Sati’s confusion, Shri Ramji’s opulence and Sati’s regret

Sati’s confusion, Shri Ramji’s opulence, and Sati’s regret –


Sati’s confusion, Shri Ramji’s opulence and Sati’s regret – The story of Shri Ramji is similar to the rays of the moon, which is always practiced by saints. Parvati ji had made such a doubt, then Mahadevji answered it in detail.

Now according to my intelligence, I say the same dialogue between Uma and Shivji. The time and for which it happened, O Muni! You listen, your sadness will disappear.

Once in Treta Yuga, Shivji went to Agastya Rishi. She was accompanied by Jagjjanani Bhavani Satiji. The sage worshiped God knowing the whole world.

Munivar Agastya Ji narrated the story of Ram, which Maheshwar heard as the ultimate happiness. Then the sage asked Shiva to have beautiful devotion and Shivji, after finding him in authority (with mystery), represented devotion.

Shiva lived there for a few days while listening to the stories of the qualities of Shri Raghunathji. Then Shivaji asked for leave from Muni and went to the house (Kailas) with Dakshakumari Satiji.

In those days, Shri Hari incarnated in Raghuvansh to take the weight of the earth. Those indestructible Gods were wandering in Dandakavan in an ascetic or saintly form, renouncing the kingdom by the word of the father.

Shivji was thinking in my heart how I should see God. God has incarnated in secret, everyone will know by my leaving.

A great uproar arose in the heart of Shri Shankarji, but Satiji did not know this distinction. Tulsidasji says that Shiva had a fear (of opening up the secret) in his mind, but his eyes were tempted by the greed of philosophy.

Sati’s confusion, Shri Ramji’s opulence and Sati’s regret

Ravana asked (from Brahmaji) his death at the hands of man. God wants to make the words of Brahmaji true. If I do not go near, I will be very sorry. In this way, Shiva used to think, but no tactic was fit.

In this way, Mahadevji became worried. At the same time, Neecha Ravana went and took Marich with him and he (Marich) immediately became a treacherous deer.

The fool (Ravana) tricked and defeated Sitaji. He did not know anything of the real influence of Shri Ramchandraji. After killing the deer, Shri Hari along with brother Lakshman came to the ashram and seeing him empty (that is, not finding Sita there), tears came to his eyes.

Shri Raghunath Ji is distraught as a human being, and both brothers have been searching for Sita in the forest. In those who have never had any accidental disconnection, sad sorrow was seen in them.

The character of Shri Raghunathji is very strange, only the learned knowledgeers know him. Those who are retarded, especially under the influence of attachment, understand something else in the heart.

Shri Shivji saw Shri Ramji on the same occasion and there was great joy in his heart. Shiva looked at the sea of beauty (Shri Ramchandraji) with an eye but did not introduce the opportunity by not knowing the opportunity.

Hail to Sachchidananda, who sanctifies the world, saying that Shri Shivji, who destroyed Kamdev, walked. Kripanidhan Shivji was being flush with joy again and again and was going with Satiji.

When Satiji saw Shankar’s condition, a lot of doubt arose in his mind. (She started to say in her mind that) She praises Shankar ji’s whole world, He is the God of the world, God, man, sage are all heads towards him.

He bowed down to a Rajputra as Sachchidananda Pardham and on seeing his beauty, he fell so much in love that till now his heart does not stop from stopping his love.

The Brahman, who is omnipresent, non-divine, unborn, unapproachable, wishless and inscrutable, and who does not even know the Vedas, can he be a human by holding the body?

For the benefit of the Gods, Vishnu who holds a human body is also omniscient like Shiva. Will they find a woman like ignorant Lord Vishnu, the storehouse of knowledge, Lakshmipati and the enemy of Asuras?

Then even the words of Shivji cannot be false. Everyone knows that Shiva is omniscient. Such a great suspicion arose in Sati’s mind, in no way was there a rise of knowledge in her heart.

Although Bhavaniji did not say anything manifestly, but Antaryami Shiva knew everything. They said- O Sati! Listen, you have a feminine nature. Such doubt should never be keep in mind.

The story of whose sage Agastya sage sang and whose devotion I narrate to the sage, is my presiding deity Shri Raghuveerji, whose learning sage always serves.

The knowledgeable sages, yogis and siddhas constantly meditate with the serene mind and sing the Vedas, Puranas and scriptures by saying ‘Neti-neti’, the same omnipresence, lord of all the cosmos, Mayapati, eternal supreme free, Brahma as Lord Shri Ramji Has incarnated (in his own will) in Raghukul’s Maniroop for the benefit of his devotees.

