Shiva-Parvati dialogues, Garuda fascination, listening to Garuda’s Ramakatha and Rama’s glory from Kakabhushundi

Shiva-Parvati dialogues, Garuda fascination, listening to Garuda’s Ramakatha and Rama’s glory from Kakabhushundi

(Shiva says-) O Church! Listen, I told this bright story as it was my intelligence. The character of Shri Ramji is a hundred crores (or) immense. Even Shruti and Sharda cannot describe them.

Lord Rama is infinite, his qualities are infinite, birth, deeds and name are also infinite. Although the drops of water and the rocks of the earth may be counted, but do not miss to describe the character of Shri Raghunathji.

This sacred story is about to give the ultimate rank of God. By listening to it, there is undivided devotion. Hey uma I told all the beautiful stories that Kakabhusundiji had told Garuda.

I have said a few qualities of Shri Ramji. Hey Bhavani! So say, what else can I say? Parvatiji was overjoyed to hear the story of Shri Ramji and uttered a very polite and gentle voice.

O Tripurari. I am blessed, blessed and blessed that I have heard the virtues (character) of Shri Ramji, who has removed the fear of birth and death.

Hey, Kripadham. Now with your kindness I became grateful. I am no longer fascinated. Oh God! I came to know Sachchidanandaghan Pratap of Lord Shri Ram.

Hey Nath! The moon in your face shows the nectar of the story of Shri Raghuveer. O Matidhir, my heart is not satisfied by drinking it from the ears.

Hearing Shri Ramji’s character, those who are satisfied (just do it), they do not know his special juice. Those who are life-free, they also hear the qualities of God constantly.

For those who want to cross the ocean of the world, the story of Shri Ramji is like a firm boat. The virtues of Shri Hari are pleasing to the ears and pleasing to the mind even for the people of the subject.

Who is the one with ears in the world, who does not like the character of Shri Raghunathji. Those who do not like the story of Shri Raghunathji, those foolish creatures are going to kill their souls.

Hey Nath! You sang Shri Ramcharitra Manas, listening to it, I found immense happiness. What you said that this beautiful story was told by Kakbhusundi Ji to Garuda.

So even after finding the body of the crow, Kakabhusundi is firm in asceticism, knowledge and science, he has great love at the feet of Shri Ramji and he also has devotion to Shri Raghunathji, I am in doubt about this.

O Tripurari! Listen, in thousands of human beings, one is observing the fast of one religion, and among the crores of Gods, one is distracted by one subject (renunciation of subjects) and disinterestedness.

Shruti says that in crores of detractors, one attains the same Samyukta (real) knowledge and among crores of knowledge, only one life is free. There is only a rare (life free) in the world.

Mines of all happiness even in thousands of free lives, scientific men absorbed in Brahm is even more rare. Dharmatma, disinterested, knowledgeable, life free and Brahmin-4.

Devadhidev Mahadev ji in all this too! That creature is extremely rare, devoid of item and illusion, devoid of devotion to Shri Ramji. Hey Vishwanath! How could you find such rare Hari Bhakti, let me explain.

Hey Nath! Say, (such) why did Shri Ramparayan, Jnanarat, Ghandham and Dheerbuddhi Bhushundiji found the body of a crow?

Hey kind! Tell, where did that crow find this holy and beautiful character of God? And O enemy of Cupid! Also, how did you hear it? I am getting very curious.

Garudji is a great scholar, a sign of virtues, a servant of Sri Hari and a very close person (his vehicle). Why did he leave the group of sages and go to the crow and listen to Harikatha?

Say, how were these two Harikhaktas of Kakabhusundi and Garuda interacted? On hearing the simple, beautiful voice of Parvati, Shivji found happiness and said with respect -॥

Hey Sati! You are blessed, your intelligence is very pure. You have no less love at the feet of Shri Raghunathji. (Extreme love). Now listen to the supreme sacred history, by listening to which the illusion of the whole world is destroyed.

And faith arises at the feet of Shri Ramji and human beings get diligent from the ocean like hard work.

Ram coronation, Vedastuti, Shivastuti

Birchuraja Garuda also went and asked similar questions to Kakabhusundi. Hey uma I will say all that without regard, listen diligently.

