Seeing Shri Ram-Laxman, love of Janakji

Seeing Shri Ram-Laxman, love of Janakji -Raja Janak, who was engrossed in love, endured the shelter of the conscience and placed his head at the feet of the sage and said to Gadgad (Prembhari) solemn speech –

Hey Nath! Say, both of these beautiful boys are jewels of Munikul or foster of any dynasty? Or, whose Vedas have sung as ‘Neti’, that Brahm has not come as a couple?

My mind, which is by nature (composed) of disinterestedness (seeing these), is enchanted in this way, like seeing the moon. Oh, Lord! That is why I ask you the truth. Hey Nath! Tell, do not hide

Seeing them, my mind has forcibly abandoned Brahmsukh under the control of immense love. Muni laughed and said – O Rajan! You were right. Your words cannot be false.

As far as (as many) beings in the world, they are loved by all. Hearing the Muni’s (mystery filled) voice, Shri Ramji smiles in his heart (laughing as if indicating that the secret is not revealed). (Then the sage said-) He is the son of Raghukul Mani Maharaj Dasharatha. The king has sent them with me for my benefit.

Big thinking for a success. Know how?

Both Rama and Lakshmana are the abode of superior brother Rupa, Sheel, and Bal. The whole world (of this thing) is witness that they have protected my yagna by winning the asuras in the war.

The king said – O monk! I cannot say my virtuous effect by seeing your feet. These beautiful Shyam and Gaur varna brothers are also going to give pleasure to Anand.

Their love for each other is very pure and pleasant, it is very pleasing to the mind, but cannot be said (by speech). Videha (Janakji) rejoices and says – O Nath! Listen, they have natural love like Brahma and Jiva.

So The king sees the Lord again and again (the vision does not want to go away from there). (With love) the body is pulsing and there is great enthusiasm in the heart. (Then) by praising the sage and bringing the head to his feet, the king drove him to the city.

A beautiful palace which was pleasing all the time (in all seasons), the king took them there and arranged them. Later, after worshiping and serving in all respects, the king asked for goodbye and went to his house.

Lord Shree Ramachandraji, the Shiromani of Raghukul, sat down with the sages after taking food and resting with brother Lakshman. At that time, it was about a quarter of a day.

Tulsi Mother became Vrinda in her former birth

Laxmanji has a special longing in his heart to go and see Janakpur, but Lord Shree Ramachandraji is afraid and then hesitates even with the Muni, so he does not say anything in the manifest, the mind is smiling.

(Antaryami) Shri Ramchandraji knew the condition of the younger brother’s mind, (then) Bhaktvatsaalam swelled in his heart. After receiving the Guru’s orders, he smiled very politely and said.

Hey Nath! Laxman wants to see the city, but does not say clearly because of the fear and hesitation of Prabhu (you). If I get your permission, then I can bring them back to the city immediately after seeing them.

So Hearing this, Munishwar Vishwamitra said the words with love – O Ram! How will you not protect the policy, O Tat! You are one who follows the dignity of religion and is going to give pleasure to the servants by subjugating love.

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