Raamaroop se jeevamaatr kee vandana

Raamaroop se jeevamaatr kee vandana


Raamaroop se jeevamaatr kee Vandana –  Knowing all the roots and conscious

creatures in the world, I always pray with the help of all of them, with both hands folded.

I salute all the gods, demons, humans, snakes, birds, ghosts, ancestors, Gandharvas, eunuchs, and nocturnals. Now please all of me.

Of the eighty-four million vagaries, there are four types (Svedaj, Andaj, Udjija, Jarayus), living in water, earth, and sky, knowing that this whole world is filled with Sri Sitaramamay and I bow with both hands.

The humility of Tulsidasji and the glory of Ram Bhaktamayi poem


Knowing me to be your slave, please all of you, please join me and leave me with deceit. I do not trust my intelligence, that is why I request the most.

I want to describe the qualities of Shri Raghunathji, but my intellect is small and the character of Shri Ramji is unfathomable. For this, I do not understand even a single part of the remedy, that is, some (Nishmat). My heart and mind are poor, but Manorath is king.

My intellect is very low and the desire is very high, the desire is to get nectar, but there is no buttermilk in the world. Gentleman will forgive my drudgery and will listen (lovingly) to my words.

Like when a child utters a parrot word, his parents listen to him with a happy heart, but cruel, devious, and evil-minded people who hold the faults of others only (ie, those who have only the faults of the beloved Are), will laugh.

Juicy or very faded, who does not like his poem? But those who are happy to hear the creation of others, there are not many good men in the world.

Hey brother! There are more human beings like ponds and rivers in the world, who get water and grow from their own floods (that is, they are happy with their own progress). There is only a rare gentleman like the sea, who swells after seeing the moon full (seeing the height of others).

My fate is small and my desire is very big, but I have a belief that by listening to it, gentlemen will enjoy all the happiness and wicked laughter will fly.

But it will be in my interest to laugh with the wicked. If you buy a cuckoo with a sweet gorge, it is said to be harsh. Just as the herons laugh at the goose and the frogs laugh at the papi, so do the evil-minded wicked Nirmal laugh.

For those who are neither the poet of the poem nor those who have love at the feet of Shri Ramchandraji, this poem will also give pleasant humor. First of all, it is the creation of language, second, my intellect is naive, it is worth laughing at them, there is no blame for laughing at them.

Those who have neither love nor good understanding at the feet of the Lord, they will find it hard to listen to this story. Those who have love at the feet of Shri Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Shri Hara (Lord Shiva) and whose intellect is not to be perceptive (who does not imagine the distinction or high-altitude in Shri Hari-Hara), they are called by Shri Raghunathji This story will be sweet.

Think and be rich

The gentlemen will listen to this story in their Ji, appreciating it with beautiful devotion with the devotion of Shri Ramji. I am neither a poet nor am skilled in syntax, I am devoid of all arts and all knowledge.

There are many types of alphabets, meanings and ornaments, many types of verses, immense differences of expressions and juices, and qualities like poetry in the poem.

I do not have knowledge of a single thing related to these poems,

I say this on a blank paper (oath) truthfully.

My creation is devoid of all virtues, it has only one, known worldly quality. Thinking of him, men of good intellect, who have pure knowledge, will listen to it.

It has the benevolent name of Shri Raghunathji, which is very holy, the essence of the Vedas and Puranas, the building of welfare, and the destroyer of the unborn, which Lord Shiva along with Parvati Ji always chants.

A very unique poem composed by a good poet does not suit Rama’s name. Just like a beautiful woman with a face similar to the moon, despite being fully equipped, does not suit without clothes.

On the contrary, even knowing a poem devoid of all the virtues composed by Kukavi, inscribed with the name and fame of Rama, wise people respectfully say and listen, because the saintly people are supposed to receive the same qualities as the bunches.

Although there is not a single piece of poetry in my composition,

yet the brilliance of Shri Ramji is revealing in it. This is the only belief in my mind. Who is better than a good company, who has not got the nobility?

Smoke also leaves its natural bitterness after being scenting with agar. My poem is definitely vulgar, but its

champion by the good decision

describes the best thing in the form of Ram Katha, which is good for the world. (This would also make good sense.)

Tulsidasji says that the story of Shri Raghunathji is about the welfare and defeating sins of Kali Yuga. The trick of my ugly poem Rupi River is like a trick of a river of holy water (Gangaji). With the grace of Lord Raghunathji’s beautiful fame, this poem will become beautiful and pleasing to the minds of gentlemen. The unholy ashes of the crematorium also look beautiful with the body of Shri Mahadevji

So it is purifying as soon as it is remembere

With the fame of Shri Ramji, my poetry will be loved by all. Just as timber (becoming sandalwood) becomes venerable with the Malay Mountains, then does anyone think of wood (triviality)?