The way I heard the story of the release from Bhava (birth and death), O Sumukhi! Hey Sulochany! Listen to that topic. Previously your avatar was born in Daksha’s house. Then your name was Sati

You were insulted in the Yajna of Daksh. Then you gave up your life in extreme anger and then my servants destroyed the yagna. You know that whole affair.

Then I had a big thought in my mind and oh dear! I was saddened by your disconnection. I used to stare at the curiosity (view) of beautiful forests, mountains, rivers and ponds.

Further north of Sumeru mountain, there is a very beautiful Nile mountain. It has beautiful golden peaks, (among them) four beautiful peaks, I like it very much.

Among those peaks are a huge tree of banyan, peepal, pakar and mango. There is a beautiful pond at the top of the mountain, whose mind is fascinated by seeing the steps of the beads.

Its water is cold, pure and sweet, many colorful lotuses are blooming in it, the swans are speaking with a sweet voice and the bunnies are making beautiful humming.

The same bird (Kakabhusundi) lives on that beautiful mountain. It is not destroyed at the end of the cycle. Indiscriminate, many virtues, faults, attachment, work etc.

Those who are engulfed in the world, do not ever get near that mountain. Just by settling there, as he worships Kag Hari, O Uma! Listen to him with love

He takes heed of the peepal tree. Chants under the fire. Mental worship in the shade of mango. He has no work except the hymn of Shri Hari.

Under the banyan he tells the context of the stories of Sri Hari. There many birds come and listen to the story. He sings the bizarre Ramcharitra honorably with love in many ways.

All the swans with pure intellect, who always settle on that pond, listen to it. When I went there and saw this prodigy (visual), then a special joy arose in my heart.

Then, wearing the body of a swan, I resided there for some time, and listening to the qualities of Shri Raghunathji with respect, then returned to Kailas.

O Church! I told all the history that when I went to Kakabhusundi. Now listen to that story, which is why Garudaji, the flag of the party family, went to that cork.

When Shri Raghunathji remembered such a legend, I am ashamed of remembering the Leela – Meghnad tied himself in the hands, then Narada Muni sent Garuda.

The eagles of the snakes broke Garudji’s bond, then there was a great sadness in their heart. Remembering the Lord’s bond, the enemies of the snakes, Garuda, started thinking in many ways.

I am the person who is a broad, devoid of speech, husband of speech and Brahmo Parmeshwar, beyond the illusion, I have heard that he is the incarnation of the world. But I did not see the effect of that (avatar).

By whose name humans are released from the bondage of the world, the same Ram was tied to Nagpash by a despised demon.

Garudji explained his mind in many ways. But they did not get knowledge, confusion grew more in the heart. (Doubtful) Saddened by sorrow, he grew disillusioned just like you, by increasing the curiosity in the mind.

Distraught, he went to Devarshi Naradji and told him what was in doubt. Hearing him, Narada felt great pity. (He said-) O Garuda! Listen! Maya of Shri Ramji is very powerful.

One who takes away the minds of the learned too well and forcibly generates a lot of fascination in his mind and one who has danced too many times to me, O bird! That same illusion has spread to you as well.

O Garuda! There has been a huge infatuation in your heart. It will not stop immediately from my explanation. Hence, O bird! Go to Brahmaji and do the work for which you are ordered there.

By saying this, the supreme deity Narasadji went on praising Shri Ramji and repeatedly describing the power of Shri Hari’s Maya.

Birchuraja Garuda then went to Brahmaji and narrated his doubts to him. Upon hearing him, Brahmaji gave the head to Shri Ramchandraji and after understanding his greatness, he had great love in his mind.

Brahmaji began to think in his mind that poets, kovids and the learned are all subject to Maya. The influence of God’s Maya is immense, which has made me dance many times.

All this graffiti world is mine. When I start dancing with illusion, it is no surprise that Garuda is fascinated. Later Brahma said beautiful speech- Mahadevji knows the glory of Shri Ramji.

O Garuda! You go to Shankarji. Hey Tat Do not ask anyone else. Your doubt will be destroyed there. Garuda left as soon as he heard the word of Brahma.

