Shanti Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

 Shanti Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories


The Shanti Parv has 365 chapters. At the end of the war in Shanti Parv, repenting Yudhishthira in a heartfelt manner, convincing him by everyone including Shri Krishna, Yudhishthira’s city entrance and coronation, everyone going to Pitamah Bhishma, Bhishma’s praise to Krishna, Bhishma’s questions to Yudhishthira The answer of and teaching them Rajdharma, Aapadharma and Mokshadharma etc. is described. Mokshaparva has special representation of the mystery of the universe and spiritual knowledge. The Shanti festival also has “makgita” (chapter 177), “parashargita” (chapters 290-98) and “hansgita” (chapter 299). Religion, philosophy, political and spiritual knowledge are detailed in Shantiparva.

Yudhishthira ascending to the throne

Although Yudhishthira was unhappy after the war, his mind was removed from the throne, but at the behest of Maharishi Vyas, he sat on the throne. After this Yudhishthira went to Raj Bhavan and touched the feet of Gandhari and Dhritarashtra. Later he went to see Bhishma Pitamah. He was accompanied by Shri Krishna. There are 3 (sub) festivals under the Shanti festival – Rajdharmanushasan festival, Aapadharma festival, Mokshadharma festival.

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The discipline festival has 168 chapters in total. At the beginning of the Day of Discipline, there are 166 chapters of the Dana-Dharma festival. In this festival too, the continuity of Yudhishthira’s dialogue with Bhishma remains. Bhishma tells Yudhishthira the glory of penance, religion and charity in many ways and finally Yudhishthira goes to Hastinapur after getting the permission of Pitamah. The Bhishmasvargarana festival has only 2 chapters (167 and 168). It describes Yudhishthira’s visit to Bhishma, Yudhishthira’s talk to Bhishma, Bhishma’s death, Yudhishthira’s description of his last rites. On this occasion, Ganga ji appears in front of the people present there, and on mourning for the son, Shri Krishna explains them.

Preaching of Bhishma

Yudhishthira touched Bhishma’s feet. Bhishma gave various teachings to Yudhishthira. He said that effort is destiny. The religion of the king is – follow the people with full power and sacrifice everything for the benefit of the subjects. Rising above the idea of ​​caste and religion, people should follow and rule by keeping goodwill towards everyone. Yudhishthira went to prove Bhishma.

Bhishma’s great journey

The sun became Uttarayan. Knowing the appropriate time, Yudhishthira reached Bhishma with all the brothers, Dhritarashtra, Gandhari and Kunti. Bhishma preached to everyone and did Mahaprayana after lying on his bed for fifty eight days. Everyone started crying. Yudhishthira and the Pandavas placed the dead body of Pitamah on the pyre of sandalwood and performed the last rites.

Parikshit’s birth

Yudhishthira handled the kingdom efficiently. After some time, Uttara was born a dead-son. Subhadra fainted and fell at the feet of Krishna. Draupadi also wept bitterly. Krishna resurrected that dead baby with his swiftness.

There are 2 subfiles under the discipline festival:

Charity festival
Bhishmasvaragana festival.

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