Residence in Chitrakoot, served by coal-Bhils

Residence in Chitrakoot-  Mahamuni Valmikiji spoke of the infinite glory of Chitrakoot. Then both the brothers along with Sitaji came and bathed in the best river Mandakini.

Shri Ramchandraji said- Laxman! It is a very good ghat. Now arrange to stay somewhere here. Then Laxmanji saw the high bank on the north side of the Paiaswini river (and said that-) A stream like bow is around it.
The river (mandakini) is the bow (dori) of that bow and is sham, dam, dan baan. All the sins of Kali Yuga are his many violent animals (form targets). It is as if Chitrakoot is a real hunter who never misses his target and who kills from the front.
By saying this, Laxmanji showed the place. Seeing the place, Shri Ramchandraji found happiness. When the Gods knew that Shri Ramchandraji’s mind was rooted here, he took Vishwakarma, the head of the gods, Thavai (builder).
All the gods came under the control of the Kol-Bhils and they made beautiful houses of (divine) leaves and grasses. Made two beautiful huts that cannot be described. One of them was very beautiful and the other was big.
Lord Sri Ramachandraji along with Lakshmanji and Janaki ji is beautiful in the house of beautiful grass and leaves. As if wearing a costume of Cupid Muni and beautify with wife Rati and spring season.
Masparayan, seventeenth rest
At that time the gods, Nag, Kinnar and Dikpal came to Chitrakoot and Sri Ramachandraji saluted everyone. The Gods were pleased with the benefit of the eyes.
After showering flowers, the Dev society said – O Nath! Today (after getting your darshan) we have become alive. Then after pleading, they narrated their sorrowing sorrows, and (having received assurance of destruction of sorrows), rejoiced and went to their respective places.
Shri Raghunathji has settled in Chitrakoot, many sages came to hear this news. Raghukul’s moon Shri Ram Chandraji bowed with obeisance after seeing the monk troupe that had come.
The monks take Shri Ramji to heart and bless him to succeed. They see the images of Sitaji, Laxmanji and Shri Ramchandraji and consider all their means successful.
Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji deservedly honored and sent off the Muni troupe. (With the arrival of Shri Ramchandraji) they all started doing yoga, chanting, yagna and penance with freedom in their ashrams.
When the Kol-Bhils received this news (of the arrival of Shri Ramji), they were delighted as if the nine funds had come to their house. They walked in both the tubers, the origin, the fruits, as if they had gone to rob the poor gold.
When the Kol-Bhils received this news (of the arrival of Shri Ramji), they were delighted as if the nine funds had come to their house. They walked in both the tubers, the origin, the fruits, as if they had gone to rob the poor gold.
Those of them who had seen both the brothers (earlier), ask others on their way. Thus, while listening to the beauty of Shri Ramchandraji, everyone came and saw Shri Raghunathji.
Those people keep the gift ahead and look at the Lord with great affection. They were enchanted where they stand as if written with pictures. Their bodies are pulsed and eyes are flooded with premature water.
Shri Ramji loved them all and respected them by saying dear words. He repeatedly pledges to Lord Shri Ramchandraji with folded hands and says a polite word-
Hey Nath! After seeing the feet of Prabhu (you), now we all became alive. Hey Kosalraj! Due to our destiny, you have got lucky here.
Hey Nath! Wherever you have laid your feet, blessed are the earth, the forest, the way and the mountain, blessed are the birds and animals that roam in the forest, who were born successful after seeing you.
We are also blessed with our family, who saw you with full eyes. You have considered a very good place. Here you will be happy in all the seasons.
We will serve you by rescuing elephants, lions, snakes, and tigers in all ways. Oh, Lord! The rugged forests, mountains, caves, and coves (pass) here are all seen by us.
We will feed you prey there (in those places) and show the reservoirs like ponds, waterfalls etc. We are your servants, including the family. Hey Nath! So do not hesitate to give us orders.
Those who are unaware of the words of the Vedas and the hearts of the sages, they are listening to the words of Lord Ramachandra Bhils, the abode of compassion, as the father hears the words of the children.
Shri Ramachandraji only loves love, who knows (wants to know), he should know. Then Shri Ramchandraji was satisfied with love (loving) by saying soft words and satisfied all those who wandered in those forests.
Then sent them off. They turned heads and came home listening to the qualities of God. In this way, both the brothers who gave happiness to the deity and the sages started living in the forest along with Sitaji.
Ever since Shri Raghunathji came to the forest, the forest became beautiful. Many types of trees thrive and thrive, and there are stems of beautiful vines wrapped on them.
They are naturally beautiful like Kalpavriksha. As if they had left the forest (Nandan forest) of the gods. The rows of eyebrows make a very beautiful humming and the cool, soft, fragrant air that gives pleasure keeps moving.
Neelkanth, cuckoo, parrot, papaya, chakve and chakor, etc., speak different dialects which soothe the ears and steal the mind.
Elephants, lions, monkeys, pigs, and reindeer, all of them leave the hatch and wander together. Groups of animals are particularly happy to see Shri Ramchandraji’s image while wandering around for hunting.
As far as (as many) deities are in the world, everyone walks by looking at the forest of Shri Ramji, blessed rivers (Ganga, Saraswati, Suryakumari Yamuna, Narmada, Godavari, etc.)
