Ram coronation, Vedastuti, Shivastuti

Ram coronation, Vedastuti, Shivastuti

Awadhpuri is very beautifully decorated. The gods put a torrent of rain on the flowers. Shri Ramchandraji called the servants and said that you people go and bathe my Sakha’s first.
On hearing the word of God, the servants rushed wherever, and immediately they gave Sugriwadi a bath. Then Karunanidhan Shri Ramji called Bharatji and settled his hair with his hands.
Subsequently, the devotee Vatsal Kripalu Lord Shree Raghunathji gave a bath to the three brothers. The fate of Bharatji and the tenderness of the Lord cannot be described by billions of Sheshaji.
Then Shri Ramji opened his jats and took a bath after asking Guruji’s permission. After bathing, the Lord wore jewelery. Hundreds of (innumerable) Cupids were ashamed to see their (graceful) organs.
(Here) the father-in-law immediately bathed Janaki ji with respect and decorated (dressed) divine clothes and fine jewelery in his body.
To the left of Shri Rama, Khan Rama (Shri Janaki) of form and qualities is admiring. Seeing them, all the mothers were happy considering their birth (life) successful
(Kakbhushundiji says-) O bird, Garuda! Listen, at that time Brahmaji, Shivji and a group of sages and all the gods came on board the planes to see Lord Anandkand.
On seeing God, Muni Vashistha’s love filled the mind. He immediately summoned the divine throne, whose glory was like the Sun. Its beauty cannot be described. Shri Ramachandraji seated the Brahmins head on him.
Seeing Raghunathji along with Shri Janaki ji, the community of monks was very happy. Then the Brahmins chanted Vedamantras. The gods and sages in the sky started calling out ‘Jai, ho, jai ho’.
(Firstly) the first sage Vashisthaji performed Tilak. Then he ordered all Brahmins (to do tilak). Mothers were delighted to see the son on the throne and they performed aarti again and again.
He gave many types of donations to the Brahmins and made the entire petitioners untouchable (garlanded). On seeing the throne (of Ayodhya) lord Sri Ramachandraji of Tribhuvan (Virajit), the gods played drums.

