Saraswati changes Maellect, Kaikeyi-Mnthara’s intanthara dialogue, happiness in subjects

Saraswati changes Manthara’s intellect, Kaikeyi-Manthara dialogue, happiness in subjects There was a retarded maid of Kaikeyi named Manthara, Saraswati turned her intellect away by making him a box of inadequacies.

Manthara saw that the city is decorated. Beautiful beautiful songs are playing. He asked people what kind of celebration is it? (To him) His heart woke up as soon as he heard of Shri Ram Chandraji’s coronation.
That stupid, low-caste maid began to ponder how to do this work in the night, as if a crooked Bhilani ambushed the honeycomb and how to uproot it.
She went to Bharatji’s mother Kaikeyi, depressed. Queen Kaikeyi laughed and said – why are you sad? Manthara does not answer anything, is only taking long breaths and shearing tears.
The queen started laughing and said that you have big cheeks (you are very talkative). My mind says that Laxman has taught you something (punished). Even then the mahapapini maid does not speak anything. Such a long breath is leaving, as if a black serpent (quitting hiss).
Then the queen said fearfully- Ari! Why don’t you say? Are Shri Ramchandra, Raja, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughan efficient? Hearing this, Kubri Manthara felt very pain in his heart.
(She started saying-) Hey Mai! Why should anyone learn us and whose strength will I cheek (I will speak loudly). Who else is skilled today except Ramachandra, whom King Yuvraj is giving the post?

