Shakuni Cheated Pandavas In Gambling Story Mahabharat | Kaurava’s treachery ~ Mahabharata

Shakuni Cheated Pandavas In Gambling Story Mahabharat | Kaurava’s treachery ~ Mahabharata

At the time of the burning of the Khandava forest, Arjuna had given shelter to the Maya demon. Grateful by this, the Maya demon said to Arjuna – “O Kuntinandan! You have protected my life. So you command, what should I serve you? ”

Arjuna replied – “I do not favor any vengeance, but if you have a sense of service in you, then you serve Shri Krishna.” (Shakuni Cheated Pandavas)

On asking for any kind of service by Mayasur, Shri Krishna said to him- “O Dityashreshtha! You should build such an assembly for the meeting of Yudhishthira, as not yet built on this earth. ” By following the orders of Sri Krishna, Mayasura built a unique building. Along with this, he presented the Pandavas with Devdutt’s conch, hardened gems with a thunderbolt and also a beautiful vessel.(Shakuni Cheated Pandavas).

After some time, Dharmaraja Yudhishthira successfully conducted the Rajasuya Yajna. Jarasandha was killed by Bhima before Shishupala and Shishupala was killed by Shri Krishna during the Yajna.

Even after the yagna was over, the Kaurava Duryodhana, along with other brothers, remained the guests of Yudhishthira. One day Duryodhana expressed a desire to see the Rajya Sabha built by the Maya demon, which Yudhishthira gladly accepted.

Duryodhana was surprised to see the sculpture of that assembly building. Maya demon had constructed that assembly building in such a way that many kinds of confusion would arise there, such as water in place of place, place in place of water, wall in place of door and door in place of wall. Was in sight.

Duryodhana also got confused in many places of that building, due to which he had to be ridiculed by Pandavas etc. many times. Draupadi even ridiculed him, saying that “the sons of the blind are blind.” Duryodhana was already burnt by his ridicule, but the utterances of Draupadi were giving him more prick than shul.

While returning to Hastinapur, Shakuni said to Duryodhana – “Nephew! I am deeply saddened by the insult you have suffered in the house of Indraprastha. If you want to take vengeance for this insult, then invite Yudhishthira to play (gambling) with permission from your father Dhritarashtra.

Yudhishthira is a lover of gaming, so he will definitely come to your invitation and you know that there is no one in Trilok who can conquer me in the game of dice. We will win the Pandavas everything in the stakes of the dice and make them poor again. ”

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Upon reaching Hastinapur, Duryodhana went directly to his father Dhritarashtra and told him in detail about his humiliation and also about his and maternal uncle Shakuni’s plan. He also asked for permission to invite Yudhishthira for gaming. After a little hesitation Dhritarashtra gave his permission to Duryodhana.

Yudhishthira was summoned to Hastinapur along with his brothers and Draupadi. Taking the opportunity, Duryodhana proposed a game-play with Yudhishthira, which Yudhishthira accepted. The dice game started. Mama Shakuni started throwing dice on behalf of Duryodhana. Yudhishthira lost whatever he had at stake. After losing all his kingdom, Yudhishthira also staked his brothers and Shakuni slyly won this bet as well.

Seeing this, Bhishma, Dronacharya, Vidur etc. tried to stop this gambling, but failed. Now Yudhishthira staked himself on his own and was again defeated by Shakuni’s slyness.

When Yudhishthira started to get up without losing himself, along with the royal party and his brothers, Shakuni said – “Yudhishthira! You can still win back everything you own. Draupadi is still with you left to stake.

If you win by putting Draupadi at stake, then I will return everything you lost. ” Disappointed in all respects, Yudhishthira also put Draupadi at stake and lost as usual. Seeing this victory, Duryodhana became frantic and said to Vidur – “Draupadi is now our maid, you bring her here immediately.”

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