Seven questions of Garuda

Seven questions of Garuda and answers to Kakabhusundi

Religious story

Seven questions of Garuda and answers to Kakabhusundi

Birds Raj Garuda then spoke with love – O kind! If I love you, O Nath! Know me your servant and tell me the answers to my seven questions.

Hey Nath! Hey patient! First, tell us which body is the rarest, then who is the greatest sorrow and who is the greatest happiness, also consider it briefly.
You know the heart (distinction) of saints and dissidents, describe their innate nature. Then say that which is the greatest virtue known in the Shrutis and which is the greatest terrible sin.
Then, explain the diseases of psyche. You are omniscient and you are very kind to me. (Kakbhusundiji said-) Listen with utmost respect and love. I say this policy briefly.
There is no body like human body. All creatures appeal to him. That human body is the ladder of hell, heaven and salvation and is going to give welfare knowledge, disinterest and devotion.
Even after wearing (receiving) such a human body, those who do not worship Sri Hari and are obsessed with lowly matters, throw away Parasmani by hand and take pieces of glass in return.
There is no misery like poverty in the world and there is no happiness in the world like meeting saints. And oh bird! To be benevolent with mind, speech and body, it is the natural nature of saints.
Saints suffer for the good of others and unhappy dissenters for grieving others. The kind saints bear a heavy calamity (uproot their skin) for the benefit of others like a feast tree.
But wicked people bind others like flies and (to bind them), with their skins pulled off and die after suffering disaster. Garuda, the enemy of snakes! Listen, the wicked do no harm to others without any selfish reason like snakes and rats.
They destroy themselves by destroying foreign property, just as hailstones are destroyed by destroying agriculture. The rise of the wicked is like the rise of Ketu, the famous half-planet, for the misery of the world.
And the emergence of saints is always pleasurable, like the rise of the moon and the sun is pleasing to the world. In the Vedas, non-violence is considered the ultimate religion and is not a heavy sin like blasphemy.
The man who condemns Shankarji and Guru (in the next life) is a frog and he gets the body of the same frog for a thousand births. A person who condemns Brahmins, after suffering hell, then takes birth in the world wearing a crow’s body.
The arrogant creatures who condemn the gods and the Vedas fall into Raurava hell. Those engaged in condemnation of saints are owls, who love the night of love, and the sun of knowledge, for whom it has passed (has passed).
The foolish people who condemn everyone are born as bats. Hey Tat Now listen to the psyche, from which everyone is sad.
The root of all diseases is attachment (ignorance). Many more pain arises from those diseases again. Kama is vata, greed is immense (increased) phlegm and anger is pitta, which always burns the chest.
If these three brothers (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) fall in love (unite), then painful typhus occurs. Those who are desirous of getting (full) from difficulty, they are all shul (painful diseases), who knows their names (ie, they are immense)
Mamta is herpes, jealousy is itching, happiness is the exacerbation of diseases of the throat (there are diseases like gulagand, mumps or esophagus), the jealousy that comes from seeing other happiness is decaying. Wickedness and evil of mind are leprosy.
Arrogance is a very painful disease. Pole, hypocrisy, item and mana are Naharua (neuralgia) disease. Trishna is a very heavy abdominal enlargement (ascites) disease. Three types (son, money and man) have strong desires.
Matsar and Indiscretion are two types of fever. In this way there are many bad diseases, to what extent can I say?
Humans die due to a single disease, then these are many incurable diseases. They continue to give trouble to the creature, in such a situation, how can he attain samadhi (peace)?
There are rules, religion, ethics (best practices), penance, knowledge, sacrifice, chanting, charity and many more medicines, but O Garuda! These diseases do not go away from them.
In this way, all living beings in the world are sick, who are grieving even more with grief, joy, fear, love and separation. I have called these some psyche diseases. These are everyone, but have been able to know them rarely.
These sinners (diseases), who burn the creatures, do some damage, but do not get destroyed. They get sprouted in the hearts of the sages too, after finding the subject as imprecise, then what are the poor human beings?
If such a coincidence is made by the grace of Shri Ramji, then all these diseases are destroyed. Believe in the words of the Vaidya as Sadguru. Do not expect subjects, this is restraint.

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