Re-convincing Ravana of Mandodari

Re-convincing Ravana of Mandodari
Knowing the evening was over, Dasgriva went to the palace, crying (sadly). Mandodari then explained to Ravana and said-
Hey Kant! Consciously (thinking) in mind, leave the intellect. War does not suit you and Shri Raghunathji. His younger brother had drawn a slight line, you could not even cross it, that is your masculinity.
Hey dear Will you win them in the battle, whose messenger has such work? After playing the sea, the lion in the apes (Hanuman) came fearless in your Lanka!
By killing the guardians, he devastated Ashoka forest. In your eyes, he killed Akshaykumar and burned the entire city to ashes. Where did the pride of your force go at that time?
Now O Master! Don’t lie (pointless) don’t cheek (don’t brag) Consider something in my heart as I say. Hey husband! Do not consider Shri Raghupati as the (nir) king, but know Aga-Jaganath (lord of the pastures) and the incomparable strongman.
Even the glory of Shri Ramji’s arrow knew lowly, but you did not even agree to say it. Janaka’s assembly had a number of Rajaganas. There was also you with huge and matchless force
There, breaking Lord Shiva’s bow, Shri Ramji married Janaki, then why did you not win him in the battle? Indraputra Jayant knows something about his strength. Shri Ramji caught hold, broke only one eye and left him alive.
You have seen the condition of Shurpanakha. Even then, in your heart (thinking of fighting them), nothing special (anything) is ashamed!
Those who killed Virabhad and Khar-Kulna killed Kibandha also from Leela and who killed Bali with a single arrow, O decade! You understand them (their importance)!
The compassionate God who sent the messenger for the sake of your own interest, who took the sea from the game and who descended on Mount Subel with the Lord’s army, as a result of Suryakul (who increases the fame).
The one who came to the assembly and churned your force in the same way as a lion in a herd of elephants (makes him disintegrate), in the battle, tied in the battle, the most fierce heroes Angad and Hanuman, whose servants are.
Hey husband! You call them humans again and again. You are in vain carrying the burden of honor, affection and item! Oh dear! You have opposed Shri Ramji and due to the special control of Kaal, knowledge still does not arise in your mind.
Nobody kills anyone with a punishment. He takes away religion, force, intelligence and thought. Hey master! Whose time (death time) comes near, he gets confused like you.
Your two sons were killed and the city burned. (What happened happened) Oh dear! Even now (this mistake) be fulfilled (abolished) (abandon hatred from Shri Ramji) and O Nath! After praying to Shri Raghunathji, the sea of grace, take pure glory.
Hearing the words like a woman’s arrow, he got up early in the morning and went to the assembly and, forgetting all fear, swelled in utmost pride and sat on the throne.

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