Putrotapati, the elegance of Ayodhyaji, Sanakadika arrival and dialogue

Putrotapati, the elegance of Ayodhyaji, Sanakadika arrival and dialogue

The one who is beyond the (intellectual) knowledge, speech and senses, and unborn, and beyond the illusion of mind, mind, and virtues, is the one who performs the best of truth.

In the morning, after bathing in Saryuji, sit in the assembly with the Brahmins and the gentlemen. Vashistha narrates the stories of the Vedas and Puranas and listens to Shri Ramji, though he knows everything.

They take brothers and have food together. Seeing them, all the mothers are filled with joy. Both Bharatji and Shatrughnaji went to the groves including brother Hanumanji.

Sitting there, ask stories of the qualities of Shri Ramji and Hanumanji dive into those qualities with his beautiful intellect and narrate them. Hearing the pure qualities of Sri Ramachandraji, both brothers get the utmost pleasure and are pleasantly called again and again.

There is a story of Puranas and many types of holy Ramcharitra in every household. All men and women sing the praises of Shri Ramchandraji and do not even know the elation of day and night in this bliss.

Thousands of Sheshji cannot describe the community of happiness and wealth of the residents of Awadhpuri, where Lord Shri Ramchandraji is seated as a king himself.

Narada Adi and fad etc. Munishwar all come to Ayodhya daily to see Kosalraj Shri Ramji and forget that (divine) city and forget the asceticism

There are attics made of (divine) gold and gems. They have beautiful cast floors of many colors (of gemstones). There is a very beautiful park around the city, on which beautiful colorful bangles are made.

It is as if the Navagrahas had come and surrounded Amravati by forming a huge army. The earth (roads) has been made (molded) of (divine) glass (gems) of many colors, seeing that even the saints of the world dance.

Bright palaces are kissing (touching) the sky above. Kalash on palaces (with their divine light) as if the Sun also condemns (reproaches) the light of the Moon. (In palaces) Jharokas made of many beads are beautified and the lamps of the gods are glorified from house to house.

Deepak of the bees is adorning the houses. The corals made of coral are shining. There are pillars of gemstones (gems). Gold walls studded with mercantiles (pages) are as beautiful as if Brahma had specially made them. The palaces are beautiful, beautiful and spacious. They have beautiful rhinestone courtyards. Each gate has many gold knives studded with many diamonds.

There are beautiful paintings in every house, in which the character of Shri Ramchandraji is decorated with great beauty. When those who see sages, they steal their minds too.

All the people have diligently planted gardens of different types of flowers, in which beautiful and fine vines of many castes always flower like spring.

Bubbles buzz with a pleasant voice. There are always three types of beautiful air flowing. Boys have kept many birds, who speak sweet dialect and are beautiful to fly.

Peacocks, geese, cranes and pigeons adorn the house. Those birds (in the walls of the bees and in the ceiling), seeing their shadows (considering other birds there), speak and dance in a very sweet manner.

The children teach the parrot-mana that they say “Ram”, “Raghupati”, “Janpalaka”. Rajdwar is beautiful in every way. The streets, crossroads and markets are all beautiful.

There is a beautiful market, which is not made to describe, there things get value without it. How to describe the wealth of the place where Lakshmipati is the king himself? Bajaj (cloth merchant), Saraf (rupee-money transaction) etc. Vaniks (businessmen), sitting as if they are living as if there were many Kuber, women, men, children and old people, who are all happy, Good and beautiful

Saryuji is flowing in the north of the city, whose water is pure and deep. Manohar Ghat is closed, there is no mud at all.

At some distance, it is the beautiful ghat, where horses and elephants scurry to drink water. There are many (zanane) ghats to fill the water, which are very beautiful. Men don’t bathe there

Rajghat is beautiful and superior in all respects, where men of all four classes take a bath. Along the banks of Saryuji are temples of deities, surrounded by beautiful gardens (gardens).

Somewhere along the banks of the river, Virakta and Jnana Purnis and saints reside. Along the banks of Saryuji, many trees have been planted by the herds of the beautiful Tulsiji herd.

Nothing is said about the beauty of the city. There is ultimate beauty outside the city too. On seeing Shri Ayodhyapuri, entire sins run away. (There) forest, groves, Bavalias and ponds are beautified.

Anupam Bawalis, ponds and beautiful and spacious wells are adorning, whose beautiful steps (of jewels) and serene water fascinate the deity and sage. (In ponds) Lotus of many colors are blooming, many birds are cooing and bunches are humming. The (supreme) delightful garden cuckoo is calling the birds (by beautiful dialect) as if walking on the road.

Can the city where Laxmipati Lord himself be described be described? All the eight siddhis and other pleasures and assets are prevalent in Ayodhya.

People sing the virtues of Shri Raghunathji wherever they are and sit and teach each other that Bhajo to Shree Ramji, who follows the refuge, worship Shobha, modesty, form and virtue.

Send Kamalnayan and a dark-bodied person. Just as the eyelid protects the eyes, similarly send the guard of your servants. Offer a beautiful arrow, bow and tarkas. Sage Roop Kamalavan’s (to feed) sun form Randhir Shree Ramji

Devote Shri Ram Roop Garudji, devouring the terrible serpent. As soon as you bow down with gratitude, pray to Shri Ramji who destroyed Mamta. Devote Shri Ram Kirat, the destroyer of a group of greed-fascinated harinas. For the elephant of Cupid, give it to Lord Rama, who gives happiness to the lion and servants.

Devote Shri Rama Roop Surya, who destroys the thick darkness of doubt and mourning. Devote Shri Rama Rupi Agni, who burns the thick forest like demon. Why not send away Shri Raghuveer along with Shri Janaki, who destroys the fear of birth and death?

