Shiva-Parvati dialog

Shiva-Parvati dialog –  He had a crown of jatas on his head and Gangaji (Shobhayaman). There were big eyes like lotus. He had a blue throat and was a storehouse of beauty. The moon of Dwitiya was beautiful on his head.

Shivji, the enemy of Kamdev, was sitting in such a way, as if Shantaras were sitting holding a body. Seeing a good opportunity, Shivpathni Mata Parvatiji went to him.

His beloved wife Jnana Shivji received him with great respect and gave him a seat to sit on his left side. Parvati ji sat down with Shiva pleased. He remembered the story of his past life.

Parvatiji laughed and said dear words in Swami’s heart (considering himself more love than before). (Yajnavalkya ji says that) Parvati ji wants to ask the story which is for the benefit of all people.

(Parvatiji said-) O lord of the world! Oh my Nath! O slayer of Tripurasura! Your glory is famous in all three worlds. Cher, Achar, Nag, Man and God all serve your feet.

Oh, Lord! You are capable, omniscient and well-being. All arts and qualities are rich and are the repositories of yoga, knowledge and quietness. Your name is Kalpavriksha for the refugees.

O happiness! If you are pleased with me and truly know me your maid (or your true maid), then, O Lord! Remove my ignorance by telling a different type of story of Shri Raghunathji.

Why should the one whose house is below the Kalpavriksha bear the grief caused by poorness? Hey Shashibhushan! Hey Nath! Eliminate the enormous confusion of my intellect by thinking like this in my heart.

Oh, Lord! Those who are the sages and speakers of Paramarthatattva (Brahma), they call Sri Ramachandraji as eternal God and the rest, Saraswati, Vedas and Puranas all sing the qualities of Shri Raghunathji.

And O enemy of Cupid! You too chant Rama-Rama respectfully day and night – this Rama is the son of the king of Ayodhya? Or is unborn, nirguna and imperceptible some other Rama?

If they are Rajputas then how is Brahma? (And if there are Brahmas) then how did their friendship go mad against the woman? Seeing his character here and hearing his glory there, my mind is very confused.

If there is any other, wishless, broad, capable Brahman, then O Nath! Let me explain to him. Do not bring anger in my mind by considering me as foolish. As soon as my attachment is away, do the same.

I (in the past life) had seen the dominance of Shri Ramchandraji in the forest, but due to being very fearful, I did not hear that thing from you. Even then my dirty mind did not understand. I also reaped its fruits well.

I still have some doubt in my mind. Please you, I beg with folded hands. Oh, Lord! You had very kindly explained to me at that time (yet my suspicion did not go), O Nath! Do not be angry with me thinking this.

I am not as fascinated as before, now I am interested in listening to the Ramakatha. O Nath of the Gods holding Sheshnag in the form of ornamentation! Tell the sacred story of the qualities of Shri Ramchandraji.

I bow down on the earth and worship your feet and pray with folded hands. Describe the pure glory of Shri Raghunathji by squeezing the principle of Vedas.

Although I am not an authority to listen to her as a woman, I am your slave from mind, words and deeds. The saints do not hide even the esoteric elements where they find an art officer.

O lord of the gods! I ask very earnestly (humility), please take pity on me and tell the story of Shri Raghunathji. First, explain the reason, through which Nirguna Brahma takes the form of virtue.

Lord then Tell the story of the incarnation (birth) of Shri Ramchandraji and his benevolent child character. Then tell the story of the way he got married to Shri Janaki ji and then tell that the kingdom he left, then with what fault?

Hey Nath! Then say the immense character he did while living in the forest and the way he killed Ravana. Hey Shankarsup! Then you tell all the pastimes that they did while sitting on the kingdom (throne).

Hey Kripadham! Then say the wonderful character that Shri Ramchandraji did – how did he go to his abode including Raghukul Shiromani Praja?

Oh God! Then, explain the element, in whose realization the knowledgeable monks are always engrossed and then describe the department of devotion, knowledge, science and disinterest.

(Apart from this), tell many other secrets (hidden sentiments or characters) of Shri Ramchandraji. Hey Nath! Your knowledge is very pure. Oh, Lord! Whatever I have not asked, O kind! Do not hide even that

The Vedas have called you the Guru of the three worlds. What other Palmer creatures know this secret! Hearing the simple, beautiful and simple (simple) questions of Parvatiji, Shiva felt very happy.

