooded in the eyes and Romvali stood up.
(Myarhit Sachchidanandamay Swarupamat Divyagunyukta) Devotees who worship the virtuous form do not even take salvation in this way. Shri Ramji gives his devotion to him. After offering obeisance to the Lord again and again, Dashrathji was delighted and went to Devlok.
Seeing the glory of the supremely skilled lord Shrikosadhish, including younger brother Lakshmanji and Jankiji, Devraj Indra started to praise in the mind with joy
Shobha of Shobha, Relaxing refuge, superior Tarakas, holding a bow and arrow, hail Sri Ramachandraji with strong majestic arms.
O enemies of Kharduana and the murderers of the army of demons! We salute you! Hey Nath! You killed this evil one, making all the gods Sanatha (safe).
O land losers! O those of great glory! Hail thee. O enemies of Ravana! Hey kind! Hail thee. You destroyed the demons.
Lankapati Ravana was very proud of his force. He had subdued all the gods and Gandharvas and he stubbornly (washed his hands) of Muni, Siddha, man, bird and serpent etc.
He was quick and malicious in reprimanding others. That sinner got the same result. Now, O compassionate ones! O with huge eyes like a lotus! Listen..
I was very proud that there is no one like me, but now that pride of the group of sorrows kept going by seeing the lotus feet of the Lord (you).
Some meditate on the Nirguna Brahm which is called Veda Avyakta (formless). But O Ramji! I love your virtuous Kosalraj form.
Make your home in my heart including Srijanaki ji and younger brother Laxmanji. Hey Ramanivas! Consider me your servant and offer your devotion.
Hey Ramanivas! O one who defeats the fear of refuge and gives him all kinds of happiness! Give me your devotion. O abode of happiness! O Lord Shri Ramchandraji of Raghukul, the image of many Kamadeva’s! I greet you O God who gives joy to the people, (birth-death, joy, sorrow, happiness and sorrow etc.), destroyers of duality, human beings, incomparable forces, servants of Brahma and Shiva etc., gentle Sriramji with compassion! I greet you
Hey kind! Now, looking at me with kindness (kindly), allow me to do (service)! Deendayalu Shri Ramji, hearing these dear words of Indra said.
Hey Devraj! Listen, our apes and bears, who have been killed by nocturnals, are lying on the earth. He gave up his life for my benefit. Hey Sujan Devraj! District them all.
(Kakbhushundiji says -) O Garuda! Listen, these words of God are very deep (esoteric). Only the learned sage can know them. Prabhu Shriramji can kill Triloki and raise it. Here he has only praised Indra.
Indra gave the district to the monkeys after showering nectar. Everyone rose up in joy and came to the Lord. The rain of nectar fell on both the parties. But the bears and the apes survived, not the demons.
Because the demon’s mind had become demonic at the time of dying. So they were freed, they left their buildings. But all the apes and bears were all Devansh (revolver of God’s Leela). So they all came alive with the will of Shri Raghunathji.

Think and be rich

Who is going to benefit the poor like Shri Ramchandraji? Who freed all the demons! The wicked, the house of sins and Kami Ravan also got the speed which even the best monks do not find.
After showering flowers, all the gods climbed on beautiful planes. Then the knowledgeable Sujan Shivji came to Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji.
And with utmost love folding both hands, filling water in the eyes like a lotus, Tripurari Shivji started pleading with a pulkit body and gag.
O lord of Raghukul! Protect me by holding a beautiful bow and beautiful arrow in beautiful hands. You are the fiery wind for the (blowing) of Mahamoharupi Meghagampha, the fire for (devouring) of the Sambharoopi forest and the pleasures of the gods.
You are nirguna, saguna, abode of divine qualities and supremely beautiful. For the dark (destroying) darkness is the strong majestic sun. For lust (slaughter) of work, anger and female elephants, like the lion, dwell continuously in the forest of this servant.
You are strong for Kamalavan’s (perish) form of group of subjects, you are generous and beyond mind. To Bhavsagar (churning) you are the Mandarachal mountain. You remove our ultimate fear and cross us from the other world.
Hey Shyamsundar-body! Hey Kamalnayan! Hey Dinbandhu! O refugees who are free from sorrow! Hey Raja Ramchandraji! Along with your younger brothers Laxman and Jankiji, stay inside my heart continuously. You are the one who gives joy to the sages, the Bhushan of the earth, the Lord of Tulsidas and the destroyer of fear.
Hey Nath! When you will have royalty in Ayodhyapuri, then O mercy! I will come to see your generous leela.

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