Sawan 2021: Know the importance of bilva leaf, wishing mantra, auspicious results and rules

Sawan 2021: Know the importance of bilva leaf, wishing mantra, auspicious results and rules

Abhishek and Bilva Patra have the first place in the worship of Lord Bholenath. The sages have said that offering Bilva leaves to the innocent and Bhandari and donating one crore girls is the same result.

The bael tree is the shelter of complete accomplishments here. Chanting or reciting stotras under this tree leads to an increase in its fruit by infinite fold as well as attainment of attainment soon. Lakshmi arrives from the samidha of its fruit. Many diseases, including ear, are quenched by the consumption of Bilva leaves. The law of offering Bilva leaves to all the deities is mentioned in the scriptures. ‘Na Yazaid Bilva Patraishch Bhaskaram Divakaram Vrantahine Bilva Patre
According to ‘Samarpayet’, one can also offer Bilva leaves to Lord Suryanarayan by breaking the whole stick.

If the seeker breaks the bilvapatra himself, then he should chant this mantra as told by the sage Acharendu-

‘Amritodbhav Shri Vriksha Mahadevatriya always.
Grihnami Tava Patrani Shivpujarthamadrat.

When not to break the bilvapatra :-

In the Linga Purana, breaking Bilva leaves is prohibited on Chaturthi, Ashtami, Navami, Chaturdashi, Amavasya, Sankranti period and Monday. There is no need to know any day or time to dedicate it to Shiva or the deities as Bilvapatra is dear. It is always acceptable for use. To offer it on the day on which breaking is prohibited, sadhak should break it a day before.

Bilva leaves never get stale. They are never impure. After using them once, washing them for the second time is also a command in this verse of Skanda Purana-

‘Arpitanyapi Bilvani Prakshalyapi again again.
Sankararyarpaniyani na Navani if ​​quachit.’

Only those letters of Bilvapatra are useful for worship whose three letters or more letters are attached together. Bilva leaves with less than three numbers are not worshipable. The knot of the stick of the bilvapatra should be broken before offering it to the Lord.

According to ‘Subilva Patramadho Mukham’ of Saradipika, the bilvapatra should be offered facing downwards (the smooth part of the letter should remain down). The law of odd numbers in the number of letters is scriptural.

Auspicious results of offering Bilva leaves:-

Devoting it to Lord Rudra in Shivaratri, Shravan, Pradosh, Jyotirlinga, Banarlinga gives infinite fold results. In any worship or worship of Shiva, the fruit of Bilva leaves is infinite. The use of Bilva leaves in any worship or worship of Shiva is very important and destroys the sins.

If for some reason Bilva leaves are not available, then you can also worship by making Bilva leaves of gold, silver and copper. The fruit of doing this is also equivalent to the botanical bilvapatra. If Bilva leaves are to be offered for any resolution, then it should be used daily in equal numbers or in the number of increments. After more number, less number should not be offered.

It is mentioned in the Puranas that offering one Aak flower equal to the donation of 10 gold coins gives fruit. The fruit of one thousand Aak flowers and the fruit of offering 1 Kaner flower is the same. The fruit of offering one thousand kaner flowers is obtained by offering one bilva leaf.

Many types of sins are quenched by the sight and touch of its tree, so only Brahma can save from the sins of cutting or breaking or uprooting this tree. Therefore, in any situation, trying to save this tree from destruction is beneficial from both spiritual and environmental point of view.
Rules for offering Bilvapatra :-

If bilvapatra is offered with sandalwood or Ashtagandha by writing Om, Shiva Panchakshara mantra or Shiva name, then as a result the rare wishes of the person are fulfilled. According to Kalika Purana, the ascended Bilva Patra should be taken off by holding it with the thumb and forefinger (the finger near the thumb) of the right hand. For offering, the ring finger and thumb of the right hand should be used.

For the destruction of the sins of three births, the three-leafed Bilva Patra, which is a symbol of Sattva-Raja-Tama, should be offered to Lord Shiva in the form of Trinetra by chanting this mantra-

‘Tridalam Trigunakaram Trinetra and Tridhayutam.
Trijanma Pap Sanharam Ekbilvam Shivarpanam.

For the worship of Shiva, that is, for the worship of Mars, if every Shiva devotee, that is, a lover of aspiration for welfare, plant a tree of Bel Patra and offer its letter, then many problems of the country including environmental problems can also be relieved to a great extent. . There is no doubt about it. Only such devotees of Shiva are needed. (Sawan 2021: Know the importance of bilva leaf)

Important things about bilvapatra

Bilva leaves are not considered stale for 6 months. Once it is offered on the Shivling, it can be washed and offered again. In many places, if Bilva leaves are not available in pagoda, there is also a law to offer its powder.

Bilva leaves are also used as medicine. It contains alkali-elements called egalin and eugleinin which are rich in medicinal properties. It also relieves from various health problems arising during Chaturmas.

It is able to remove the problem of gas, phlegm and indigestion. Apart from this, it is also beneficial in the problem of worms and foul smell. Consuming 7 bilva leaves daily and drinking water, one gets rid of the disease of dreaming. Similarly it also works as a medicine.

Bilva leaves are a panacea for diabetic patients. If you have diabetes, eating 5 bilva leaves, 5 black peppers daily in the morning is very beneficial. The problem of increasing heat also ends with the daily consumption of bilvapatra.

By offering Bilva leaves on Shivling every day, all the problems are removed, the devotee never has any problem of money. Keeping Bilvapatra in the safe also brings blessings.

It is forbidden to break the bilvapatra on certain dates. Bilva leaves should not be broken on Chaturthi, Ashtami, Navami, Dwadashi, Chaturdashi, Amavasya, Poornima, Sankranti.

Bilvapatra should not be broken on Monday, it is believed to be the abode of Shiva. Apart from this, bilva leaves should not be broken every day even after noon.

Mantra for offering Bilva leaves:-
Tridalam trigunakaram trinetram cha trayyudham.
Trijanmapaap-sanharmekbilvam shivarpanam..1.

Trishakhairbilvapatraishch hyachchidrai: komalai: shubhai:.
Shivapujan Karishyami Hayekbilvam Shivarpanam..2.

Akhandbilvapatren worshiped Nandikeshware.
Shuddhayanti sarvapapebhyo hyekbilvam shivarpanam..3.

Shaligramshilamekan vipranam jatu arpayet.
Somayagna-Mahapunyamakebilvam Shivarpanam..4.

Dantikotishasrani Vajpayeshtani Ch.
Kotikanya-mahadanamekbilvam shivarpanam.5.

Lakshmya: breastat uttanam mahadevasya cha priyam.
Bilvavriksham prayachami hyekbilvam shivarpanam..6.

Darshanam bilvavriksya sparshanam papanashanam.
Aghorapapasanharmekbilvam shivarpanam.7.

Kashikshetra Niwasam Cha Kalabhairav ​​Darshanam.
Prayagamadhavam drishtva ek bilvam shivarpanam.8.

Basically Brahmarupaya, Madhyath Vishnurupine.
Agratah: Shivroopay hyekbilvam shivarpanam..9.

Bilvashtakamidam punyamya: pathechhivasannidhau.
Sarvapaapvinirmukt: Shivalokamvaapnuyat. 10.

Iti bilvastakam sampoornam.


So this is the point about Sawan 2021: Know the importance of bilva leaf

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