Ravana awakens Kumbhakarna, Kumbhakarna preaches to Ravana and Vibhishana-Kumbhakarna dialogue

Ravana awakens Kumbhakarna, Kumbhakarna preaches to Ravana and Vibhishana-Kumbhakarna dialogue

When Ravana heard this news, he repeatedly beheaded him with great sadness. He got distraught and went to Kumbhakarna and woke him up after taking many measures.

Kumbhakarna wake up (sitting up) What does it look like as if you are sitting with your body on your own. Kumbhakarna asked- O brother! Say, why are your faces dry?
The arrogant (Ravana) told him the whole story of the way he had brought Sita (since then). (Then said-) O Tat! The apes killed all the demons. Great warriors were also killed.
Durmukh, Devashatru (Devantak), Man Bhakshak (Narantak), heavy warrior Atikay and Akampan and Mahodar etc. all other Randhir Veers were killed in the battlefield.
Hearing the words of Ravana, Kumbhakarna shouted (sadly) said – Oh fool! Jagjajnani wants welfare by bringing Janaki to everyone?
O demon king! You did not do well Why come and wake me up now? Hey Tat Even if you leave arrogance and worship Shri Ramji, you will have welfare.
Hey Ravan! Those who are servants like Hanuman, what man is Shri Raghunathji? Hi brother! You did bad, who did not come and tell me this situation already.
Hey master! You opposed that supreme deity, whose deity, Shiva, Brahma, etc. are servants. I would have told you the knowledge that Narada Muni had told me, but now the time has passed.
Hey brother! Now (last time), fill me in the corner and meet me. I go and make my eyes successful. I should go and see the black body, the lotus eye, Shri Ramji, who freed all the three temperatures.
By remembering the form and qualities of Shri Ramchandraji, he fell in love for a moment. Then got Ravana to get crores of pots and many buffaloes.
By eating buffaloes and drinking alcohol, he thundered like a thunderbolt (lightning fall). With the enthusiasm of Chun Ran from the item, he left the Kumbhakarna fort. The army also did not take it
Seeing him, Vibhishan came forward and pronounced his name by falling at his feet. After picking up the younger brother, he took it to heart and, knowing the devotee of Shri Raghunathji, he loved his heart.

Shree Ramji’s delirium, Hanumanji’s return, Laxmanji’s rise

(Vibhishana said-) O Tat! Ravana kicked me for the supreme advice and consideration. Due to the same guilt I came to Shri Raghunathji. I felt (very) dear to the heart of God upon seeing me humbled.
(Kumbhakarna said-) O son! Listen, Ravana has lost control of death (death is dancing on his head). Can he now consider good education? Hey Vibhishan! You are blessed, blessed. Hey Tat You are the demon clan
Hey brother! You glorified your family, who worshiped Lord Ram, the sea of beauty and happiness.
Worshiping Randhir Shri Ramji, leaving treachery to mind, speech and deeds. Hey brother! I am under the control of Kaal (death), I do not understand my alienation, so now you go.

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