Bharat Virah and Bharat-Hanuman union, Anand in Ayodhya

There are many drums in the sky. Gandharva and Kinnar are singing. Flocks of nymphs are dancing. The deity and sage are attaining ecstasy. Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughnaji, including Vibhishana, Angad, Hanuman and Sugriva, etc. are adorned with chhatra, chawar, fan, bow, sword, shield and power respectively.
Vibhushan of Suryavansh with Shri Sitaji is adorning the image of many Kamadeva in Shri Ramji’s body. Like the newly hydrated clouds, the beautiful black body is also capturing the mind of the Pitambara deities. Bizarre ornaments such as crowns, armlets, etc. are adorned in limbs. There are eyes like lotus, wide chest and long arms which see them, they are blessed humans.
Hey Birds Raj Garuda! That beauty, that society and that happiness do not become my say. Saraswatiji, Seshaji and Veda constantly describe him, and only Mahadevji knows his rasa (bliss).
All the gods went to their respective worlds, praising them separately. Then, taking the form of Bhatas, the four Vedas came to where Shri Ramji was.
Kripanidhan Sarvajna Prabhu (recognizing him) respected him very much. Nobody knew the difference. The Vedas began to sing praises.
Virtuous and Nirguna forms! Hey Anupam Roop-Lavayukta! O head of kings! Hail thee. You killed Ravana etc. the fierce, powerful and evil demons with the help of his arms. You took the human incarnation and destroyed the weight of the world and consumed very harsh sorrows. Hey kind! O God who protects the refugee! Hail thee. I salute you with strength (Sita Ji).
Hey Hare! Because of your subdued Maya being subjugated, the gods, demons, serpents, human beings, and variables, all of them are wandering day and night in the path of eternal Bhava (movement), full of all-time actions and virtues. Hey Nath! Out of these, whom you have graciously looked at (Kripadrishti), they (Maya born) have been released from all three kinds of sorrows. O Ramji, skilled in cutting the labor of birth and death! Protect us We greet you
Those who did not respect your devotion in the pride of false knowledge, especially those who are drunken and fear of birth (death), O Hari! We find them falling down from that rank (but) by getting the post of God-rare (Gods too hard to get, Brahma, etc.), who leave all hope and believe in you and become your slave, They get rid of Bhavsagar without diligence just by chanting your name. Hey Nath! This is how we remember you.
The steps which are worshiped by Shiva and Brahmaji, and the feet of which the Kalyanamayi Raja touches (remains rocked) Gautama sage’s wife Ahalya, the feet of which are worshiped by the sages, Devanadi Gangaji who sanctifies the Trilokya, and The flag containing the flag, the thunderbolt, and the lotus, the steps in which the thorns fell while walking in the forest with these signs, O Mukund! Hey Ram! Hey Ramapati! We are constantly paying for both of your steps.
The Vedas have said that the origin of which is avyakta (nature), which is infinitely (flowingly), having four skin, six trunks, twenty-five branches, and many leaves and many flowers, with two kinds of bitter and sweet fruits. We, on which there is only one vine, which is dependent on the same, in which new leaves and flowers continue to grow, we salute you in such a world tree form (manifested in the world form).
Brahma is unborn, Advaita, is known only by experience and is beyond the mind – (who says thus) that meditating on Brahm, they say so and go, but O Nath! We always sing your virtuous fame. Oh God of mercy, Lord! O mine of virtues! Hey, God! We ask for this bridesmaid to renounce the disorders of mind, words, and deeds and fall in love at your feet.
The Vedas pleaded this best after seeing everyone. Then he became impatient and went to Brahmaloka.
Kakbhushundiji says- O Garuda! Listen, then Shiva came to where Shree Raghuveer was and started praising him with his speech. His body was completed by Pulkavali.
Hey Ram! Hey Rammaran (Lakshmikant)! O destroyer of the pangs of birth and death! Hail to you, protect this servant distraught from the fear of traffic. Hey Awadhpati! O Lord of the gods! Hey Ramapati! Hey Vibho! This is what I seek refuge from you, Lord! Protect me
O Lord Ram, who destroyed all the great diseases (sufferings) of the earth by destroying Ravana with ten heads and twenty arms! The kites of the demon group were all consumed by the fierce fire of your arrows.
You are the most beautiful jewels of the earth, you are wearing the best arrows, bow, and Tarkas. To destroy the darkness of the night like great item, love, and affection, you are the bright ray group of the sun.
Bhil, as Cupid, has killed the deer in the heart of human beings by hitting the arrow in the form of mischief. Hey Nath! O (heaps of sin and heat) hare! Protect these Palmer orphans by forgetting them in the forest of the subject by killing him.
People are suffering from many diseases and disconnections (sorrows). These are the fruits of the humiliation of your feet. Those who do not love your feet, they are lying in the bottomless bhavasagar.
Those who do not have love in your charanakamalas, they are always extremely humble, melancholy, and sad, and those who are the basis of your Leela story, they are always loved by saints and God.
There is neither raga (attachment), nor greed, nor honor, nor item. Their wealth is equal to happiness and misery (sorrow). This is why the sages abandon the trust of yoga (means) forever and become your servants with happiness.
They continue to serve your feet with a pure heart by taking loving rules, and all the saints are happy and roam the earth, considering their disrespect and respect equally.
O lotus-like illusory mind of monks! Hey, great Randhir and invincible Mr. Raghuveer! I pray you (take refuge in you) O Hari! I chant your name and greet you. You are enemies of the great medicine and pride of birth-death disease.
You are the ultimate place of virtue, modesty, and grace. You are Lakshmipati, I bow to you constantly. Hey Raghunandan! (You birth, death, happiness and sorrow, raga and misogyny) Destroy duality groups. O Rajans who follow the earth. Look at this poor person also.
I ask you this boon again and again, that I always have an unwavering devotion to your feet and the Satsang of your devotees. Hey Lakshmipate! Give me this joyfully
Oh, Mr. Garuda! Listen, this story is about to purify (everyone), (physical, divine, physical) of all three types of heat and destroy the fear of birth and death. Hearing the character of Kalyanamay’s coronation of Raja Shri Ramchandraji (with impunity), humans attain disinterest and knowledge.
And the people who listen and sing quietly, they get many kinds of happiness and wealth. In the world, they go to the supreme abode of Shri Raghunathji after consuming the pleasures of the Gods.
Those who listen to it, the life-giving, the detached and the subjective, get (respectively) devotion, liberation, and new wealth (continual new indulgence). Hey Birds Raj Garuda! I have narrated the Ramakatha according to the reach of my intellect, which is going to defeat (birth and death) fear and sorrow.
It is firm to disinterest, conscience, and devotion and is a beautiful boat for (crossing) the river of beauty. There are new Mangalotsavs in Avadhpuri. People of all classes remain cheerful.
In Shri Ramji’s Charanakamalas – whom Shri Shivji, Munigan, and Brahmaji also salute, everyone has a new love. Many types of robes were worn to the monks, and the Brahmins received many kinds of donations.

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