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Today, Kausalya is very right (friendly) to the Vidhata, seeing that there is no pride in her heart. Why don’t you go and see all the beauty, which has angered me in my mind?
Your son is in a foreign country, you don’t think anything. You know that Swami is in our control. You love to sleep lying on the bed, you do not see the deceitful cleverness of the king
Hearing the beloved words of Manthara, but knowing her to be dirty in mind, the queen bowed (scolded) said- Just keep quiet and go home! If I ever say this again, I will catch your tongue and get it out.
Ears, lame and hunch should know crooked and crooked. Women and especially maids among them! Saying this, Bharatji’s mother Kaikeyi smiled.
(And then said-) O dear word, the churner! I have learned this from you (I have spoken so much for education). I have no anger in you, even in a dream. Beautiful auspicious day will be the same day, when your word will be true (ie Shri Rama’s coronation)
The elder brother is the master and the younger brother is the servant. This is a beautiful way of Suryavansh. If tomorrow is the Tilak of Shri Ram, then friend! Ask for the same thing that pleases your heart, I will give it.
All mothers are as loving as Kausalya with a natural nature to Rama. He has special love for me. I have seen their love test
If the creator gives birth by grace (then also give) Shri Ramchandra son and Sita daughter-in-law. Shri Ram loves me more than my life. How was your anger with his Tilak (after listening to his Tilak)?
You are a lover of India, except deceit and tell the truth. You are feeling sad at the time of happiness, I heard the reason for this.
(Manthara said-) All the hopes were fulfilled in one word. Now I will say something with a different tongue. My wretched skull is worth bursting, which makes you sad even when you say good things.
Those who make false and true things and say, O mother! They are your favorites and I feel bitter! Now I will also say thakursuhati (mouth saw). Otherwise, I will remain silent day and night.
The creator made me ugly by making me ugly! (What fault to others) Those who sow, I reap, I am given. Whoever is king, what is our loss? Will I become queen now, except maid! (That is, the queen was due to be)
Our nature is worthy to burn, because your harm is not seen by me, so something was done, but O Goddess! We made a big mistake, sorry.
Due to the woman of baseless (unstable) intellect and being possessed by the Maya of the Gods, Queen Kaikeyi, listening to the mysterious hypocritical words, believed Barin Manthara to know his good heart (non-interest).
Again and again the queen is asking him with respect, as if the deer has been fascinated by Bhilani’s anthem. As the future (promising), so did the intellect again. Maid was delighted to know that she put her bets.
You ask, but I am afraid to say, because you have already named me Gharfodi. In a very strong way, with a lot of faith, then he said a half-century of Ayodhya (Manthara in the form of Saturn’s seven-and-a-half year state).
Hey queen! What you said that I love Sita-Rama and you are dear to Rama, so this is true, but this thing was earlier, those days have passed now. In time, friends also become enemies.
The Sun is about to follow the lotus clan, but without water, the same Sun burns them (lotuses). Saut Kausalya wants to uproot your root. So put a good fence (enclosure) as a measure and make it secure.
You do not think anything on the (false) strength of your honey; you know the king under your control, but the king is dirty of heart and sweet of mouth! And you have a straight nature (you don’t even know treachery).
Rama’s mother (Kausalya) is very clever and serious (nobody finds her fathom). He got his chance and made his point. Under the advice given by the king to Bharat, you should understand the advice of Ram’s mother only!
(Kausalya understands that) And all the sauthas serve me well, one of Bharata’s mother is proud of her husband’s strength! This is why my mother! To Kausalya, you have been (knocking) for many years, but he is clever in deceit, so does not know his heart’s sense (she hides him cleverly).
The king has special love for you. Kausalya could not see him by the nature of the sautas, so he made a trap and got the king under his control (in the absence of Bharata) and made an ascendant for the coronation of Rama.
Let Ram be tilak, it is right for the family (Raghukul) and this thing is pleasing to everyone and I like it very much, but I am scared to think further. Reverse the divine and give its fruit to him (Kausalya).
In this way, after talking about crores of crookedness, Manthara explained Kaikeyi back and forth, and the stories of hundreds of hundreds were made (by making) in some way the opposition increased.
A promising subdued Kaikeyi got confidence in his mind. The queen again started asking for Saugandh. (Mantra quote-) What do you ask? Hey, you still don’t understand? The animals also recognize they are good and bad (or friend and enemy).
The whole fortnight has passed, decorating the goods and you have received the news from me today! I eat and wear under your rule, so I have no fault in telling the truth.
If I make a lie and tell lies, the creator will punish me. If Rama became royalty yesterday (keep in mind that) the Creator has sown the seed of misfortune for you.
I say this by pulling the line forcefully, O Bamini! You have now become a milk fly! (Just like people throw out a fly lying in milk, so will you throw it out of the house.) If you play the chakri with the son (of Kausalya), then you will be able to stay in the house,
(otherwise stay in the house) there is no other way
Kadru had grieved Vinata, Kausalya will give you. Bharat will consume the prison (eat the air of jail) and Laxman will be the Nayab (cooperative) of Ram.
Kaikeyi Manthara’s bitter voice dried up as soon as he heard, could not speak anything. The body was sweating and she started shivering like a banana.
Then Kubri (Manthara) pressed his tongue under the teeth (he feared that Kaikeyi’s heart rate would not stop after hearing a very scary picture of the future, so that the whole work would be reversed.
Then after telling crores of stories of treachery, he explained to the queen very well that be patient! Kaikeyi’s fate was overturned, he found it mischievous. She started appreciating Baguli as Hansini (considering Varin as an interest).
Kaikeyi said- Manthara! Listen, you are true. My right eye flatters regularly. I have nightmares every night, but with my ignorance I do not say to you.
Friend! What should I do, I have a direct nature I don’t know anything right and left.
On my own walk (as far as my control was), I have never done anything bad till today. Then I do not know from which sin Daiva gave me this sad sorrow at the same time.
Even though I will go to Naihar and spend my life there, I will not do it while living. For the one who lives and lives under the enemy, it is better to die than to live.
Bahubidhi Rani as Deen Bachan Suni Kubrin Tiamaya Thani
The queen uttered many poor words. Hearing them, Kubri spread the Tria character. (She said-) Why are you saying this with guilt in your mind, your happiness and happiness will have to be doubled day by day.
Whoever wants your evil, in the same result it (evil form) will bear fruit. Hey mistress! Ever since I heard this kumat, I neither feel hungry in the day nor sleep at night.
When I asked the astrologers, they drew a line (by doing math or with certainty) that Bharata would be king, that is a true thing. Hey Bamini! If you do, I will tell you the solution. The king is under your service.
(Kaikeyi said-) I can fall into the well by telling you, I can also leave my son and husband. When you see my great grief and say something, why would I not do it for my benefit?
-Kubari made Kaikeyi (by all means) confessing (that is, by making a sacrificial animal), stitching the insidious knife on the stone of his (hard) heart (sharpened his edge).
How does Queen Kaikeyi not see her near (imminent) misery, as the sacrificial animal grazes green grass? (But it does not know that death is dancing on its head.)
Manthara’s words are soft to hear, but harsh (terrible) as a result. As if she is poisoned by dissolving in honey. The maid says- O mistress! You told me a story, remember it or not?
Your two boons are inherited by the king. Today, ask the king to cool your chest. Give the son the kingdom and Ram the exile and enjoy all the happiness of the son.
When the king has eaten the aroma of Ram, then ask for the groom, so that the promise will not be postponed. If tonight passes, the work will be spoiled. Think of my words as dear to my heart (or even more dear to my life).

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