Pushpavatika Vigyan, first sight of Sita, mutual vision of Sita-Ramji

Pushpavatika-Vigyan, first sight of Sita, the mutual vision of Sita-Ramji – At night, Laxmanji woke up after hearing the words of the chicken from his ears. Swami Sujan Shri Ramchandraji of the world also woke up before the Guru.

They all took a shower and took a bath. Then (Sandhya-Agnihotri), after finishing the routine, he gave muni ahead. Knowing the time of worship, after getting the permission of the Guru, the two brothers went to collect flowers.

He went and saw the beautiful garden of the king, where the spring season has remained tempted. There are many trees that woo the mind. The pavilions of colorful vines are covered

New, beautiful trees with leaves, fruits, and flowers are also making the Kalpavriksh with their wealth. Papi, cuckoo, parrot, chakor etc. birds are speaking sweet dialect and peacocks are dancing beautifully.

The beautiful lake in the middle of the garden is decorated, in which the stairs of the beads are oddly made. Its water is pure, in which lotus of various colors are blooming, birds of water are tweeting and buzzing.

Seeing the garden and the lake, Lord Sri Ramachandraji was pleased with brother Lakshman. This garden is (in fact) absolutely delightful, which is giving happiness to Shri Ramchandraji (the pleaser of the world).

After looking around and asking the gardeners, they started taking letters and flowers with a happy heart. At the same time, Sitaji came there. Mother sent him to worship Girijaji (Parvati).

Together is Sab Sundari and Sayani Sakhiya, who are singing songs from Manohar Vani. The temple of Girijaji near the lake is adorned, which cannot be described, seeing the mind is fascinated.

After bathing in the lake with her friends, Sitaji went to Girijaji’s temple with a happy heart. They worshiped with great love and asked for their beautiful groom.

A friend left Sitaji and went to see Phulwadi. She went and saw the two brothers and, furious in love, she came to Sitaji.

Sakhis saw his condition that his body is pulsed and water filled with eyes. Everyone started asking Komal Vani to explain the reason for her happiness.

(He said-) Two princes have come to see the garden. Teenagers are of all ages and are beautiful in every way. They are dark and white, how can I tell their beauty. Speech is without eyes and voice is not speech

Hearing this and knowing the great yearning in Sitaji’s heart, all Sayani strictures were pleased. Then a friend said – O friend! He is the same prince who has heard that Vishwamitra has come with Muni yesterday.

And who has put the siren of their form and subdue the men and women of the city? Everywhere, everybody is describing his image. They must (must) see them, they are worth seeing.

His words were very dear to Sitaji and his eyes arose to see him. Sitaji went ahead with the same beloved friend. No one can write the old love

By remembering the words of Naradji, holy love arose in Sitaji’s mind. She is surprised and looking everywhere like this, as if the scared deer are looking here and there.

Hearing the words of Kankan (stiff hands), girdle and pajeb, Shri Ramachandraji, thinking in the heart, says to Lakshmana – (This sound is coming) as if Cupid has pledged to conquer the world and has hit the sting.

Saying this, Shri Ramji looked at him again. His eyes became square to the moon (beholding) the face of Shri Sitaji. Beautiful eyes fixed (stare). As if Nimi (ancestor of Janakji) (who is believed to be inhabited by all the eyelids, it is not appropriate to see the meeting of the girl-son-in-law, in this sense), left the eyelids, (left the eyelids, causing the eyelids to fall. Stopped)॥

Seeing the glory of Sitaji, Shri Ramji found great happiness. In the heart, they appreciate it, but the word does not come out of their mouth. (That grace is such a unique one) as if Brahma idolize all his dexterity and show it to the world.

She (Shobha of Sitaji) is also going to beautify beauty. (She looks like this) as if the flame of a lamp is burning in a house of beauty. (So far the beauty was dark in the building, the building as if lit up by finding the beauty of Sita as Deepshikha, has become more beautiful than before). Poets have kept all similes tied up. Whom should I liken to Janakanandini Shri Sitaji?

