Ramayana Mahatmya, Tulsi Vinay and Fruiti

Ramayana Mahatmya, Tulsi Vinay and Fruiti

Which you asked me the very sacred Ramakatha which is dear to the mind of Shukdevji, Sanakadi and Shivji. In the world, a satsang of the clock or even for a moment is rare.

Ramayana Mahatmya


Which you asked me the very sacred Ramakatha which is dear to the mind of Shukdevji, Sanakadi and Shivji. In the world, a satsang of the clock or even for a moment is rare.
Oh, Mr. Garuda! Think in your heart and see, am I also entitled to the hymn of Shri Ramji? I am the most lowly and unholy of all the birds, but even after this, the Lord made me famous to sanctify all the world (or God made me a worldly holy man).
Although I am inferior in all respects, even today, I am blessed, very blessed, which Shri Ramji gave me a saint congregation knowing my ‘personal person’ (made me present to you).
Hey Nath! I said according to my intelligence, did not hide anything. (Still) Mr. Raghuveer’s character is like the ocean, can anyone find his fathom?
Sujan Bhushandiji is rekindling again and again by remembering many virtues of Shri Ramchandraji. Whose glory is sung by the Vedas as ‘Neti-neti’, whose strength, majesty, and dominance (power) are incomparable? (Ramayana Mahatmya)
The grace of Shri Raghunathji whose feet are worshiped by Shiva and Brahma is his ultimate tenderness. I neither hear nor see anyone’s nature. Hence, O Birds Raj Garuda! Whom should I count (understand) like Shri Raghunathji?
Seeker, Siddha, liberated life, melancholy (virakta), poet, scholar, karma (mystery), sanyasi, yogi, knight, elder ascetic, scholar, pious, pundit and scientist-
No one can live without consuming (bhajan) of my lord Shri Ramji. I salute Shri Ramji again and again. I salute the indestructible Shri Ramji, whose sins are also purified (sinless) after my visit.
Those whose name is to defeat the (undeserved) drug of birth-death disease and all the three terrible sufferings (ephemeral, epiphysical and spiritual sorrows), may Shri Ramji be kindly pleased with me and you forever.(Ramayana Mahatmya)
Hearing Bhushundiji’s happy words and seeing his immense love at the feet of Shri Ramji, Garuda ji, well left with doubt, spoke the loving words.
I was thankful to hear your speech, rooted in the devotion of Shri Raghuveer. At the feet of Shri Ramji, I had a new love and all the misery created by Maya was gone.
You ship for me while sinking in the sea of love. Hey Nath! You gave me a lot of happiness (made me happy). I cannot have its counterpart (favor instead of favor). I only worship your feet again and again.
You are Purnakam and lover of Shri Ramji. Hey Tat There is no elder like you. Saints, trees, rivers, mountains and the earth – all of them are for the benefit of the latter.
Poets have said that the heart of saints is like butter, but they did not know to say (the real thing), because butter melts itself by getting heat and the most holy saints melt from the sorrow of others.(Ramayana Mahatmya)
My life and birth were successful. By your grace all doubt was gone. I will always know you as my slave. (Shiva says-) O Uma! Birds the best Garuda are saying this again and again.
Dhirubuddhi Garudji then went to Vaikuntha by nailing the head with love at the feet of him (Bhushundiji) and holding Sri Raghuveer in his heart.
Hey church! There is no other benefit like Sant Samagam. But he (Saint Samagam) cannot be without the grace of Shri Hari, singing Vedas and Puranas.
I said this absolute sacred history, which Bhavapash (the bonds of the world) are missed on hearing from the ears and love is produced in the feet of Kalpavriksha and the group of mercy Shri Ramji (who gives fruits according to his will).
Those who listen to this story with their ears and minds destroyed all the sins arising out of their mind, words and deeds (body). Proficiency in many means, yoga, quietness and knowledge, such as pilgrimage etc.
Numerous types of karma, dharma, fasting and charity, numerous restraints, chanting, penance and yajna, mercy on creatures, service to Brahmin and Guru, magnification of learning, humility and wisdom (etc.) –
As far as the Vedas have shown the means, O Bhavani! The result of all of them is devotion to Shree Hari, but the devotion of Shree Raghunathji, sung in Shruti, has been attained by the grace of Shree Ramji only by one (Viralay).
But those who believe and listen to this story continuously by faith, they attain that rare Hari devotion without diligence.(Ramayana Mahatmya)
Whose mind is attached at the feet of Shri Ramji, he is omniscient (knowing everything), he is virtuous, he is knowledgeable. He is the Earth’s Bhushan, Pandit and Daani. He is pious and he is the protector of the family.
The one who praises Shri Raghuveer with deceit, he is proficient in policy, the same tradition is wise. He has known the principle of Vedas well. He is the same poet, the same scholar and the same Randhir.
Blessed is the country where Shri Gangaji is, blessed is the woman who follows the holy religion. Blessed is the king who does justice, and blessed is the Brahmin who does not deviate from his religion.
Blessed is the man whose first speed (which is spent in giving charity) is blessed and mature, who is engaged in virtue. Blessed is the moment when there is satsang and blessed is the same birth in which there is unbroken devotion to Brahmin.
(There are three speeds of money – charity, enjoyment and destruction. Donation is good, enjoyment is moderate, and destruction is low. The man who does not give, does not experience, has the third speed of wealth.)
