Reaching Prayag, Bharadwaj Dialogue, Yamunatir residents’ love

Reaching Prayag, Bharadwaj Dialogue, Yamunatir residents’ loveThen, after remembering Lord Shri Raghunathji Ganesha and Shivji and bringing Gangaji, he went to the forest with Sakha Nishadraj, younger brother Lakshmanji and Sitaji.That day it took up residence under the tree. Laxmanji and Sakha Guh (rested) made all the arrangements. Lord Shri Ramchandraji did all the activities in the morning and visited Prayag, the king of pilgrimages.The truth of that king is minister, Shraddha is a lovely woman and Shri Venimadhavji is a good friend. The repository is full of four substances (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha) and that Punyamaya province is the beautiful country of that king.

Prayag region itself is an inaccessible, strong and beautiful fort (fort), which even in dreams (sin-like) enemies could not find. The entire shrine is its superior heroic soldier, who crushes the army of sin and is a great warrior.
(The confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati) is its very graceful throne. Akshayavat is the Chhatra, which captivates the mind of the sages. And poverty is destroyed.
The pious souls, the holy sages serve him and all find desire. The groups of Vedas and Puranas are Bhat, which speak of its pure qualities.
Who can say the influence (significance-importance) of the lion form Prayagraj to kill an elephant in a group of sins. After seeing such a beautiful pilgrimage place, Lord Rama of the ocean of happiness, Shri Ramji, also found happiness.
He recited Sitaji, Lakshmanji and Sakha Guh to his Shrimukh as the glory of Tirtharaj. After paying obeisance, looking at the forest and orchards and exclaiming with great love —
In this way, Shri Rama came and saw Triveni, who, by remembrance, is going to give to all the beautiful forests. Then bathed happily (in Triveni), served (worshiped) Shiva and worshiped the pilgrimage deities methodically.
Munishwar Bhardwajji blessed. It was such a pleasure to know in his heart that today the Vidhata (having appeared to Lord Sri Ramachandra along with Shri Sitaji and Lakshmanji) as if bringing the fruits of all our virtues was done in front of his eyes.
Asked for skillful, Muniraj gave them postures and worshiped them with love and made them satisfied. Then, as if made of nectar itself, brought such good tubers, roots, fruits and sprouts.
Shri Ramchandraji along with Sitaji, Lakshmanji and Sevak Guh ate those beautiful origin fruits with great interest. Shri Ramchandraji became happy due to the exhaustion. Then Bharadwajji said soft words to him -॥
Hey Ram! Today, my tenacity, pilgrimage and renunciation became successful as soon as I saw you. Today my chanting, yoga and quietness became successful and today my entire auspicious means community also became successful.
There is nothing other than the extent of profit and the limit of happiness (except the darshan of God). All my hopes were fulfilled with your vision. Now please bless me that I have a natural love in your lotus feet.
Unless man becomes your slave except deeds, words and deceit from his mind, even by taking crores of measures, he does not get happiness even in dreams.
Hearing the sage’s words, Lord Ramachandraji was satisfied with joy because of his devotion, (in view of Leela) was hesitant. Then (hiding his opulence), Shri Ramchandraji told the beautiful surash of Bharadwaja Muni to many (many) types.
(He said-) O Munishvara! The one you respect, he is big and he is the home of all the quality groups. In this way both Shri Ramji and Muni Bharadwajji are becoming humble and experiencing uncontrollable happiness.
On receiving the news of the arrival of Shri Rama, Lakshman and Sitaji, Brahmachari, ascetic, ascetic, saint and sadness resident of Prayag all came to Bharadwajji’s ashram to see the beautiful sons of Shri Dasarathaji.
Sri Ramachandraji bowed to everyone. After getting the benefit of the eyes, everyone became happy and after giving supreme happiness started blessing. He returned admiring the beauty of Shri Ramji.
Shri Ramji rested there at night and in the morning, taking a bath of Prayagraj and giving the head to Muni with happiness, he left with Shri Sitaji, Lakshmanji, and Sevak Guh.
(While walking) Shri Ramji with great love said to the Muni- O Nath! Tell us which way we go. The sage laughs in the mind and says to Shri Ramji that all the routes are easy for you.
Then the sage called the disciples to join him. (Talking about going away) On hearing this, fifty disciples were happy in their minds. Everyone has immense love for Shri Ramji. Everyone says that the path is seen by us.
Then the muni (selectively) carried four Brahmacharis, who had done all the sukrit (virtue) for many lifetimes. After paying obeisance to Shri Raghunathji and getting the permission of the sage, he went into his heart with great joy.
When they pass near a village, men and women run and start to see their form. Having attained the fruits of birth, they (forever orphans) become alive and after sending the mind with Nath (due to not being with the body), they return sadly.
Subsequently, Shri Ramji begged the four Brahmacharis to return, after finding the desired object (exclusive devotion). After crossing the Yamunaji, everyone took a bath in the water of Yamunaji, which was of the same color as the body of Shri Ramchandraji.
The men and women living on the banks of Yamunaji (after hearing that Nishad was accompanied by two supremely beautiful young men and a supremely beautiful woman) all ran away forgetting their work and seeing the beauty of Lakshmanji, Shri Ramji, and Sitaji, of their destiny. Started to brag
He has many desires in his mind (to know the introduction). But they are hesitant to ask for names and villages. Among those who were elderly and clever, they tactfully identified Shri Ramchandraji.
He told all the stories to everyone that they have gone to the forest after getting the permission of the father. Everyone is saddened to hear that the queen and the king have not done well.

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