Saint Asant Vandana Ramcharitmanas

Saint Asant Vandana Ramcharitmanas


Saint Asant-I now recite the feet of both the saint and the dissent, both of whom are grieving, but there is some difference between them. The difference is that one (saint) takes the soul while getting separated and the other (dissatisfied) meets, then Darun gives sorrow. (That is, the separation of saints is as painful as dying and the meeting of dissenters.)

Both (saints and dissidents) are born together in the world, but (born together) like Kamal and Leech they have different qualities. (The lotus gives pleasure with vision and touch, but the blood starts sucking at the touch of the leech’s body.) Like sage nectar (one who comes out of the world of death) and like sadhu liqueur (generates fascination, pleasure, and inertia). It is the same ocean as the world which produces both. (From the Samudramanthan in the scriptures, the origin of both nectar and liquor is told.)

Good and bad, according to their own actions, get the wealth of beautiful fame and illusion. Amrit, Moon, Gangaji and Sadhu and poison, fire, a river of sins of Kali Yuga, i.e., carnation and violence-hunter, everyone knows his qualities, but he likes what he loves.

Only good takes and goodness is ingested. Amrit is praising for immortality and for killing poison.

The stories of the sins and demerits of the wicked and the virtues of the sages –

Because both are immense and bottomless seas. Some merits and demerits have been described from this because they cannot be recognized or discarded.

All good and bad are born of Brahma, but considering the merits and demerits, the Vedas have separated them. Vedas, history, and Puranas say that this creation of Brahma is covered with qualities and attributes.

dukh-Sukh, sin-virtue, day and night, sage-sadhu, Sujata-Gujarati, demon-god, high-low, nectar-poison, sujivan (beautiful life) -mrityu, Maya-Brahma, jiva-god, wealth -Daradrata, Ranka-Raja, Kashi-Magadha, Ganga-Karmanasha, Marwar-Malwa, Brahmin-Butcher, Heaven-Hell, Anurag-Vairagya (All these things are in the creation of Brahma.) The Vedas-scriptures showed their virtues. Department has been complete

The Creator has made this root-conscious world virtuous, but the saint-like swan, except the water of the defect, accepts milk of the same quality.

When the creator gives this kind of (as a swan) conscience, then the mind is enchanting in virtues, excluding defects. Due to the prevalence of time and nature, good people (sadhus)

Because also fall under the control of Maya and sometimes miss goodness.

Just as the devotees of God rectify that lapse and eradicate sorrows and impart pure glory, in the same way, the wicked sometimes do good with good company, but their uninterrupted filthy nature does not disappear.

Those who are thugs, seeing them be good (like a monk), worship the world with the brilliance of Vesh, but one day they come wide, do not keep their treachery till the end, like Kalanemi, Ravan and Rahu’s condition

Even after creating bad rage, the sage is respect, just like Jambavan and Hanumanji happened in the world. There is harm from evil companies and benefit from a good company

Because this thing is in folk and Vedas and everyone knows it.

Dust from the sky rises to the sky and the same low (flowing downstream) water mixes with the mud. Rama-Rama, the parrot-manna of the monk’s house, praises, and the parrot-mana of the house of Asadhu is abusive.

Due to Kusang, the smoke is called soot, the same smoke (from the sound) is used in writing the Purana with beautiful ink and the same smoke becomes clouded with water, fire, and wind and gives life to the world.

Planets, medicines, water, air, and clothes – all of these, even after getting using and sweet.

To become bad and good substances in the world. Only smart and thoughtful men know this.

In both the fortnight of the month.

the light and darkness remain the same.

but the creator has distinguished them (one named Shukla and the other named Krishna).

Considering one to be the enhancer of the moon and the other to decrease it.

the world gave one to Suyyash and the other to inadequate.

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