Quietness of sugriva

Quietness of Sugriva .

Sugriva said- O Raghuvir! Listen, Bali is great and very randy. Then Sugriva showed the bones and palms of the Dundubhi demon to Shri Ramji. Shri Raghunathji demolished them (effortlessly) without diligence.
Seeing the infinite force of Shri Ramji, Sugriva’s love increased and he was confident that he would kill Bali. He started getting heads again and again. Sugriva was happy to recognize God and was happy in his mind.
When knowledge was born, he said the words, O Nath! By your grace my mind is now fixed. I will serve you only after giving up happiness, wealth, family and bravery (nobility).
Because the saints who worship your feet say that all these (pleasures and possessions etc.) ar
e against Rama’s devotion. All the enemy-friends and happiness-sorrows (etc. duality) in the world, all of them are disinterested, are not (really) completely.
Hey Sri Ramji! Bali is my ultimate benefactor, by whose grace you have met me who has destroyed mourning and with whom I have a fight even in my dream, then upon waking up, I would be hesitant to understand it (why I fought him even in my dream).
O Lord, please please in such a way that I leave the rest and pray to you day and night. Hearing Sugriva’s reclusive voice (seeing his momentary quietness), Shri Ramji, holding a bow in his hand, smiled and said-
Everything you have said is true, but hey friend! My word is not false (ie, Bali will be killed and you will get a kingdom). (Kakbhushundiji says that-) Garuda, king of birds! Like the monkey of nut (madari), Shri Ramji makes everyone dance, Vedas say so.
Later, with Sugriva and holding a bow and arrow in his hands, Shri Raghunathji went. Then Shri Raghunathji sent Sugriva to Bali. He thundered after getting the strength of Shri Ramji and went near Bali.
On hearing Bali, she ran with speed in anger. His wife Tara, holding the stage, explained to him that O Nath! Listen, the brothers whom Sugriva has met are both sharp and the limit of force.
They can also conquer time in Ram and Lakshman Sangram, sons of Kosrathish Dasharathaji.

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