Ravana’s departure for the war and Shri Ramji’s victory and war of monkeys

Ravana’s departure for the war and Shri Ramji’s victory and war of monkeys

Whoever is engrossed in the malignity of the creatures, is living in fascination, is Ramvimukh and is Kamasakta, can he ever have wealth, good fortune and peace of mind even in his dream?

There was a huge army of demons. Chaturangini army has many U units. There are many types of vehicles, chariots and riders and there are many flags and flags of many colors.

Many herds of drunken elephants went on. As if it were rainy clouds inspired by the wind. There are groups of heroes wearing colorful weft, who are great knights in war and know many types of Maya.

The most bizarre army is stunning. As if Veer Vasant decorated the army. Due to the march of the army, the elephants of the directions began to falter, the sea became angry and the mountains began to waver.

So much dust flew away that the sun hid. (Then suddenly) Pawan stopped and the earth arose. Drums and drums are ringing with a gruesome sound, like the clouds of the Holocaust are thundering.

In Bheri, Nafiri (trumpet) and shehnai, the Maru raga, which gives pleasure to the warriors, is playing. All the heroes do battle and are talking about their own strength.

Ravana said- O best warriors! Listen, you can crush the mockery of the bears and I will kill both the prince brothers. Saying this, he drove his army in front.

When all the monkeys got this news, they ran while crying for Shri Ram.

They ran a giant and the same kind of Karal apes. As if groups of winged mountains are flying. They are of many varnas. Nails, teeth, mountains and big trees are his weapons. They are very strong and do not fear anyone. He praises his beautiful fame by cheering Shree Ramji as a lion for the elephant-headed Ravana.

The warriors of both the sides cheered and fought each other, with their own lives (chosen), to speak of Shri Raghunathji and Ravan there.

Seeing Ravana on the chariot and Sri Raghuveer without a chariot, Vibhishan became impatient. Due to excess of love, there was doubt in his mind (how he can win Ravana without chariot). After worshiping Shri Ramji’s feet, he started saying affectionately.

Hey Nath! You have neither chariots, no armor to protect your body, nor shoes. How will that powerful hero Ravana win? Kripanidhan Shri Ramji said- O friend! Listen, the one who conquers is the second chariot.

Shaurya and patience are the wheels of that chariot. Satya and Sheel (virtue) are his strong flag and flag. Force, prudence, power (subordination of the senses) and philanthropy – these are his horses, who are joined in the chariot with the strings of forgiveness, mercy and equity.

The hymn of God (the one driving the chariot) is a clever charioteer. Silence is the shield and Santhosh is the sword. Dan is an ax, wisdom is a tremendous power, superior science is a hard bow.

Nirmal (sinless) and immovable (stable) mind is similar to Tarkas. Sham (subdue the mind), (ahinsadi) yama and (shauchadi) rules – these are many arrows. Worship of Brahmins and Gurus is impermeable armor. There is no other way of victory like this.

Hey friend! There is no enemy to win such a chariot of chariot.

O patient with patience! Listen, who has such a strong chariot, he can also conquer a great formidable enemy in the form of a brave world (birth and death) (what is the point of Ravana).

Hearing the words of the Lord, Vibhishanji was delighted and held his lotus feet (and said-) O Lord Ramji, a group of grace and happiness! You preached to me (great) on this pretext.

Ravana is challenging from there and Angad and Hanuman from here. The demons and the bears are fighting with the cry of their masters.

Brahma, the deity, and many siddhas and munis are watching the war from the sky mounted on the planes. (Shiva says-) O Uma! I was also in that society and was watching the leela of Shri Ramji’s rang-rang (ranotasah).

The warriors on both sides are getting drunk in Ran Rasa. The apes have the power of Shri Ramji, they are winning (winning) by this. They confront and shout at each other and crush each other and put them on the earth.

They kill, bite, hold and beat and smash heads and kill others with the same heads. Tear the stomach, dislocate the arms, and hold the warriors to the ground and slam the earth.

The demon warriors bear the bury in the earth and pour a lot of sand from above. In war, the heroic monkeys who are against the enemies appear as if there are many angry times.

Like the angry era, those monkeys are being showered with bleeding bodies. They crush and roar like warriors of an army of strong heroic demons. Scolding and hitting them with pimples, cutting them with teeth and grinding them with sticks. The apes and the bears do the tricking and tricking so that the evil demons are destroyed.

They tear and hold the cheeks of the demons, rip the chest and take out their rods and embrace them. Those apes look as if Lord Narsingh, the lord of Prahlada, is carrying many bodies and playing in the battlefield. Catch, kill, bite, knock, etc. The abject words have been filled in the heavens and the earth. Hail to Shri Ramachandraji, who literally makes the Vajra and the Vajra from the Trinidad (weakens the weak and weakens the weak).

Meghnad Yagya Demolition, War and Meghnad Salvation

Seeing his army disoriented, Ravana took ten bow in twenty arms and climbed on the chariot and walked proudly saying ‘Return, return’.

Ravana ran very angry. The apes shouted (to fight) in front of him. They took trees, stones and mountains in their hands and put them together on Ravana.

Mountains burst into pieces instantly as soon as they are placed in his thunderbolt body. The extremely angry Rannomutt Ravana stood immovable by stopping the chariot, (from his place) did not move at all.

He was very angry. He began to crush the apes warriors by prancing and darting here and there. Many apes-bears’ O Angad! Hey Hanuman! Protect, protect ‘(Calling), run away.

Hey Raghuveer! Hey Gosain! Protect, protect It is eating us like the wicked times. He saw that all the apes escaped, then (Ravana) made arrows on the ten bows.

He bowed to the bow and left groups of arrows. They used to fly like arrow snakes. Earth-sky and direction-Vidisha are everywhere. Where do monkeys run? There was a lot of uproar. The army of monkeys and bears got distraught and started calling Arta – O Raghuvir! Hey Karunasagar! O brothers of victims! O Hari, who protect the servants and end their suffering!

Kumbhakarna war and its ultimate

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