All the Ramcharitra came in the heart of Shri Mahadevji. His body got pulsed due to love and water filled his eyes. The form of Shri Raghunathji came into his heart, due to which, Lord Shiva himself got immense happiness.

Shivji remained immersed in the meditation (bliss) of meditation for two hours, then he pulled the mind out and then he was pleased to describe the character of Shri Raghunathji.

Without which lie also seems to be true, as the snake gets confused in the rope without recognizing it, and on whose life, the world is lost in the same way as the illusion of dream goes on awakening.

I worship the child form of the same Sri Ramachandraji, whose chanting of his name can easily be achieved. Lord Ram, Chandraji, who plays the Dham of Mangal, who defeats Amangal and plays in the courtyard of Shri Dasarathaji.

Saluting Shri Ramachandraji, who killed Tripurasura, filled him with joy and uttered a voice like nectar – O Girirajkumari Parvati! You are blessed! Be bless!! There is no one like you.

Whatever you have asked about the story of Shri Raghunathji, the story is like Gangaji, who sanctifies the world for all the realms. You have asked questions for the welfare of the world. You are loving at the feet of Shri Raghunathji.

Hey Parvati! In my view, mourning, fascination, doubt and confusion are nothing in your mind even by the grace of Shri Ramji.

Still, you have suspected the same (old) reason that everyone will be benefit by listening to this topic. Those who have not heard the story of God with their ears, the holes of their ears are like the serpent’s bill.

Those who did not see the saints with their eyes, they count the fake eyes seen on the wings of the peacock. Those heads are like bitter tombs, which do not bow down on the feet of Shri Hari and Guru.

Those who did not place the devotion of God in their heart, those beings while living are like dead, the tongue which does not sing the virtues of Sri Ramachandraji is like the tongue of a frog.

That heart is as stiff and inexorable as the thunderbolt, which does not rejoice upon hearing the character of God. Hey Parvati! Listen to the leela of Shri Ramchandraji, it is the welfare of the gods and especially the fascination of the demons.

The story of Shri Ramchandraji is going to give happiness to everyone by doing service like Kamadhenu and the society of Satpurush is the folk of all the gods, knowing who would not listen to it!

The story of Shri Ramchandraji is a beautiful clap of hands, which flies birds of doubt. Then Ramkatha is the ax to cut down the tree of Kali Yuga. Hey Girirajkumari! Listen to it with respect

Nevertheless, seeing your great love, I will say as I have heard and according to my wisdom. Hey Parvati! Your question is naturally beautiful, pleasing and satisfying and I have liked it very much.

But hey Parvati! I did not like one thing, although you have said it only under the influence of attachment. What you say is that Rama is someone else, whom the Vedas sing and the munizans take care of-

Those hypocrites who are afflicted by vampires, are hypocrites, are disenchanted by the feet of God, and those who do not know the truth of truth, only such hypocrites hear and say this way.

Those who are ignorant, foolish, blind and destitute, and whose mind is fixe in the form of a subject, adulterous, leery and big crooked, and who never saw saint society even in a dream.

And those who do not understand their profit and loss, they say such ill-advised things, whose mirrors of heart are dirty and those who are inferior to the eyes, how can they see the form of poor Shri Ramchandra!

It is impossible not to say anything to those who have no conscience of nirguna-saguna, who make many concocted things, who fall under the influence of Shri Hari’s illusion in the world (in the cycle of birth and death) is.

Marriage of shivji Ramcharitmanas Balkand

Those who have got the disease of wind (typhus, mania etc.), who have become possessed by ghosts and who are drunk, such people do not think and speak words. Those who have drunk liquor like glory, should not give ear at the behest of them.

Leave this doubt in your heart and send away the feet of Shri Ramchandraji. Hey Parvati! Listen to my words like the rays of the sun to destroy the darkness of confusion!

There is no difference between saguna and nirguna – the sages, puranas, pandits and Vedas all say so. The one who is Nirguna, Arup (formless), Alakh (avyakta) and Ajmana, he becomes virtuous with the love of devotees.

How is the one who is virtuous? Like there is no difference between water and hail. (Both are water, so Nirguna and Saguna are the same.) How can one be called the subject of attachment for someone whose name is the sun to eradicate the darkness of illusion?

Because Shri Ramchandraji Sachchidananda Swaroop is the Sun. There is no love of the night in the form of love. He is by nature light and (conspicuously) God, there is not even a morning of science (if it is a night of ignorance then it is a morning of science, God is a form of eternal knowledge.)

