Question of Bharatji and Hanuman’s teachings by Hanumanji

Question of Bharatji and Hanuman’s teachings by Hanumanji

They want to hear the voice of Lord Shrimukh, after listening to which all the illusions are destroyed. All the lord of God came to know and started asking- Say Hanuman! What is the matter?
They want to hear the voice of Lord Shrimukh, after listening to which all the illusions are destroyed. All the lord of God came to know and started asking- Say Hanuman! What is the matter?
(God said-) Hanuman! You only know my nature. Is there ever any difference (distinction) between Bharata and me? Hearing the words of the Lord, Bharatji held his feet (and said-) O Nath! O loser of the afflictions of refuge! Listen.
Hey Nath! Neither I have any doubt nor is there mourning and fascination even in the dream. O group of grace and joy! It is only the fruit of your grace.
However hey greed! I take a look from you. I am a servant and you are going to give happiness to a servant (please forgive my eyesight and give pleasure by answering my question). O Raghunathji Vedas – Puranas have sung the glory of saints in many ways.
You have also praised your Shrimukh and the love of Prabhu (you) is also very much on him. Oh, Lord! I want to hear their signs. You are a sea of grace and are very proficient in quality and knowledge.
O refugee follower! Separate the differences between saints and dissidents and explain to me. (Shri Ramji said-) O brother! The characteristics (qualities) of saints are numerous, which are famous in Vedas and Puranas.
Saints and dissidents are treated like ax and sandalwood. Hey brother! Listen, the ax cuts sandalwood (because its nature or job is to cut down the trees), but sandalwood by virtue of itself gives it its (cutting ax) fragrance.
Due to this quality, sandalwood rises on the ends of the gods and is becoming dear to the world, and the mouth of the ax gets the punishment that it is burnt in a fire and then beat it with a cube.
The saint subjects are not lustful, indulging in modesty and virtue, they are happy to see grief and happiness, seeing alien grief. They have equality (all, everywhere, all the time), their mind is not their enemy. They are devoid of disinterest and disinterestedness, and renounce greed, anger, joy and fear.
His mind is very soft. They have pity on the poor and do my sincere devotion to mind, word and deed. Respects everyone, but themselves are honorable. Hey Bharata! Those beings (progeny) are like my life.
They have no wish. They are dear to my name. There are houses of peace, quietness, humility and happiness. They have modesty, simplicity, friendly attitude towards everyone and love at the feet of Brahmin, who is going to produce religions.
Hey Tat Always know the true saint who has all these symptoms in his heart. Those who do not deviate from Sham (grace of mind), Dum (grace of senses), rules and policy and never speak harsh words from mouth.
Those whom both condemnation and praise (praise) have in common, and whose affection is in my feet, they are the abode of virtues and the zodiac of happiness, dear to me like life.
Now listen to the nature of the unsympathetic wicked, never ever forget their company. They are always grieving. For example, Harhai (bad caste) cow destroys the Kapila (straight and milch) cow with itself.
There is a lot of anguish in the heart of the unfortunate. They are always envious by seeing foreign property (happiness). Wherever they are able to hear the condemnation of others, there is such joy as if they have found the Nidhi (treasure) lying on the way.
They are homes of karma, anger, item and greed, and merciless, hypocrites, devious and sins. They hate everyone without any reason. He who does good also does evil.
They have to take false and give false only. A liar is food and a liar is chewed. (That is, in the practice of giving and taking, they take the shelter of lies and kill the rights of others or we boast falsely that we have taken lakhs of rupees, donated crores. That’s how we eat gram bread and say that today They eat a lot of goods. Or they chew chew and they say we have disinterest in good food, etc. That means they only lie in all things.) Just like a peacock eats snakes too. Similarly, they also speak sweet words from above. (But the heart is very cruel)
They reprimand others and are obsessed with foreign women, foreign money and foreign condemnation. They are Palmer and sinful human beings holding a male body.
Greed is the only way for them to be clogged and covetous (ie, they are always surrounded by greed). They are as devoid of food and sex as animals, they do not fear Yampur. If you are able to listen to someone’s praise, then they breathe in such (sorrowful) as if they have got a bruise.
And when you see someone’s misfortune, then it is as if you have become the king of the world. They are lustful and extremely angry due to selfishness, antagonism of family, work and greed.
They do not consider mother, father, guru and Brahmin as anyone. You remain destroyed, (along with yourself) you destroy others as well. Attempts are repulsed by others. He does not like the company of saints, nor is the story of God pleasant.
They are the seas of demerits, Mandabuddhi, Kami (Ragyukta), cynics of the Vedas and forcibly the lord (looter) of paralyzed wealth. They do maliciously to others, but Brahmins do maliciously. His heart is full of pride and treachery, but he holds beautiful raiment from above.
Such lowly and wicked human beings do not exist in Satyayuga and Treta. There will be few in the copper age and in the iron age, there will be a bunch of their flocks.
Hey brother! There is no religion like the good of others and there is no degeneracy (sin) like hurting others. Hey Tat I have told you this decision (definite principle) of all Puranas and Vedas, the learned people know this.
People who cause misery to others by wearing human body have to face great crisis of birth and death. Human beings commit selfishness and commit many sins, due to which their hereafter remains destroyed.
Hey brother! I am a colossal (terrible) for them and I will give fruit (good) of their good and bad deeds! Thinking like this, those who are supremely clever accept me as sorrow of the world (the flow of).
That is why they abandon deeds that give auspicious and inauspicious results, and the heroes of gods, humans and sages worship me. (Thus) I called the virtues of saints and dissidents. Those who have understood these qualities, they do not fall into the cycle of birth and death.

Ram coronation, Vedastuti, Shivastuti

Hey Tat Listen, there are many (all) merits and demerits created by Maya (they have no real authority). The virtue (prudence) is in this that both are not seen, it is indiscreet to see them.
On hearing this word from Lord Shrimukh, all the brothers were delighted. Love does not fit into their hearts. They beg again and again. Especially Hanumanji has immense happiness in his heart.
Later Shri Ramchandraji went to his palace. In this way they do new leela every day. Narada Muni comes to Ayodhya again and again and sings the holy character of Shri Ramji.
The sages go on seeing new characters every day from here and go to Brahmaloka and tell all the stories. Hearing Brahmaji, he feels great happiness (and says-) O Tat! Sing the virtues of Shri Ramji again and again.
Sanakadi Muni appreciates Naradji. Although he (Sunkadi) is a Muni Brahmasti, but listening to the praise of Shri Ramji, he also forgets his Brahmasamadhi and respectfully listens to it. He is the best authority (of listening to the Ramakatha).
Life-giving and Brahmastri men like Sanakadi Muni also leave meditation (Brahma Samadhi) and listen to the character of Shri Ramji. Even knowing that those who do not love the story of Shri Hari, their hearts are (literally) like (stones).

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