Devote Shri Rama Roop Himrashi (heap of snow) to many mosquitoes in the form of lust. Devote Shri Raghunathji to the eternal, unborn and imperishable. Offer joy to the sages, who take the weight of the earth and the benevolent (kind) Swami Shri Tulsidas of Tulsidas.

In this way the men and women of the city sing the praises of Shri Ramji and Shri Ramji is always very happy at all.

(Kakbhushundiji says-) O bird, Garuda! Ever since the sun rose very fiercely as Rampratap, full light has been filled in all the three worlds. This brought happiness and mourning to many.

To those who have mourned, I tell them (before the light shone everywhere) that the night like avidya was destroyed. Owls of sin hid themselves wherever and lusted like lust.

Similarly, the (binding) deeds, virtues, times and nature – these are the chakras, who (in the light of the sun like Rampratap) never get happiness. The skills (like art) of matsar (dah), maan, moh and madr are not thieves.

In the pond of religion, knowledge, science – these many types of lotus bloomed. Happiness, contentment, quietness and wisdom – these many checkered have become unhappy.

When the Sun in the form of Shri Rama Pratap shines in the heart, those who are described from behind, then (religion, knowledge, science, happiness, satisfaction, quietness and wisdom) increase and those described earlier, (Avidya, Sin, Kama, Anger, Karma, Kaal, Guna, Nature etc.) are destroyed (destroyed).

Ram coronation, Vedastuti, Shivastuti

Once, Shri Ramchandraji along with his brothers went to see the beautiful garden with the beloved Hanumanji. All the trees there were bloated and with new leaves.

Knowing the opportunity, Sunkadi Muni came, who is full of light, beautiful qualities and modesty and is always in love with Brahmanand. They look like children, but they are there for a long time.

It is as if the four Vedas were wearing the child form. They are monopolistic and distinct. Directions are their clothing. Their only addiction is that where Shri Raghunathji has a character story, he definitely listens to it.

(Shiva says-) O Bhavani! Sunkadi Muni had gone (coming from there) where the learned sage Agastaji lived. The great sage told many stories of Shri Ramji, who are capable of generating knowledge in the same way as arani wood produces fire.

Seeing the Sunkadi munis coming, Shri Ramchandraji worshiped with joy and asking the welcome (skilful), the Lord laid his Pitambar to sit on (them).

Then the three brothers including Hanumanji worshiped, everyone was very happy. The sage was engrossed in seeing the incomparable image of Shri Raghunathji. He could not stop the mind.

He was left staring at Shri Ramji, who was freed from the cycle of birth (death), black body, Kamalanayan, the abode of beauty, does not blink and the Lord is raising his head with folded hands.

Seeing his (Prem Vihlal) condition (like him), water also started flowing from the eyes of Shri Raghunathji (Premashru) and the body became pulsed. The Datantar lord held hands and made the best monks sit and say the most beautiful words.

Hey Munishvaro! Listen, today I am blessed. All your sins are destroyed by your visions. Satsang is attained with great luck, due to which the cycle of birth and death is destroyed without any effort.

The sage’s association is the path to salvation (to be released from bondage) and of the sami to fall into the bond of birth and death. Saints, poets and pandits and Vedas, Puranas (etc.) all say such a scripture.

Hearing the word of the Lord, all the four sages were delighted, and started praising with Pulkit’s body – O God! Hail thee. You are innate, disorderless, sinless, many (manifest in all forms), one (unique) and compassionate.

O nirgun! Hail thee. O sea of virtues! Hail to you, hail. You are the abode of happiness, (extremely) beautiful and very clever. Hey Laxmipati! Hail thee. O earth-wearers! Hail thee. You are uncharted, unborn, eternal and beautiful.

You are the repository of knowledge, (self) unmanned and (others) self-respecting. The Vedas and Puranas sing your holy beautiful glory. You are the knowledgeer of the element, believe the service done and destroy the ignorance. Hey Niranjan (Mayarhit)! You have many (infinite) names and no names (ie, you are beyond all names).

You are formless, permeating all and residing forever in the heart of everyone, (so) follow us. (Raga-malice, compatibility-adversity, birth-death etc.) Cut the trap of duality, misfortune and birth-death. O Lord Rama! You destroy the work and the item by settling in our heart.

You are about to fulfill the bliss of nature, the abode of grace and the desires of the mind. Hey Sri Ramji! Give us your undivided love

Hey Raghunathji! May you give us your devotional devotion and destroy all the three types of heat and tribulations of birth and death. O Lord, to fulfill the wishes of the refugees, Kamadhenu and Kalpavriksha form God! Pleased give us this bridesmaid.

Hey Raghunathji! You birth-death form is similar to Agastya Muni to soak up the ocean. You are ready to serve and you are the one who gives you all the happiness. Hey Dinbandho! Destroy the sorrows created by the mind and expand the vision (in us).

You (the subjects) are to remove hope, fear and jealousy etc. and are about to expand Vinaya, Vivek and disinterest. O head of kings and Bhushan of earth, Shri Ramji! Offer your devotion as a boat for the river of Sanskriti (flow of birth and death).

O swans of monks who live in Mansarovar continuously Your Charanakamal is worshiped by Brahma and Shiva. You are the Ketu of Raghukul, the protector of Vedamaryada and the eater (destroyer) of Kaal, Karma, nature and qualities (Roop Bandhans).

You are about to defeat Taran Taran (self-tarnished and tarnish others) and all faults. Vibhushan of the three worlds is the master of Tulsidas himself.

Sankadi muni went to Brahmaloka, praising repeatedly with love and with a nod to his head and getting his most desired groom.

Sanakadi muni went to Brahmlok. The brothers then beheaded at the feet of Shri Ramji. All the brothers ask to ask God. (Therefore) everyone is looking towards Hanumanji.

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