Shalya Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

Shalya Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

Shalya Parv -After the death of Karna in Surgical festival, Kripacharya had to convince Duryodhana for the treaty, the consecration of Surgery on the post of Senapati, the amazing power of Madraja Surgery, the surgery of Yudhishthira and the slaughter of his brother, the slaughter of Shakuni by Sahadeva, with the remaining army Duryodhana’s exodus, Duryodhana’s entry into the heart, Yudhishthira’s visit to the heart on receiving information from hunters, Yudhishthira’s dialogue with Duryodhana, Sri Krishna and Balarama also reaching there, Bhima’s Vaguddha with Duryodhana and the mace of mace war and Duryodhana, The Krishna Balarama being explained by Shri Krishna, Duryodhana’s lament and Ashwatthama’s consecration at the post of commander are described.

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Mandodari-Lament, Ravan’s funeral

The generalship of Surgery and the Eighteenth Day of War

Seeing the surgery in front, Yudhishthira told Arjuna that you fight with the saints. Bhima will take the front with Kripacharya and I will fight with surgery. Shalya and Yudhishthira clashed. Surgical attacks started from all around. They jumped with a chariot with a shield and sword and ran to kill Yudhishthira. At the same time, Yudhishthira used a deadly force on the surgery and the surgery died.

The Kaurava army fled. At this time, Duryodhana came in front of the Pandavas. Sahadev pounced on Shakuni. Shakuni’s son Uluq grew to protect his father, but Sahadeva took his life. Sahadeva also shot an arrow at Shakuni and Shakuni was also killed.

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After Shakuni’s death, Duryodhana walked out of the battlefield with mace alone. He hid away in the lake. Some people saw him hiding it. Krishna said that complete victory cannot be achieved without killing Duryodhana. At the same time, people coming from the village told that we have seen a crowned person hiding in that lake. At the behest of Krishna, Bhima challenged Duryodhana by abusing him. Duryodhana comes out. At the same time, his guru Balaram came from there. Krishna tells Duryodhana to get ready for war. Duryodhana said – I am ready for war, but there will be a war of religion and my guru Balarama will be the inspector. Mace war broke out in Bhima and Duryodhana. Krishna slapped his thigh which caused Bhima to remember his vow to break Duryodhana’s thigh. In mace, warfare is not attacked below the waist. Duryodhana’s thigh fractured. As soon as Bheem struck Bhima on his head. Balarama, angry at seeing this injustice war, ran to kill Bhima, but Krishna pacified him. The Pandavas left from there and Dhritarashtra and Gandhari wept bitterly.

Ashwatthama’s generalship

Only three of the Kauravas survived Maharathi – Ashwatthama, Kripacharya, and Kritavarma. At dusk, when he came to know that Duryodhana was injured, all the three heroes reached there. Duryodhana was angry at his insult upon seeing them and mourned. Ashwatthama vowed that I would kill the Pandavas, no matter what. Duryodhana made Ashwatthama the commander there.

There are 2 subfiles under the Shalya Parv and there are 65 chapters in this festival. These 2 subparts are as follows – Hridpravesh Parva, Gada Parva.

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