Sending Janakji’s messenger to Dasarathaji, departure of the procession from Ayodhya

Sending Janakji’s messenger –However, you go and behave like your family, by asking the Brahmins, elders, and gurus of the clan and do the behavior as described in the Vedas.

Sending Janakji's messenger
Sending Janakji’s messenger

Go and send messengers to Ayodhya, who will call King Dasaratha. The king was pleased and said – O kind! very good! And at that time the messengers were called and sent.

Then all the Mahajans were called and everyone came and presented the king head respectfully. (The king said-) Decorate the market, the way, the house, the temple, and the whole city.
Mahajan walked in delight and came to his home. Then the king summoned the servants (and ordered them to) decorate and prepare the bizarre pavilion. Hearing this, they all kept the king’s words on their heads and went away with happiness.
He called many artisans, who were skilled and clever in making pavilions. He started the work by worshiping Brahma and (first) made golden banana poles.
Make leaves and fruits of green bees (emeralds) and flowers of Padmarag bees (rubies). Seeing the very strange composition of the mandap, Brahma’s mind also forgot.
Bamboo was made of all green beads (pages) directly and with knots that were not recognized (whether the beads are or ordinary). Made a beautiful gold Nagbeli (betel leaf), which was so well known with leaves that it was not recognized.
By making the same Nagabeli and making a mosaic, make the Bandhan (rope of binding). There are beautiful strands of pearls in between. Rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and epiphora, by making these gems rip, kurkar and mosaic, make them (red, green, white, and turquoise) lotus.
Made bunches and birds of many colors, which echoed and cooed with the wind. The pillars were carved out of idols of the deities, which stood for all the matter.
Gajmuktas have many pleasant chowk.
Gajmuktas have many pleasant chowk.
Make such beautiful and exquisite bandanas as if Cupid decorated the snare. Create many Mars urns and beautiful flags, banners, curtains, and chairs.
In which there are many beautiful lamps of beads, that bizarre pavilion cannot be described, the pavilion in which Shri Janaki Ji will be Dulahin, which the poet has the intelligence that can describe it.
At that time, anyone who saw Tirhut, he found fourteen Bhuvan despised. Indra used to be fascinated by seeing the property that was beautiful at that time in Janakpur also.
Saraswati and the rest are also reluctant to describe the beauty of the man in the city in which Lakshmiji lives by creating a beautiful range of deceit.
The holy Puri of Shri Ramchandraji, the messenger of Janakaji reached Ayodhya. He was delighted to see the beautiful city. He sent the news after going to the Rajdwar, King Dasarathaji heard and called him.
The messengers greeted and cast lots. Pleased, the king got up and took him. While burning the letter, water (tears of love and bliss) enveloped their eyes, the body pulsed and filled the chest.
There are Ram and Lakshmana in the heart, there is a beautiful letter in the hand, the king is left with it in his hand, he cannot say anything sweet and sweet. Then he patiently read the magazine. The whole assembly was overjoyed to hear the truth.
Where Bharatji used to play with his friends and brother Shatrughan, he came to the news after getting the news. Asking with great love, ask- Father! Where did the letter come from?
Dear brothers, dear to our lives, say, are you safe and in which country are they? The king again read the letter after hearing these words mixed with affection.
Hearing the letter, the two brothers became angry. The affection became so much that it did not fit into the body. Seeing the pure love of Bharatji, the whole gathering got special happiness.
Then the king sat down with the messengers and said sweet words that would defeat the mind – brother! Say, are both children well off? You’ve seen them well with your eyes, haven’t you?
They have a bow and a white body, wearing a bow and a Tarkas, are adolescents, with Vishwamitra Muni. If you recognize them, then tell their nature. Due to the special control of King Prem, he is repeatedly saying (asking) in this way.
(Brother!) From the day the sage took them to Liva, today we have received the true news. Say, how did Janaka Janak recognize him? The messenger smiled after hearing this dear (filled with love) words.
(The messengers said-) O crown of kings! Listen, there is no one else blessed like you, who has sons like Rama-Lakshmana, who is the Vibhushan of both worlds.
Your sons are not worthy to ask. He is the light form of the three worlds. In front of whose glory the moon becomes clouded and in front of Pratap, the sun cools down.
Hey Nath! For them, you say how to recognize them! Is the sun seen with a lamp in hand? In the Swayamvara of Sitaji, many kings and more than one warrior were gathered.
But no one could remove Shivji’s bow. All the powerful heroes lost. In the three worlds, who were proud of valor, Shivji’s bow broke the power of everyone.
Banasura, who could also lift Sumeru, went round in a losing heart, and Ravana, who had lifted Kailas from the game, also got defeated in that assembly.
Hey chef! Listen, there (where such warriors gave up) Raghuvanshamani Shri Ramchandraji without any effort broke Shivaji’s bow as the elephant breaks the lotus stem!
On hearing about the break of Dhanush, Parshuramji became enraged and showed many eyes. Finally, he too, seeing the strength of Shri Ram Chandraji gave him his bow and begged the forest in many ways.
