Reaching Janakji, meeting with Kol Kiratadi, meeting everyone

Reaching Janakji –At that time, everyone is in love. In the meantime, listening to Mithilapati Janakji coming, Suryakul’s lotus Surya Shri Ramchandraji along with the assembly stood up respectfully quickly.

Shri Raghunathji went ahead (received Janakji) with brothers, ministers, gurus and priests. As soon as Janak ji saw Kamdnath, the best mountain, he left the chariot after bowing. (Started walking)॥

Due to the longing and enthusiasm of Shri Ramji’s darshan, no one has any tiredness and grief at all. The mind is where Shri Ram and Janaki are. Who should remember the happiness and sorrow of the body without mind?

Janakji is coming this way. His intellect, including society, is getting drunk in love. Seeing near, everyone was filled with love and started meeting each other respectfully.

Janakji (Vashishta Adi Ayodhya) started worshiping the feet of the sages and Shri Ramchandraji (Shatanand Adi Janakpur) worshiped the sages. Then along with the brothers, Shri Ramji met Raja Janakji and made him go to his ashram along with the society.

Shri Ramji’s ashram is a sea filled with holy water in the form of serene juice. Janakji’s army (society) is as if a river of compassion (Karun Rasa) is being taken by Shri Raghunathji (to mix that ashram in the sea of serene juice).

This river of compassion (so enlarged) dips the edges of knowledge and disinterest. The mourning utterances are the rivers and streams, which meet in this river, and the long breaths of thought (sighs) are the waves that rise from the winds, breaking the fine trees of the shore of patience.

The terrible gloom (mourning) is the swift current of that river. Fear and confusion are its innumerable whirlpools and cycles. Scholars are seafarers, lore is a big boat, but they cannot play it, (cannot use that lore). No one knows its speculation.

Poor Kol-Kirat, who wanders in the forest, is the only traveler who is tired of losing that heart after seeing that river. When this river of compassion was found in the ashram-samudra, it was as if the sea was raised (boiled).

Both the Raj Samaj were disturbed by mourning. No one has knowledge, neither endurance nor shame. Appreciating the form, quality and modesty of King Dasharathaji, all are crying and taking a dip in the mourning sea.

Taking a dip in the sea of mourning, all men and women are distraught and anxious. They all are angry at the creator blaming him and saying what did the adverse teacher do? Tulsidasji says that there is no one capable of gods, siddhas, ascetics, yogis and monks, who could cross the river of love at that time by seeing the condition of Videha (Janakaraja) (without being engrossed in love).

Wherever the best sages gave infinite sermons to the people, Vashisthaji said to Videha (Janakji) – O Rajan! You should be patient.

The king whose Janak as the Sun of Knowledge destroys the night like Bhava (Traffic) and whose words like rays feed (rejoices) the lotus like Muni, can Moh and Mamta also come close to him? This is the glory of the love of Shri Sita-Ramji! (That is, this condition of King Janak was due to the supernatural love of Sri Sita-Ramji, not due to the secular love and affection of Mamata. Even those who have crossed the temporal fascination and love of Shri Sita-Ramji, without showing their influence. does not live).

The three types of creatures in the world have been told by the Vedic, the seeker and the learned man. Among these three, whose mind remains Saras (wet) with the affection of Shri Ramji, he has great respect in the gathering of sages.

Knowledge does not suit without the love of Shri Ramji, like a ship without Karnadhar. Vashisthaji explained Vidaheraja (Janakji) in many ways. Later everyone took a bath at Shri Ramji’s Ghat.

All men and women were full of grief. The day passed without water (there was talk of food, no one even drank water). Even animals and birds did not eat anything. Then what to think about loved ones and family?

Nimiraj Janakji and Raghuraj Ramchandraji and the society on both sides took bath in the morning the next day and all sat under the big tree. Everybody’s heart is sad and his body is lean.

Those who lived in Ayodhya, the city of Dasharathaji, and the Brahmins of Janakpur, the city of Mithilapati Janakji, and Guru Vashisthaji of Suryavansha and Shatanandji, the priest of Janakji, who explored the path of worldly birth and the path of charitableness.

They all started giving many sermons of religion, policy, quietness and wisdom. Vishwamitra explained the entire meeting with beautiful speech by saying old stories (history).

Then Shri Raghunathji said to Vishwamitraji, O Nath! Yesterday everyone was left without drinking water. (Now some diet should be done). Vishwamitraji said that Shri Raghunathji is right. Two and a half days passed (even today).

Seeing the attitude of Vishwamitra, Tirhut Raj Janakji said – It is not appropriate to eat food here. Everyone liked the beautiful statement of the king. After getting all the orders, go for a bath.

At the same time, many kinds of fruits, flowers, leaves, roots, etc. were brought to the forest by filling them in various costumes and burdens.

By the grace of Shri Ramchandraji, all the mountains became the ones to give the desired thing. He used to take away the sorrows completely just by looking. There is joy and love in the ponds, rivers, forests and all parts of the earth.

Vines and trees were all covered with fruits and flowers. Birds, animals and eyebrows started speaking favorably. On that occasion, there was great excitement (enjoyment) in the forest, a cool, dim, fragrant air was blowing to comfort everyone.

The beauty of the forest cannot be described, as if the earth is reaching Janakji. Then all the people of Janakpur took a bath and took the orders of Shri Ramchandraji, Janakji and Muni, looking at the beautiful trees and filled them in love, and started descending everywhere. Many types of leaves, fruits, roots and tubers are sacred, beautiful and like nectar (delicious).

Shri Ramji’s Guru Vashistha sent respectfully to everyone with a load. Then they worshiped the ancestor-god, guest and guru and started making fruits.

Thus four days passed. All men and women are happy seeing Shri Ramchandraji. There is such desire in the minds of both societies that it is not good to return without Sri Sita-Ramji.

Living in the forest with Shri Sita-Ramji is as pleasing as crores of devlokas (abode). Except Sri Lakshmanji, Shri Ramji and Shri Janaki Ji, who likes the house, the creator is opposite.

When all is well suited to God, then only Shri Ramji can have residence in the forest. All three times bath and enjoyment of Mandakiniji and visit of Shri Rama in the form of Mala (group) of Mangals,

Walking in the places of Shri Ramji’s mountain (Kamadnath), forests and ascetics and eating tubers, nectar, fruits like nectar. Fourteen years will become like a moment with happiness (will pass), you will not die as you go.

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Speech of Shri Vashistha ayodhyaakaand

Speech of Shri Vashistha ayodhyaakaand


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