Reaching across the ocean, returning everyone, Madhuvan entry, Sugriva Milan, Shri Ram-Hanuman dialogue

Reaching across the ocean, returning everyone, Madhuvan entry, Sugriva Milan, Shri Ram-Hanuman dialogue

While walking, they roared heavily from the aorta, after hearing that the women of the demons began to miscarry. After crossing the sea, he came across this and he told the word Kilkila (Harshadhwani) to the apes.

On seeing Hanumanji, everyone was delighted and then the apes understood their new birth. Hanumanji has a happy face and is shining brightly in the body, (from which he understood that) he has done the work of Shri Ramchandraji.

Everyone met Hanumanji and was very happy, as if the tortured fish had got water. Everyone cheered and asked new history (chronicles) – saying, go to Shri Raghunathji.
Then everyone came inside Madhuvan and with Angad’s consent they all ate sweet fruits (or honey and fruits). When the keepers started to rain, then all the keepers left as soon as the punch hit.
They all called and said that the Crown Prince Angad is desolating the forest. Sugriva was delighted to hear that the monkey had done the work of God.
If Sita had not received the news, could he have eaten the fruits of Madhuvan? In this way, King Sugriva was thinking in his mind that monkeys including society came.
(Everyone came and bowed at Sugriva’s feet. Kapiraj Sugriva met everyone with great love. He asked Kushal, (then the monkeys replied-) All is well with the vision of your feet. By the grace of Shri Ramji, special work was done ( Special success has been made in the work)
Hey Nath! Hanuman did all the work and saved the life of all the monkeys. Hearing this, Sugrivaji met Hanumanji again and went to Shri Raghunathji along with all the monkeys.
When Shri Ramji saw the monkeys coming to work, he was particularly happy. Both brothers were seated on the crystal rock. All the apes went and fell at his feet.
The amount of mercy Shri Raghunathji embraced with the most love and asked him skillfully. (The apes said-) O Nath! Your Charan Kamal is proficient now by getting darshan. ॥
Jambwan said- O Raghunathji! Listen. Hey Nath! The one you have mercy on is always well-being and constantly efficient. Gods, humans and sages all take pleasure in him.
He is victorious, he is victorious and he becomes a sea of virtues. His beautiful fame is published in the three worlds. All work was done by the grace of God. Today our birth is successful.
Hey Nath! What Pawanaputra Hanuman did, cannot be described even with a thousand faces. Then Jambavan narrated the beautiful character (work) of Hanumanji to Shri Raghunathji.
On hearing (those characters) Kripanidhi felt very good on Shri Ramchandji’s mind. He rejoiced and engaged Hanumanji with his heart and said – O Tat! Say, how does Sita live and protect her life?
(Hanumanji said-) Your name is going to be guarded day and night, your attention is Kinwar. Keep the eyes on your feet, this is locked, then if you go to death, which way?
While walking, he gave me Chudamani. Shri Raghunathji took it with heart. (Hanumanji again said-) O Nath! Filled water in both eyes, Janaki ji said some words to me.
Holding the feet of the Lord with the younger brother (and saying that) you are the Deenbandhu, the one to defeat the afflictions of refuge and I am a follower of your feet by mind, word and deed. Then what crime did Swami (you) abandon me?
(Yes) I have a defect (I must admit) that my life did not go away after your separation, but O Nath! It is a crime of the eyes that obstinately obstructs the life.
Viraha is fire, body is cotton and breathing is wind, thus (due to the combination of fire and wind) this body can burn in a moment, but the eye seeing the nature of God for its own sake (to be happy) water (tears) ), It rains, so that the body does not get burnt even by the fire of violence.
Sitaji’s calamity is very big. Hey Deendayalu! She is good without being told (you will suffer a great tribulation).
Hey Karunanidhan! Every single moment of theirs passes like a cycle. Therefore, Lord! Walk immediately and with the help of your arms, win the team of the wicked and bring Sitaji.
Hearing the grief of Sitaji, the flood of happiness filled the lotus eyes of the Lord (and he said-) With the mind, words and body, which is my only movement (my only shelter), can it even be a disaster in a dream?
Hanumanji said- Lord! The calamity is the same (only) when your hymns are not remembered. Oh, Lord! How much is the matter of demons? You will conquer the enemy and take Janaki ji.
Hey son Listen, I have thought (very) in my mind and saw that I cannot be borrowed from you. Prabhu, the protector of the gods, is repeatedly looking at Hanumanji. The eyes are full of premature water and the body is very pulsed.
Hearing the words of the Lord and seeing his (pleased) face and (pulkit) limbs, Hanumanji was delighted and shivering in love, ‘O Lord! Saying, protect me, fall at the feet of Shri Ramji.
God wants to raise them again and again, but Hanumanji, immersed in love, does not like to rise from the feet. Lord’s work is on Hanumanji’s head. Shiva was in love after remembering that situation.
Then after careful mind, Shankarji started telling a very beautiful story – After lifting Hanumanji, the Lord planted it with his heart and seated it very close, holding hands.
Hey Hanuman! Tell me, how did you burn Lanka and its large banked fort secured by Ravana? Hanumanji was pleased with the Lord and he uttered a haughty promise.
The only effort of the monkey is that it moves from one branch to another. The sea which I crossed, lit the city of gold, and killed the demons, and destroyed the Ashoka forest.
This is all Mr. Raghunathji! He is your majesty. Hey Nath! There is nothing in me (my praise).
Oh God! Nothing is hard for you to be happy with. With your influence, cotton (which itself is a very quick burning item) can definitely burn Barwanal (ie, impossible can be possible).
Hey Nath! Please give me your undivided devotion, which gives me immense happiness. Hearing the very simple voice of Hanumanji, O Bhavani! Then Lord Sri Ramachandraji said ‘Evamastu’ (so be it).
Hey uma Who knows the nature of Shri Ramji, there is no other thing except the hymn. This Swami-Servant’s dialogue got into his heart, he got devotion at the feet of Shri Raghunathji.
Hearing the words of the Lord, the monkeys started saying – Please be kind to Shri Ramji, Jai Ho, Jai Ho! Then Mr. Raghunathji called Kapiraj Sugriva and said – Prepare to walk.
Now what should be the delay. Command the apes immediately. Seeing this Leela (preparation of Ravanavadh) (God), the Gods went to their respective loks by showering many flowers and rejoicing.

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