Hey Rajan! Just as Sri Ramachandraji is incomparable, so too is the fast-nosed Lakshmanji, in whose sight the Raja used to tremble, just as Hathi Singh’s child trembled.
Hey, God! After seeing both of your children, no one comes under your eyes (no one can climb our eyesight). Everyone loved the utterances of the messengers awakened in love, glory, and valor.
The king, including the assembly, fell in love and gave up the messengers. (Seeing them giving up), this policy is against, saying that the messengers began to lose their hands. After considering religion (seeing their religious behavior), everyone considered happiness.
Then the king got up and went to Vashisthaji and gave him a magazine and respectfully called the messengers and told the whole story to Guruji.
After listening to all the news and getting immense happiness, the Guru said – Earth is covered with pleasures for a virtuous man. As rivers go into the sea, though the sea does not wish for a river
In the same way, happiness and wealth go naturally to the divine person without calling. Just like you are a guru, a Brahmin, a cow, and a deity minister, so are the holy Kausalayadevi.
Like you, no one has been, nor is there, nor in the holy world. Hey Rajan! Who will be more virtuous than you, whose son is like Rama?
And all four boys are brave, humble, fasting religion and beautiful sea of virtues. There is welfare for you at all times. Therefore, decorate the procession by playing danka
And move quickly. Hearing such words of Guruji, O Nath! Saying very well and getting the head encamped and messengers, the king went to the palace.
The king summoned all the Ranivas and read Janakji’s magazine. Hearing the news, all queens were filled with joy. The king then described all the other things (which were heard from the mouth of the messengers).
The queens that swell in love are getting beautified, just like Morni swells after hearing the thunder of the clouds. Older (or gurus) women are pleased and giving blessings. Mothers are engrossed in great bliss.
Taking that very dear magazine among themselves, all the hearts are attached to the chest and it cools. Among the kings, Dasharathaji repeatedly described the glory and deeds of Shri Rama-Laxman.
They came out saying ‘This is the saint’s pleasure’. The queens then called the Brahmins and donated them along with Anand. The best Brahmins went on giving blessings.
Then he called the monks and gave them crores of reliefs. “The four sons of Chakravarti Maharaj Dasaratha are Chiranjeevi”.
Saying this, he went on wearing many beautiful clothes. Pleased with the drowning, the drums hit the drums with great vigor. When everyone got this news, then every house started getting deranged
There was excitement in fourteen worlds that Jankiji and Shri Raghunathji would get married. On getting this good news, people fell in love and started decorating the streets, houses, and streets.
Although Ayodhya is always beautiful, because it is the holy auspicious occasion of Shri Ramji, yet it is decorated with beautiful Mangal creations due to love.
The entire Baja is a very unique shade with flags, banners, curtains, and beautiful chars. From gold urns, pylons, beads of beads, turmeric, coach, curd, akshat, and garlands –
People decorated their homes and made them happy. The streets are watered with clever views and the beautiful chowk (at the gates). (A fragrant liquid made of sandalwood, saffron, musk and camphor is called Chatursam).
Chandrabukhi with a thorn of lightning, an eye with a child of Harin, and a beautiful woman, who relieves the pride of her beautiful form, the woman Rati of Cupid, adorned all the sixteen adornments, wherever herds flock together
There are many types of delightful mangrove substances that are pleasing and many are ringing. Somewhere Bhat is chanting Virudavali (Kulakirti) and somewhere Brahmins are chanting
Vedadhvani.Manohar is singing the song Mangal Vani, whose cuckoos are also embarrassed by listening to the beautiful tone. How to describe the palace, where a pavilion has been made to woo the world.
Sundari women are singing Mangalgat, taking the names of Shri Ramji and Shri Sitaji. There is a lot of enthusiasm and the palace is very small. By this (not into it), as if that enthusiasm (bliss) has swung all around.
Who can describe the beauty of the palace of Dasharatha, where Ramachandraji, the head of all the gods, is incarnated
Then the king called Bharatji and said that go and decorate horses, elephants, and chariots, hurry to Ramchandra’s procession. On hearing this, the two brothers (Bharatji and Shatrughanji) were blissfully filled with Pulak.
Bharatji summoned Sab Sahni (president of the mews) and commanded him (to decorate the horses), he ran up in delight. He decorated horses with (deservedly) jeans with interest. The best-colored horses have become beautiful.
All horses are very beautiful and playful. They place feet on the earth as if on a burning iron. There are many races of horses, which cannot be described. (Such fast speed) as if you want to fly by disrespecting the wind.
On all those horses, all the princely princes of the same condition as Bharatji rode. They are all beautiful and all are wearing jewelry. They have arrows and bows in their hands and a huge quiver tied at the waist.
All the chosen are the Chhale Chail, the knight, the shrewd, and the young. Each rider is accompanied by two-foot soldiers, who are well versed in the art of swordplay.
Wearing the garland of valor, Randhir Veer all came out and stood outside the city. They are shunning their horses with different tricks and are happy to hear the sound of the wolf and the drum.
The chariots have made the chariots very unique by the use of flags, flags, gem, and ornaments. They have beautiful chawars and bells are making beautiful words. Those chariots are so beautiful, as if they take away the beauty of the chariot of the sun.
