Preaching by Sri Ramji

Preaching by Sri Ramji to Tara and coronation of Sugriva and Crown Prince to Angad

Religious story

Preaching by Sri Ramji to Tara and coronation of Sugriva and Crown Prince to Angad


Seeing Batara distraught, Shri Raghunathji gave him the knowledge and took away his illusion (ignorance). (He said-) Earth, water, fire, sky, and air – these five elements have created this very unhappy body.

That body is directly asleep in front of you, and the creature is eternal. Then what are you crying for? When knowledge was born, then she started at the feet of God and asked for the gift of supreme devotion.
(Shiva says-) O Uma! Swami Shri Ramji makes everyone dance like a puppet. Subsequently, Shri Ramji commanded Sugriva and Sugriva methodically performed all the dead deeds of Bali.

Quietness of Sugriva

Then Shri Ramchandraji explained to younger brother Lakshmana that you go and give the kingdom to Sugriva. With the inspiration (order) of Shri Raghunathji, everyone walked away at the feet of Shri Raghunathji.
Laxmanji immediately called all the townspeople and the society of Brahmins and (in front of them) gave Sugriva the kingdom and Angad as the crown prince.
Hey Parvati! There is no Guru, Father, Mother, Brother, and Swami in the world who have the same interests as Shri Ramji. It is the practice of Gods, humans, and monks that everyone loves only for selfishness.
The Sugriva who was disturbed day and night by the fear of Bali, who had many wounds in his body and whose chest used to burn with worry, made him the king of monkeys. The nature of Shri Ramchandraji is very kind.
Those who abandon such a lord without knowing why should they not fall into the trap of calamity? Then Shri Ramji called Sugriva and taught him politics in many ways.
Then the Lord said- O Vanaprati Sugriva! Listen, I will not go to the village (Basti) for fourteen years. After summer, the rain came. So I will stay here on the mountain nearby.
You rule with Angad. Always take care of my work in the heart. Subsequently, when Sugrivji returned home, Shri Ramji stayed on the mountain of Pravarshan.

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