Ram’s Dandakavan Entrance, Jatayu Milan, Panchavati Niwas and Sri Ram-Laxman Dialogues

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Ram’s Dandakavan Entrance, Jatayu Milan, Panchavati Niwas and Sri Ram-Laxman Dialogues

Ram’s Dandakavan Entrance, Jatayu Milan, Panchavati Niwas and Sri Ram-Laxman Dialogues – Oh, Lord! Panchavati is a supremely beautiful and holy place. Oh, Lord! You sanctify the Dandak forest (where Panchavati is) and defeat the harsh curse of the great sage Gautam.

Ram’s O lord of Raghukul! Take pity on all your sages and stay there. On getting permission from Muni, Shri Ramchandraji left from there and soon reached near Panchavati.
Gridhraj met Jatayu there. Lots of love grew with him, and Lord Ramachandraji started living in the deciduous area near Godavariji.
Muni became happy ever since Shri Ramji resided there, he was afraid. Mountains, forests, rivers, and ponds were covered with beauty. They started getting more pleasant by the day.
Groups of birds and animals rejoice and the bunnies are buzzing sweetly. Sarparaj Seshaji cannot even describe the forest where Shri Ramji is sitting directly.
Once Lord Shree Ramji was sitting happily. At that time, Laxmanji said to him the deceptive (simple) words – O God, man, master of muni and pasture! I ask you (as my lord) like my lord.
Hey, God! Explain to me and say the same, leaving everything else to serve your Charanraj. Describe knowledge, disinterest and illusion and say that devotion, because of which you have pity.
Oh, Lord! Explain all the differences between God and the living being, so that my love is at your feet and mourning, attachment, and confusion are destroyed.
(Shri Ramji said-) O, Tat! I explain everything in a few words. Listen with your mind, mind, and intellect! Me and mine, you and yours – this is Maya, who has subdued all beings.
The subjects of the senses and as far as the mind goes, O brother! To know them all as Maya. One of his knowledge and the other is ignorance, listen to these two distinctions.
One (avidya) is wicked (blameworthy) and extremely sad, under whose control the living world is lying in the well and one (vidya) who possesses virtues and who creates the world is inspired by God. , His own strength is nothing.
Ram’s  Jnana is that where (in) mana etc. is not a single (dosha) and one who sees Brahma most equally. Hey Tat He should be called the supreme disinterested person, who has discarded all the accomplishments and all the three qualities like a straw.
(In which respect, arrogance, violence, apology, curvature, lack of teacher service, impurity, instability, absence of mind, attachment about senses, ego, birth-death-just-aroused in the vicious world, happiness, intelligence, woman- Attachment and affection in the son-house, etc., joy and mourning in the attainment of favored and perishable, lack of devotion, lack of mind in solitude, love in the company of the subject matter, these should not be eighteen and the status and elements in eternal spirituality (soul) The meaning of knowledge (knowable by philosophy) is the eternal philosophy of God, that is called knowledge. See Gita chapters 13/7 to 11)
Those who do not know Maya, God, and their nature, should be called Jiva. Who (according to the ordinances) is the God who gives bondage and salvation, the most beyond and the motivator of Maya.
Religion (the conduct of) leads to enlightenment and yoga, and knowledge is the giver of salvation – the Vedas have described. And hey brother! By which I am soon pleased, that is my devotion which is giving pleasure to the devotees.
That devotion is independent, it has no support (expectation) of any other means (knowledge, science, etc.). Knowledge and science are subject to that. Hey, Tat Devotion is the root of uniqueness and happiness and it is attained only when saints are favorable (happy).
Now I say in detail the means of devotion – this is the easy way through which the creatures find me comfortable. First, there should be a lot of love at the feet of the Brahmins and according to the Vedas, they are engaged in their own deeds.
The result will be disinterest from subjects. Then (on being disinterested) love will arise in my Dharma (Bhagavata Dharma). Then nine types of devotees like Shravan etc. will be strong and I will have the utmost love for my pastimes.
Whose saints have the utmost love, the mind, the words, and the deeds have a strong rule of the hymn and I am the master, father, mother, brother, husband, and deity of all who are strong in my knowledge and service.
While singing my virtue, whose body becomes pulsed, speech becomes giddy and water starts flowing from the eyes (of the lovers), and there is no work, item, and poles, etc., O brother! I always live in his control.
I always rest in the lotus of those who have my pace with deeds, words, and mind, and those who worship me with sincerity.
After listening to this Bhakti Yoga, Lakshmanji found great happiness and he gave head at the feet of Lord Shri Ramchandraji. Thus some days passed, saying disinterest, knowledge, virtue, and policy.
This is the story of Ram’s Dandakavan Entrance, Jatayu Milan, Panchavati Niwas and Sri Ram-Laxman Dialogues

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