Harsh, mourning, knowledge, ignorance, ego and pride – all of these are religions of the living being. Sri Ramachandraji is the universal Brahman, Paramanandasarupa, Paratpara Prabhu and Purana Purush. The whole world knows this thing.

So Those (Puranas) men who are famous, are the storehouses of light, manifest in all forms, Jivas, Maya and Jagat are the masters of all, they are Raghukul Mani Sri Ramachandraji, my lord – saying that Shivji gave him the head.

Ignorant people do not understand their illusions and they accuse the foolish Lord Shri Ramchandraji, as the ill-tempered (ignorant) people say that the clouds cover the sun, seeing the curtain of clouds in the sky.

For a person who looks with a finger in the eye, two moons are visible (visible). Hey Parvati! In the case of Shri Ramchandraji, imagining this kind of fascination is the same as seeing (seeing) darkness, smoke and dust in the sky. (Nobody can touch or touch the sky like it is pure and clean, similarly Lord Ramachandraji is always clean and clean.)

The subject, the senses, the gods of the senses and the soul – all of them become one conscious with the help of one. (That is, the light of the subjects is from the senses, the senses are illuminated by the gods of the senses and the conscious beings of the senses are from the living beings.) All of them who are the ultimate illuminator (that is, all of which brings light), the same eternal Brahmin Ayodhya King Shri Ramchandraji. 4

This world is illuminated and Shri Ramchandraji is its publisher. He is the lord of Maya and the abode of knowledge and virtues. By whose power, the root Maya is also faithfully receive by getting the help of attachment.

Like silver in the oyster and rays of the sun (even without water). Although this belief lies in all three periods, no one can remove this confusion.

Similarly, this world remains dependent on God. Although it is untrue, it still gives grief, the way a person cuts off his head in a dream, it does not go away without waking up.

Hey Parvati! By whose grace this kind of confusion is erase, the same is Shri Raghunathji. No one has (know) whose beginning and end. The Vedas have sung this way (as written below) by guessing with their intelligence -|

So He (Brahma) walks without feet, listens without ears, does various types of works without hands, enjoys all the (six) juices without mouth (jivha) and without speech Is a very capable speaker.

He touches without body (skin), sees without eyes and accepts (smells) all smells without nose. It is supernatural to do that Brahman in such a way that its glory cannot be said.

The Vedas and the pandits describe in this way and the sage who takes care of them, is Dasarathanandan, the benefactor of the devotees, Lord Ramachandraji, the lord of Ayodhya.

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(O Parvati!) Seeing the dying creature in Kashi by the name of whose name, I make him (by giving Ram mantra) bewildered (free), the same my lord Raghushrestha Sri Ramachandraji is the lord of root-consciousness and the heart of all Those who are inwardly aware

Even by being force (without will), whose name burns sins commit in many births of humans. Then the people who respectfully remember them, they cross the sea like world (dusty) like a pit made of cow’s hoof (that is, without any labor).

Hey Parvati! So The same Supreme God is Shri Ramchandraji. There is confusion (see) in them, it is very unfair to say so. After bringing this kind of doubt in mind, all the virtues of human knowledge, quietness etc. are destroy.

Listening to the illusory words of Shiva, all the devotions of Parvatiji were erased. At the feet of Shri Raghunathji, his love and faith became strong and difficult impossibility (which is not possible, such a false fantasy) kept going!

Repeatedly holding the Charankamalas of Swami (Shivji) and folding his lotus-like hands, Parvatiji spoke beautiful words as if in the Premaras.

Hearing a soft voice like the rays of your moon, the heavy heat of the autumn (quar) of my ignorance dissipated. Hey kind! So You have cleared all my doubts, now I understand the true nature of Shri Ram Chandraji.

Hey Nath! By your grace, my sadness continues and I am happy with the grace of your feet. Although I am foolish and knowledgeless by nature because of being a woman, now you know me as your maid.

Oh, Lord! If you are happy with me, then say what I ask you earlier. (It is true that) Shri Ramchandraji is Brahm, Chinmaya (knowledge form), is indestructible, most devoid of all and resides in the city like heart.

Then O Nath! For what reason did he wear a human body? O God who bears the flag of religion! Let me explain it. Hearing Parvati’s very humble words and seeing her pure love in the story of Shri Ramchandraji.

So Then the enemies of Kamdev, naturally innocent, Kripa Nidhan Shivji was very happy in the mind and in many ways praised Parvati and then said -॥

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