There were numberless black-horse The chariots have plucked them in chariots, which are beautiful to look at all and are decorated with jewels, and the minds of the sages are fascinated too.
Those who walk on water also like land. Due to excess of velocity, their top is not immersed in water. The charioteers called the chariots after decorating the weapons and all the equipment.
On the chariots, the procession began to gather outside the city, for which the work goes, everyone has beautiful powers.
Beautiful elephants are lying on the best elephants. The way they were decorated cannot be said. The elephant elephants embellished for hours on end (playing the bells), as if a group of beautiful clouds of spring (roaring) were going.
Beautiful palanquins, comfortably seated Ramazan (which are chair-like) and chariots etc. are many other types of rides. Clusters of superior Brahmins climbed on them, as if all the verses of the Vedas were wearing bodies.
Those who sing Magadha, cotton, bhat, and guna, went on the ride as they were capable. The mules, camels, and bulls of many castes loaded with many kinds of things.
Kahar walked with crores of eunuchs. There were so many types of things in them, who can describe them. The groups of all the servants went on making their own dress society.
Everyone has immense happiness in their heart and bodies are full of pulak. (Everyone has the same longing that) When will we see both brothers Shri Ram and Lakshman with full eyes?
Elephants are thundering, their bells are scorching. The chariots wheezing and the horses whirring around. There are loud words of disrespect to the clouds. No one can hear his own foreign matter with his ears.
There is such a huge crowd at the door of King Dasharatha that if stones are thrown there, that too will be crushed and dust. The women who climbed the attic are watching the aarti in the Mangal Thals.
And Nana is singing kind of delightful songs. There cannot be an account of his immense bliss. Then Sumantraji decorated two chariots and plowed the horses that beat the horses of Surya in them.
Both the beautiful chariots brought them to King Dasharatha, whose beauty cannot be described even from Saraswati. On one chariot was decorated with majestic goods and the other which was sharp and very beautiful,
Upon offering that beautiful chariot to King Vasishtha, he then ascended the chariot by remembering Shiva, Guru, Gauri (Parvati), and Ganesha himself.
How is King Dasarathaji adorning (going) with Vashisthaji, as if Lord Indra with Guru Brihaspati? By doing all the work according to the method of Vedas and according to the way of the family and seeing everyone dressed up in all respects.
After remembering Sri Ramachandraji, after receiving the Guru’s orders, the earth husband Dasarathaji walked with a conch. Seeing the procession, the gods were delighted and started showering beautiful beautiful flowers.
There was a big noise, horses and elephants roared. The instruments started ringing in the sky and in the procession (both places). Devanganas and women of humans started singing beautiful songs and shehnai started playing with juicy raga.
The sound of hour-bells cannot be described. Pedestrians or bandits are doing workout games and fluttering (going high in the sky.) Skilled in laughter and clever jester (pranksters) in beautiful songs are doing different types of spectacles.
Hearing the words of the beautiful prince Mridang and Nagade, the horses are dressed according to them in such a way that they do not budge at all from the rhythm of the rhythm. The clever nuts are watching it in amazement.
The procession is such that it is not made to describe it. Beautiful well-wishers are happening. Neelkanth bird is taking fodder to the left, as if it is informing the entire forests.
The crow on the right is adorning the beautiful farmland. Everyone got the vision of the mongoose. All three types of (cold, dim, fragrant) air are moving in a favorable direction. The best (Suhasini) women are carrying the filled pot and the children in their arms.
The fox appears again and again (repeatedly). The cows feed the calves standing in front. The group of deer (from the left) turned around and came to the right, as if a group of all the marshes appeared.
Kshemkari (white-headed eagle) is specifically said to be Kshem (Kalyan). Shyama appeared on the beautiful tree on the left. Yogurt, fish, and two learned Brahmins came with books in their hands.
Shakun, who gives all auspicious, well-received, and desired results, as if they were together to be truthful.
All Mangal Shakuns are accessible to Saguna Brahma himself, who has a beautiful son. Where Shri Ramchandraji is like a bride and a bride like Sitaji and there are holy congregations like Dashrathji and Janaki.
Hearing such a marriage, it was as if all the Shakuns danced (and started saying-) Now Brahmaji made us true. In this way, the procession departed. Horses, elephants are thundering and drums are getting hurt.
Knowing Dasharathaji coming as a sign of Suryavansh, Janakji got bridges over the rivers. Built beautiful houses (stay), which have the same wealth as Devlok, to stay in between.
And where all the people from the wedding processions find pleasant food, beds, and clothes as per their choice of mind. Seeing the new pleasures of the mind, forget all the wedding parties.
Hearing the sound of loud drums ringing loudly, knowing the superior procession was coming, the elephants, chariots, foot, and horses, who received the reception, went to take the procession.

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