Seeing Shri Ram-Laxman, love of Janakji

(Thus) Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji, with the heart of his heart, spoke timely words to his younger brother Lakshman by describing the beauty of Sitaji in the heart and considering his condition.

Hey Tat This is the daughter of Janakji, for whom Dhanushyagya is doing. Sakhis have brought it for Gauri worship. It has been illuminating in Phulwadi again.

Seeing the supernatural beauty, my mind has become enraged by nature itself. Know all that reason (or all its reasons), but O brother! Listen, my ejaculatory (right) limbs are bursting.

It is the natural (birth) nature of Raghuvanshi that their mind never sets foot on the way. I have great faith in my mind that who (who says waking) has not even seen a foreign woman in a dream.

Enemies in the battle who cannot see their backs (ie those who do not run away from the battlefield), foreign women who cannot draw their minds and eyes, and beggars who do not get ‘no’ from here (do not return empty-handed), such superior men of the world I have few

Thus Shri Ramji is talking to the younger brother, but the mind is tempted as Sitaji is drinking Makranda rasa like his face in the form of lotus.

Sitaji is looking around with surprise. So The mind is worry about where the prince went. Bal Mriganayani (with the eye of an antelope), where the sight of Sitaji, as if there is a line of white lotus.

Sakhis then showed the beautiful Shyam and Gaur Kumar in Lata’s oat. Seeing his form, the eyes were tempted, he was pleased as if he recognizes his treasure.

Seeing the image of Shri Raghunathji, the eyes became tired (immobile). The eyelids also stopped falling. The body became feverish due to excess affection. As if you are seeing Chakori (unconscious) of the moon of autumn.

By bringing Shri Ramji to the heart through the eyes, Chatur Shiromani Janaki Ji close the eyelids (that is, the eyes began to meditate on him). When Sakhis knew Sita under love, she was unable to say anything, she could not say anything.

At the same time, both brothers appeared from the lata mandapa (Kunj). As if two clear moons have come out after removing the curtain of clouds.

Both Sundar brothers are Shobha’s range. So The aura of his body is like blue and yellow lotus. Beautiful peacock embellish on the head. Between them are clusters of flower buds.

-Vishwamitra enters Sri Janakpur with Shri Ram-Laxman

Tilak and sweat drops on the forehead are stunning. Because there is a picture of beautiful Bhushan in the ears. Has crooked eyebrows and curly hair. Ratana (red) eyes are like the new red lotus.

Because The chin nose and cheeks are very beautiful and the beauty of laughter buys the mind. The image of the mouth cannot be said to me, seeing that many cupids are ashamed.

Because there is a garland of beads on the chest. So There is a beautiful throat like a conch. Kamdev has an elephant-like trunk (fluctuating and soft) arms, which are the limits of force. Who has two with flowers in his left hand, O sister! That little virgin is very Salona.

Seeing Singh’s seated (thin, flexible) waist, wearing Pitambar, Shobha, and Sheel’s stores, Bhushan of Ram Suryakul, Shri Ram Chandraji, forgot the truth.

A clever friend endured, holding his hand and said to Sitaji, take back the attention of the church, why don’t you see the prince this time?

Then Sitaji hesitantly opened his eyes and saw the two lions of Raghukul in front of him. Seeing the glory of Shri Ramji from nail to crest and then remembering his father’s resolve, his mind became very angry.

When the Sakhis saw Parvash (under the love) of Sitaji, then all started to fear and say – it was too late. (Must go on now). Tomorrow will come again at the same time, saying that laughter in a happy heart.

So On hearing this secret voice of Sakhi, Sitaji was hesitant. Because He felt afraid of his mother late. Enduring a lot, she brought Sri Ramachandraji into her heart and (paying attention to her) returned, considering herself to be under his father.

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