Rainy season description

Rainy season description

The gods had already beautified (decorated) a cave in that mountain. He had thought that Shri Ramji, the King of Kripa, would come and stay here for a few days.

The beautiful forest is highly bloated. Groups of eyebrows are humming with Madhu’s greed. Ever since the Lord came, the forest has become full of beautiful tubers, roots, fruits, and leaves.

Bali-Sugriva war, Bali salvation, Tara’s mourning

Seeing Manohar and Anupam Parvat, the emperor of the gods, Shri Ramji, stayed there along with the younger brother. Devas, Siddhas and sages started serving the Lord by wearing the bodies of eyebrows, birds and animals.
Ever since Ramapati Shri Ramji resided there, the forest has turned into a paradise. There is a very bright rock of beautiful crystal gem, both brothers are sitting on it happily.
Shri Rama tells many stories of devotion, quietness, politics and knowledge to younger brother Laxmanji. During the rainy season, the clouds in the sky start thundering very beautifully.
(Shri Ramji started saying-) O Laxman! See, flocks of peacocks are dancing looking at the clouds, like the householder who is engaged in quietness, is happy to see a Vishnabhakta
The clouds in the sky are roaring in a loud roar, without Priya (Sitaji) my mind is scared. The glow of lightning does not stay in the clouds, as the love of the wicked does not remain constant.
Clouds are coming near the earth (descending) and showering, as scholars become humble after learning. How the mountains bear the brunt of the drops, like the saints bear the words of the wicked.
Small rivers filled the banks (the edges), like the wicked Itra with little money. (Renounces dignity). The water has become murky as soon as it falls on the earth, as if the pure Maya has fallen away.
Water is being collected and filling in the ponds, as the virtues (one by one) come to the gentleman. The water of the river gets stabilized by going into the sea, just as the organism gets immovable (free from traffic) after getting Shri Hari.
The earth has become full of grass and has turned green, which does not understand the way. For example, by propagating hypocrisy, the scriptures become incognito.
The sound of frogs in all four directions is such a pleasant sound as if the community of students are reading the Vedas. New leaves have come up in many trees, due to which they have become such green and beautified as the mind of the seeker gets on attaining Vivek (knowledge).
Madar and Jawasa became leafless (their leaves fell). As in the superior state, the enterprise of the wicked kept on going (they did not run at all). Dust is not found even when searching, like anger dispels religion. (That is, there is no knowledge of religion when there is a charge of anger).
How the earth is being graced with food (green with wavy cultivation), like the property of a beneficent man. In the dark darkness of the night, firefly is gracing it, as if the society of the poachers is gathering.
Due to heavy rains, the beds of the fields are broken, as women become spoiled by becoming independent. Shrewd farmers are destroying the fields (throwing grass out of them, etc.), such as scholars who abandon attachment, item and honor.
Chakravak birds are not visible like Dharma escapes after finding Kali Yuga. There is rain in Osar, but there is no grass growing there. For example, there is no work in the heart of a Haribhakta.
The earth is full of many living beings, in the same way that the people grow after getting good governance. Wherever there are many wanderers tired, such as senses (knowledge becomes relaxed and stops moving towards the subjects).
Sometimes the air starts moving very loudly, causing clouds to disappear everywhere. For example, the best religion (best practices) of the family is destroyed due to the birth of a son.
Sometimes (due to clouds) there is darkness in the day and sometimes the sun appears. Just as knowledge is destroyed by getting kusang and it is produced by getting music.

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