All the ponds, seas, rivers, and many rivers all praise the Mandakini. Udayachal, Asthachal, Kailas, Mandarachal and Sumeru, etc. are all the places where the gods live.
And all the mountains like the Himalayas etc., sing the fame of Chitrakoot. Vindhyachal is very happy, there is no happiness in his mind because he has attained great glory without hard work.
All the species of Chitrakoot’s birds, animals, bells, trees, grass-roots, and sprouts are virtuous and blessed – the gods say so day and night.
On seeing the eyes of Shri Ram Chandraji, the living creatures are unhappy after receiving the fruits of birth and the constants (mountains, trees, lands, rivers, etc.) are happy by touching the feet of God. Thus, all have become officials of the highest post (Moksha).
That forest and mountain are inherently beautiful, beautiful, and very sacred to the holy ones. How can his glory be said, where the sea of happiness Shri Ramji has resided?
Leaving Ksheer Sagar and leaving Ayodhya where Sitaji, Laxmanji, and Shri Ramchandraji are coming, is the ultimate beauty of the forest, even those who have a thousand faces, they cannot say.
Well, how can I describe it? Can a Pokhara (petty) tortoise also pick up Mandarachal? Lakshmanji serves Shri Ramchandraji with mind, words, and deeds. His modesty and affection cannot be described.
Seeing the feet of Shri Sita-Ramji from moment to moment and knowing his affection on himself, Lakshmanji does not remember brothers, parents, and home even in his dream.
Sitaji Ayodhyapuri, the people of Kutumb and remembering the house are very happy with Shri Ramchandraji. Seeing the face like the moon of husband Shri Ramchandra from moment to moment, she remains as happy as seeing the moon of Chakor Kumari (Chakori)!
Seeing the love of Swami grow steadily towards him, Sitaji is delighted, like Chakvi during the day. Sitaji’s mind is attached to the feet of Shri Ramchandraji, because of this, he loves the forest like thousands of Awadh.
Fernacute looks lovely with Priyatam (Shri Ramachandraji). The antelope and bird resemble lovely relatives. The women of the sages like the mother-in-law, like the superior sis-father-in-law, and the diet of the root-root-fruits, they like the nectar.
The beautiful Sathri (the bed of Kush and leaves) with the Swami is going to give pleasure like hundreds of Cupid’s beds. Whose (favorably) creatures become Lokpal just by seeing, they can be fascinated by luxury and pleasure somewhere!
It is nothing surprising for the devotees of Shri Ramachandraji to remember all the bhoga-vilas as straws, for the beloved wife of Shri Ramchandraji and Sita ji, the mother of the world.
Just like Sita and Lakshmanji get happiness, Shri Raghunathji does the same and says the same. God tells ancient stories and stories and Laxmanji and Sita ji listen with great pleasure.
Whenever Shri Ramchandraji remembers Ayodhya, then his eyes fill with water. By remembering the love, modesty and service of parents, relatives and brothers and Bharata.
Lord Shri Ramchandraji, the sea of grace, becomes sad, but then considers himself to be a miser. Seeing the sadness of Shri Ramchandraji, Sitaji and Lakshmanji also get distraught, as if the shadow of a man tries to be like that person.
Then Shri Ramchandraji, who rejoices Chandan Roop Raghukul to cool the hearts of Dhir, Kripalu and the devotees, begins to tell some sacred stories by seeing the condition of the beloved wife and brother Lakshman, hearing whom Laxmanji and Sitaji get happiness.
Sri Ramachandraji along with Laxmanji and Sitaji are adorned in Parnakuti, just as Indra lives in Amravati with his wife Shachi and son Jayant.
How does Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji take care of Sitaji and Lakshmanji, like the eyelids of the eyes. Here, Laxmanji serves Shri Sitaji and Shri Ramchandraji (or Lakshmanji and Sitaji Shri Ramchandraji) in the same way as ignorant human beings do.
The beneficial lord of birds, animals, gods and ascetics are thus happily residing in the forest. Tulsidasji says- I called the beautiful forest cover of Shri Ramchandraji. Now listen to the way Sumantra came to Ayodhya (story)
When Nishadraj returned after reaching Lord Shri Ramchandraji, he came and saw the chariot with a minister (Sumantra). Seeing the minister distraught, Nishaad felt sad, he is not said.
(Seeing Nishad coming alone) Sumantra Ha Ram! Oh Ram! Yes Sita! Yes Laxman! Calling, he became very distraught and fell on the earth. The horses (of the chariot) sigh towards the south (where Shri Ramchandraji went). As if birds are feathering without wings.
They neither graze the grass, nor drink water. Water is flowing from eyes only. Seeing the horses of Shri Ramchandraji in this condition, all Nishad got distraught.
Then Nishad Raj said with patience and said – O Sumantraji! Now leave the gloom. You are the learners of Pandit and Paramarth. Consider patience to be unfavorable to the Creator.
Nishad overpowered Sumantra on a chariot by telling soft stories like gentle speech, but he became so relaxed that he could not move the chariot. There is a lot of pain in his heart against Shri Ramchandraji.
Horses groan and do not walk on the (right) path. As if the wild animals were brought and plowed in the chariot. Those stray horses of Shri Ramchandraji sometimes stumble and fall, sometimes turn around and look backwards. They are distraught with acute sorrow.
Whoever takes the name of Rama, Lakshmana or Janaki, the horses start looking at him with love. How can the condition of horses be called? They are distraught, like a snake is distraught without a gem.

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