Ravana's crown

Ravana’s crown and fall from the arrow of Shri Ramji

Religious story

Ravana’s crown and fall from the arrow of Shri Ramji

Sujan Shri Ramji laughed on hearing the words of Pawanputra Hanumanji. Then looking towards the south, Kripanidhan Prabhu said -॥

Hey Vibhishan! Look towards the south, how the cloud is moving and lightning is shining. The dreadful cloud is roaring with a sweet-sweet tone. Let there be no rain of harsh hail!
Vibhishan said – O kind! Listen, this is neither electricity nor cloud. There is a palace on the peak of Lanka. Dashagriva Ravana is watching the arena (of dance and song) there.
Ravana is wearing a Meghdambar (giant and black like a dumber of clouds) umbrella on his head. It is as if the black of the clouds has decreased. The earrings that are shaking in the ears of Mandodari, O Lord! As if lightning is shining
O Emperor of the Gods! Listen, Anupam Tal Mridang is playing. That is the sweet (roaring) sound. Prabhu smiled considering Ravana’s pride. They bowed and bowed the arrow at him.
And from the same arrow (Ravana’s) Chhatra-mukut and (Mandodari’s) earrings are cut off. Seeing everyone, they came to the ground, but no one knew the difference (reason).

Vibhishan’s departure and asylum for Lord Shri Ramji’s asylum

After performing such a miracle, the arrow of Shri Ramji came back (again) and entered into Tarkas. Seeing this great juice dissolved (dissolved in color), the whole assembly of Ravana was frightened.
Neither there was an earthquake, nor there was a great wind. Do not look at any weapon with eyes. (Then they fell like a parasol, a crown and an earful?) All of them are thinking in their hearts that this is a terrible vengeance!
Ravana, after seeing the meeting in awe, laughed, and said these words – how can the fall of the head also be auspicious for the crown for which it has been continuously auspicious?

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