Then Birchraj Garuda came to me with great urgency. Hey uma At that time I was going to Kubera’s house and you were on Kailas.

O Garuda! You have met me on the way. How can I convince you on the way? All doubts are destroyed only when satsang is done for a long time.

And there (in satsang), listen to the beautiful story which has been sung by the sages in many ways, and in the beginning, middle and end, Lord Shree Ramachandraji is the propitious lord.

Hey brother! Where every story takes place, I send you there, you go and listen to it. On hearing this, all your doubts will be removed and you will have great love at the feet of Shri Ramji.

Without satsang, the story of Hari is not heard, without it, attachment does not run, and without attachment, there is no firm (unwavering) love at the feet of Shri Ramchandraji.

Doing yoga, penance, knowledge and disinterest without love does not give Sri Raghunathji. (Hence you go there for satsang) There is a beautiful Nile mountain in the north. There the supremely beautiful Kakabhusundi lives.

He is supremely proficient in the path of devotion, knowledgeable, abode of virtues and is of great age. He constantly keeps telling the story of Shri Ramchandraji, which the best birds of all times listen with respect.

Go there and listen to the virtuous groups of Shri Hari. Your suffering caused by attachment to their listening will be removed. When I explained it to him, he bowed his head at my feet and went away with joy.

Hey uma I did not explain to him that I had got his heart (distinction) by the grace of Shri Raghunathji. He must have boasted ever, which Shri Ramji wants to destroy.

Then for some reason I did not keep him with me because the birds understand the dialect of the bird. Hey Bhavani! Maya of God is (very) strong, who is such a knowledgeer, whom she should not love?

Maya was fascinated by those Garudas who are the masters of knowledge and devotees and are the vehicles of the God of Tribhuvanapati. Yet lowly people boast foolishly.

When this maya enchants Shiva and Brahma, what is the other poor thing? Knowing this in my mind, the sages worship the lord of that Maya.

Garudji went to where Kakabhusundi with uninterrupted intelligence and full devotion resided. Seeing that mountain, his heart became happy and (from his vision only) all the illusion, fascination and thinking went on.

After bathing in the pond and taking refreshments, he was pleased to go under the tree. There old and old birds came to hear the beautiful character of Shri Ramji.

Bhushundiji wanted to start the story that at the same time Birds Raj Garudji reached there. On seeing the king of birds, Garuda, the whole bird society including Kakbhusundiji was delighted.

He respected Birduraj Garudji very much and gave him a beautiful seat to sit on, asking for welcome. Then after worshiping with love, Kagbushundiji said the sweet words -॥

Birds Raj Garudji said soft words- You are always a grateful form, which Mahadevji himself has praised with respect to his Shrimukh.

Hey Tat Listen, the reason I came, all the work was completed as soon as I came here. Then your darshan was also received. Seeing your supreme holy ashram, my fascination with doubt and many kinds of confusion kept on going.

Now hey You can tell me the story of Shri Ramji’s extremely purifying, perpetually pleasing and destroying suffering group with respect. Oh, Lord! I beg you again and again.

After listening to Garudji’s humble, simple, beautiful, loving and very pious voice, Bhushandiji got great enthusiasm and started telling the story of Shri Raghunathji’s qualities

Hey Bhavani! First of all, he said by explaining the metaphor of Ramcharit Manas Sarovar with great love. Then said the immense love of Naradji and then the incarnation of Ravana.

Then narrated the story of Lord’s avatar. After that, after listening to Shri Ramji’s hair,

Saying many types of Baal Leelas with full enthusiasm in the mind, then the sage Vishwamitra came to Ayodhya and described the marriage of Shri Raghuveerji.

Then the incident of the coronation of Shri Ramji then dissolved into Rajarasa (enjoyment of the coronation) by the word of King Dasarathaji, then the discord of the city dwellers, the gloom and the dialogue (conversation) of Shri Ram-Laxman.

Shree Rama’s exodus, love of Kewat, transcend Gangaji and abode in Prayag, union of Valmiki and Prabhu Shri Rama and settled in Lord Chitrakoot, said all that.

Then Minister Sumantraji’s return to the city, the death of King Dasarathaji, Bharatji’s (from Nanihal) coming to Ayodhya and his love was very much described. After carrying out the funeral procession of the king, Bharatji went to the city where the lord of happiness was Lord Shri Ramchandraji.