Although Shivaji explained many times, yet his teachings did not sit in Satiji’s heart. Then Mahadevji smiled knowing the power of God’s Maya in his mind and said-

If there is a lot of doubt in your mind then why don’t you go and take the exam? Till you come back to me, I am sitting in the shade of this very elder.

Just as this ignorant huge illusion of yours is overcome, you should do the same by thinking (wisely) wisely. Sati went after getting Shiva’s orders and started thinking in her mind that brother! What to do (how to take the exam)?

Here Shiva ji made such a guess in the mind that there is no welfare of Dakshakanya Sati. When even my explanation does not clear the doubt, then (it seems) the creators are inverted, now Sati is not efficient.

Whatever Rama has created will be the same. Which branch (extension) should be increasing by reasoning. (In mind) Saying this, Shivji started chanting the name of Lord Shri Hari and Satji went to the place where Lord Ramachandraji was the abode of happiness.

After repeatedly thinking in the mind, Sati took the form of Sitaji and proceeded towards the path from which (according to Satiji’s view) the king of humans, Ramchandraji was coming.

Laxmanji was surprised to see Satiji’s fake dress and his heart got confused. He became very serious, could not say anything. Dhir Budh Lakshman knew the impact of Lord Raghunathji.

Shri Ramchandraji, the lord of the gods who saw everything and knew the heart of everyone, came to know the treachery of Sati, whose remembrance is destroyed by ignorance, the same omniscient Lord Shri Ramchandraji.

See the effect of the female nature that there (in front of those omniscient Gods) also Sati wants to hide. Saying the power of his illusion in his heart, Shri Ramchandraji laughed and spoke with gentle speech.

First Prabhu bowed down to Sati with folded hands and told his name along with his father. Then said where is Vrishketu Shivji? Why are you alone here in the forest?

Satiji was hesitant to hear the soft and secret words of Shri Ramchandraji. She walked fearfully (silently) to Shiva, became very worried in his heart.

That I did not obey Shankarji and accused Shri Ramchandraji of my ignorance. Now what will I answer to Shiva? (Thus thinking) Very terrible jealousy ensued in Satiji’s heart.

Shri Ramchandraji realized that Satiji felt sad, then he showed some of his influence and showed it to him. On the way, Satiji saw this prodigy that Shri Ramchandraji along with Sitaji and Lakshmanji were going ahead. (On this occasion, he was shown to Sitaji to see the true form of Sati Shri Rama, that the imagery of separation and sorrow that he had experienced, should be overcome and he should be in nature.)

(Then he) looked back, and there too, Sri Ramchandraji with brother Lakshmanji and Sitaji appeared in beautiful guise. Wherever she sees, there is Lord Sri Ramchandraji sitting there and Suchtur Siddha Munishwar is serving her.

Sati’s confusion, Shri Ramji’s opulence and Sati’s regret

Because Satiji saw many Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu, who were of immense influence from one to the other. (He saw that) All the gods, wearing the same clothes, are chanting and serving Shri Ramchandraji.

He saw countless Anupam Sati, Brahmani and Lakshmi. In the same way as Brahma was the deity, he also had all these (powers) in a favorable way.

Wherever Raghunathji saw Satiji, he saw all the gods along with the powers. The grazing creatures in the world also see all kinds of things.

(He saw that) wearing many clothes and worshiping the deity Lord Shri Ramchandraji, but nowhere did he see another form of Shri Ramchandraji. Sri Raghunathji saw many, including Sita, but his attire was not many.

(Everywhere) The same Raghunathji, the same Lakshman and the same Sitaji – Sati were very scareing to see this. His heart began to tremble and all the body of the body went away. She blindly sat in the road.

Then looking openly, there Dakshakumari (Satiji) could not see anything. Then she repeatedly nodded at the feet of Shri Ramchandraji and went to where Shri Shivji was.

When reached near, Shri Shivji laughed and asked a proficient question that how did you take the exam of Ramji, tell the whole truth.

Mass Parayan, Second Rest

Satiji, concealing the influence of Shri Raghunathji, hid from Shiva in fear and said – O lord! I did not take any exam, (going there) bowed like you.

What you said cannot be a lie, I have this big (complete) belief in my mind. Then Shivaji meditated and saw all the character that Satiji had done.

Then he gave head to Shri Ramachandraji’s Maya, who inspired him to lie to Sati. Sujan Shivji thought in his mind that the future of Hari’s desire is strong.

Because Knowing that Satiji wore Sitaji’s sorrow, there was great sadness in Shivji’s heart. They thought that if I love Sati now, the path of devotion disappears and great injustice happens.

This is the story Sati’s confusion, Shri Ramji’s opulence, and Sati’s regret


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