Hey uma Listen, he is a total blessed being, is revered for the whole world and is absolutely pure, in which Shri Raghuveer Parayan (exclusive Rama devotee) is born a humble man.
I told this story according to my intelligence, although I kept it hidden earlier. When you saw the excess of love in your mind, then I told you this story of Shri Raghunathji.
This story should not be told to those who are shudder (sly), obstinate and do not listen to Shri Hari’s Leela diligently. This story should not be told to the greedy, the grumpy and the Kami, who do not worship Sri Ramji, the lord of the pasture.
The narrator of Brahmins should not tell this story even if he is a great king like Devaraja (Indra). The officers of Shri Ramkatha are those who have great love for satsangi.
Those who have love at the feet of their guru, who are moral and are servants of Brahmins, they are the ones who possess it and this story is very pleasing to them, which Shri Raghunathji is as loving as Pran.
Whoever wants love or wants mokshapad at the feet of Shri Ramji, he should drink this nectar of love with love as his ear.
Hey church! I narrated the Ramakatha, which destroys the sins of Kali Yuga and removes the stool of the mind. This Ramkatha is a lifelong herb for the destruction of Sanskriti (birth-death), the Vedas and learned men say so.
It has seven beautiful staircases, which are the paths to attain the devotion of Shri Raghunathji. The one who has the utmost grace of Shri Hari, he sets foot on this path.
Those who skip the hymn and sing this story, those humans achieve their own wishes, who hear it and approve (praise), they cross the sea like a pit made of the hoof of the world.
(Yajnavalkyaji says-) Hearing all the stories, Shri Parvatiji’s heart felt very dear and he said a beautiful voice- By the grace of Swami, my doubt kept going and new love arose at the feet of Shri Ramji.
Hey Vishwanath! With your kindness, I am now grateful. A strong Ram devotion arose in me, and all my tribulations passed (perished).
This welfare dialogue of Shambhu-Uma is one which produces happiness and is the destroyer of grief. The end of birth and death, the destroyer of doubts, the pleaser of devotees and the saint is dear to men.
Those (many) who are Ramopasak in the world, do not like anything similar to this story. By the grace of Shri Raghunathji, I have sung this beautiful and purifying character according to my intellect.
(Tulsidasji says-) In this Kalikala there is no other means like yoga, yagna, chanting, penance, fasting and worship. Just remember Shri Ramji, sing the virtues of Shri Ramji and listen continuously to the virtues of Shri Ramji.
Oh stupid mind! Listen, who did not receive the supreme sacrifice after worshiping Shri Rama, who had purified even the impure ones? He wired many evildoers like Ganika, Ajamil, Vyadh, Gidha, Gaja etc. I salute Shri Ramji, who are holy only once, whose names are very sinful.
Those who hear, sing and sing this character of Bhushan Shri Ramji of Raghuvansh, go to the ultimate abode of Shri Ramji without diligence after washing the sins of Kali Yuga and the feces of the mind. (What’s more) A person who holds five-seven chaupis in his heart, knowing them as delightful (or Ramayana’s four-footers as superior Pancha (true decisive of Kartavyakartavya)), Shri Ramji Haran They do, (that is, what is the matter of all the Ramcharitra, who understand the five-seven chaupaiyas and take their meaning in the heart, Shri Ramachandraji takes all their unhappiness in their hearts).
(Param) Sundar, Sujan, and Kripanidhan and one who loves orphans, is one such Sri Ramchandraji. Like him who is the one who does Nishkam (selfless) interest (Suhrid) and the one who gives salvation? The Lord is nowhere like Shri Ramji, whose taciturn kindness has attained the ultimate peace.(Ramayana Mahatmya)
Hey Mr. Raghuveer! There is no oppressed like me and no one like you is interested in the oppressed. Raghuvanshmani considering this! Take away the terrible sorrow of my birth and death.
Just as Kami loves a woman and greedy like wealth, so is O Raghunathji. O Lord Rama! Love me constantly
The illustrious Manas-Ramayana, which was previously created by the best poet, Lord Shankarji, was created in the feet of Shri Ramji in order to attain continual (exclusive) devotion, assuming that Manas-Ramayana in the name of Shri Raghunathji as a continuation of the darkness of his conscience. To erase Tulsidas, this language was translated as Manas.(Ramayana Mahatmya)
This Shri Ramcharit Manas is a virtuous form, the destroyer of sins, the perpetual benefactor, the one giving science and devotion, the destroyer of illusion and illusion, full of pure serene love and water. Those who devoutly dive into this Mansarovar, they do not burn with the very strong rays of the sun like the world.

The description of Ramayana

Aarti of Shri Ramayanji.

Aarti of Shri Ramayanji.
Keerthi Kalit Lalit Si P.
Gāvat Brahmanic muni nārada.
Balmyk Bigyan Bisarad.
Suk Sanakadi Sesh Aru Sarad.
Barani Pawansut Ki Kirati Nikki.
Gavat Beda Puran Ashtadas.
Chhao sastra sub Granth rasa.
Sarbus to Muni Jan Dhan Santan.
Saar ans samat sabhi ki.
Gavat Santat Sambhu Bhavani.
Aru Ghat Sambhav Muni Bigyani.
Beas etc. Kabibarj Bakhani.
Kagbhusundi Garud’s only.
Kalimal Harni Bishai Ras faded.
Subhag Singar Mukti Jubati Ki.
Dal disease disease muri ami ki.
Tat maat sub bidhi tulsi ki.
Aarti of Shri Ramayanji.
Keerthi Kalit Lalit Si P.
—— Jai Shri Ram Chandraji’s —-
Hail of pawansut hanuman

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