Then Mr. Raghunathji explained to him in many ways, from which he stood and returned to Ayodhyapuri, told all this story. Described Bharati’s way of living in Nandigram, despising Indraputra Jayant and then reconciling Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji and Atriji.

The way Viradha was killed and Sharabhangji gave up his body, saying the incident, then describing the love of Sutixhanji and called the satsang chronology of Lord and Agastya.

Saying the sanctification of Dandakavan, Bhushundiji then described his friendship with Gridhraj. Then the way the Lord resided in the Panchavati and destroyed the fear of all sages.

And then as he preached Anupam to Laxmanji and disfigured Shurpanakha, he described it all. Then slaughter and kill, and the way Ravan learned all the news, he said,

And the way Ravana and Maricha talked, they said all that. Then he described Mayan Sita’s destruction and Shree Raghuveer’s viraha.

Then the way the Lord performed the action of Vulture Jatayu, slaughtered the kabbha and gave the devotion to Shabri and then in the way of narration, Shri Raghuveerji went to the arrow of Pampasar.

Saying the interaction of Prabhu and Naradji and the meeting of Maruti, he then described the friendship of Sugriva and the death of Bali.

After reigning Sugriva, the Lord resided on the mountain of Pravarshan, he and the description of rain and autumn, Shri Ramji’s fury on Sugriva and fear of Sugriva etc.

The way Vanarraj Sugriva sent the monkeys and they went in all directions in search of Sitaji, the way he entered the bill and then as the monkeys got wealth, he told the story.

Hearing all the stories from Sampati, the way Pawanputra Hanumanji crossed the vast sea, then as Hanumanji entered Lanka and then endured Sitaji, all said.

Then the way Shri Raghuveer along with the army went to the sea shore and as Vibhishanji came and met him, he narrated the story of damming of the sea.

The way the army of monkeys descended across the sea by tying the bridge, and the way the brave Balputra went to become Angad messenger.

Then described the battle of demons and apes in many ways. Then told the story of Kumbhakarna and Meghnad’s strength, effort and destruction.

Described the death of various types of demon groups and the various types of warfare of Shri Raghunathji and Ravana. Calling Ravana slaughter, Mandodari’s mourning, Vibhishan’s coronation and the deification of the gods,॥

Then said the meeting of Sitaji and Shri Raghunathji. The way the gods praised with folded hands and then ascended the Pushpak plane along with the monkeys and walked to Krippadham Prabhu Avadhpuri, he said.

As Shri Ramachandraji came to his city (Ayodhya), Kakabhusundiji described all those bright characters in detail. Then he called the coronation of Shri Ramji. (Shiva says-) Describing Ayodhyapuri and many types of politics-॥

Bhushundiji told all that story, O God! I told you After listening to all the Ramkatha, Garudji became very excited (joyful) in the mind and started saying the words.

Shri Ramji’s preaching to the subjects (Shri Ramgita), gratitude to the people

I heard all the character of Shri Raghunathji, which kept my suspicions going. Hey Kakshiromani! By your grace I fell in love at the feet of Shri Ramji.

Seeing Lord’s bond with Nagpash in the darkness, I was very fascinated that Shri Ramji is Sachchidanandaghan, why he is distraught.

Seeing exactly the character of cosmic humans, my heart became very skeptical. I now understand that confusion (doubt) for myself. Kripanidhan gave me this great favor.

One who is extremely distraught by the sun, knows the happiness of the shade of the tree. Hey Tat How would I have met you if I had not been so fascinated?

And how quirky would you listen to this beautiful story, which you have sung in many ways? This is the belief of Vedas, Shastras and Puranas, Siddha and Muni also say the same, no doubt-

Pure (true) saints meet only those whom Shri Ramji blesses. By the grace of Shri Ramji, I came to see you and by your kindness my suspicion was gone.

Hearing the humble and loving speech of Birds Raj Garudji, the body of Kakabhushundiji got pulsed, water filled his eyes and he was very happy in his mind.

Hey uma Sushil with beautiful intelligence, lover of sacred story and servant of Hari, listener, listener also reveals the secret of the most secret (not to be revealed to everyone).