Even though Shyama Go is black, its milk is bright and very virtuous. Realizing this, everyone drinks it. Similarly, intelligent people sing and listen with great fervor to the fame of Shri Sitaramji

even when he is in the Gandaru language.

It has beautiful images like a gem, ruby, and pearl, it does not suit the snake, mountain, and elephant head. All these are attained more by attaining the crown of the king and the body of a newly married woman.

Likewise, wise people say that poetry of Sukavi also originates somewhere else, and Shobha is found elsewhere (that is, poetry produced from the voice of the poet is found there, where its thought, propagation, and eclipse and pursuit of the said ideal in it happens). As soon as the poet remembers, due to his devotion, Saraswatiji leaves Brahmaloka and comes running.

Guru Vandana Shri Ram Charitra Manas

That tiredness of Saraswatiji’s race does not get away from millions of other measures without bathing them in the Ramcharit-like lake. Poets and priests sing the fame of Shri Hari, who defeats the sins of Kali Yuga by thinking like this in their hearts.

By praising the worldly people, Saraswati Ji starts repenting (why I came to call it). Wise people call heart like the sea, intelligence as oyster, and Saraswati as Swati Nakshatra.

If it rains like a good thought, then there is a beautiful poem like Mukta Mani.

The gentlemen wear those poetic motifs with tact and then tie them in the beautiful legs of Ramacharitra in their pure heart, which is very beautiful in grace (they receive eternal love).

Those who are born in the Kali Kali Yuga, whose actions are like a crow and the dress is like a swan, who leave the Vedamarga and walk on the way, who are the idols of hypocrisy and the sins of the sins of Kali Yuga.

Devotees of Shri Ramji are cheating people who are slaves of wealth (greed), anger and deeds, and who are the burden of the hypocrites, dharmadhwajis (poles who hoist the false flag of religion) and treacherous vices. I count लोगों2॥ first among such people.

If I start telling all my qualities, the story will increase a lot

So I will not be able to overcome. From this, I have described very few defects. Only intelligent people will understand in a small way.

Understanding my many types of pleas, no one will blame anyone for listening to this story. Even so, those who doubt, they are more foolish than me and a pauper of wisdom.

I am neither a poet nor a clever person, I sing the qualities of Shri Ramji according to my intellect. Where is the immense character of Shri Raghunathji, where is my wisdom in the world!

The wind that blows mountains like Sumeru, in what count, is the cotton in front of it. Realizing the immense sovereignty of Shri Ramji, my mind is very hesitant to create a story-

Saraswatiji, Seshaji, Shivji, Brahmaji, Shastra, Vedas, and Puranas – all of which are always praising by

saying ‘Neti-neti’ (not crossing it ‘not so’, not saying so).

Although everyone knows the sovereignty of Lord Shri Ramchandraji as such (inexplicable), yet no one remained without saying. In this, Veda has given such a reason that the effect of the hymn is said in many ways. (That is, no one can fully describe the glory of God,

but one should praise God as much as it is made

because the effect of praising the praise of God is very unique,

it is describing in the scriptures in many ways. Even the hymn of God gives human beings the right strings from Bhavsagar).

The God who is one, who has no desire, who has no form and name

who is unborn, Sachchidanand and Paramdham and who is all-pervasive and universal in form is

the same God who has taken a different form by wearing a divine body.

That leela is only for the benefit of the devotees because

God is supremely compassionate and a great lover of refuge. Those who have great affection and kindness on their devotees, who once gave mercy to them, never resented that.

The most important points through which every road to success passes.

He is the Lord Shri Raghunathji who gets the lost thing, poor Nawaz (Deenbandhu), simple nature, omnipotent, and lord of all. Considering this, intelligent people make their speech sacred and best fruit (salvation and rare Bhagavatpram) by describing the fame of Shri Hari.

With the same force (not an accurate description of the glory, but considering Bhagavatkripa’s strength as a hymn giving great results), I will tell the story of the qualities of Shri Raghunathji by bowing his head at the feet of Shri Ramchandraji. It is with this thought that the sages (Valmiki, Vyas, etc.) have sung the Hari Kirti first. brother! It will be easy for me to follow the same path.

Which are the very best rivers, if the king builds bridges on them,

Because then even the very small ants climb over them and go across without diligence. (Similarly, with the help of the description of the monks, I too can easily describe Shri Ramcharitra).

In this way, by showing strength to my mind, I will create a beautiful story of Shri Raghunathji. Vyas etc. who have become many great poets, who have described Sri Hari with great respect.

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