Kakabhushundiji again said – His love on Birds Raj was not less (ie there was a lot) – O Nath! You are my reverence in all respects and thankful to Shri Raghunathji.

You have neither doubt nor fascination or illusion. Hey Nath! You have pity on me. Hey Birds! On the pretext of fascination, Mr. Raghunathji has sent me here and magnified me.

O lord of birds! You said your fascination, so O Gosain! This is not a surprise. Naradji, Shivji, Brahmaji and Sanakadi are the best sages who penetrate and preach self-realization.

Which of them did not make Moh blind (prudent)? Who is there in the world who has not been danced by work? Who did not make Trishna drunk? Whose heart did not burn with anger?

In this world, who is the abode of knowledgeable, ascetic, valiant, poet, scholar and virtues, whose greed has not turned ironic (clay).

Whom did the deity of Lakshmi deceive and whom the deity did not deafen? Who is there that does not have eyes of Mrignayani (woman)?

(Raz, Tama etc.) Who has not got a coincidence of qualities? There is no one whom Maan and Madha have left untouched. Who did not get fever out of puberty? Mamta did not destroy whose fame?

Who did Matsar (dah) not tarnish? Who did not shake the wind of grief? Who has not eaten snakes as worry? Who is there in the world, whom Maya does not have?

Manorath is a sport, body is wood. Who is patient that does not have this worm in his body? These three strong desires of the son, of wealth and of public prestige, did not tarnish (spoil) whose intellect?

Manorath is a sport, body is wood. Who is patient that does not have this worm in his body? These three strong desires of the son, of wealth and of public prestige, did not tarnish (spoil) whose intellect?

Maya’s fierce army is dominating the world. Kamadi (deeds, anger and greed) are his commanders and arrogance, treachery and hypocrisy are warriors.

She is the maid of Maya Shri Raghuveer. Although she is a misnomer when understood, she does not leave without the grace of Shri Ramji. Hey Nath! I pledge this and say

The one who makes the whole world dance, and whose character (doings) no one has written, O Khagraj Garuda! The same Maya dances like a showgirl with her society (family) at the behest of Lord Shri Ramchandraji’s beast.

Shri Ramji is the same Sachchidanandaghan who is the God of the unborn, the science of form, the abode of form and force, the universal and vyapya (form), the unbroken, the infinite, the whole, the amogashakti (whose power is never in vain) and the six gods.

They are Nirguna (devoid of the qualities of Maya), the great, beyond speech and senses, the all-seeing, innocent, invincible, motherless, formless (devoid of mystic shape), unmoved, continual, undignified, amounting to happiness,

Beyond nature, Prabhu (omnipotent), who is always settling in everyone’s heart, is devoid of willful disorder, imperishable Brahman Here (in Sri Rama) there is no reason for attachment. Can a group of darkness ever go before the sun?

Lord Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji held the body of the king for the devotees and performed many His Holiness character from ordinary humans.

Just as a nut (sportsman) dances after wearing many ravages and shows the same (as the rash is, the same) sentiment, but he himself becomes none of them.

Oh, Mr. Garuda! Such is the leela of Shri Raghunathji, who is especially enchanting the demons and pleasing the devotees. Hey master! Those people who have subdued intellect, control and curiosity of subjects, they only accuse God in this way.

When someone (eyeball etc.) has an eye defect, then he calls the moon yellow. Hey Birds! When someone who has direction, he says that the sun has risen in the west.

The man on board the boat sees the world moving and feels himself to be immovable. Children roam (running round), do not move around the house etc. But they call each other a liar.

Oh, Mr. Garuda! Such is the imagination of attachment to Shri Hari, in God, even in the dream, there is no occasion of ignorance, but those who are possessed by Maya, dim-witted and destitute and who have many kinds of veils on their hearts.

How can those who are engrossed in work, anger, greed and greed and indulging in grief in the house, know Shri Raghunathji? Those fools are lying in a dark well.

The nirguna form is very accessible (easily understood), but no one knows the (multiplicative divine) saguna form, so listening to the many types of smooth and inaccessible characters of those virtuous Gods, the minds of the sages also get confused.

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