The weight of the universe falls on Shiva shoulders for 1 month

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It is said that the devotees of Bholenath do not need any special day to worship their favorite Lord Shankar, but one month of Mahashivratri and the other month of Savan. Both of them eagerly wait for Shiva devotees. Now their waiting is over. On the 6th of this month i.e., the Pratipada date of Krishna Paksha of the month of Shravan of July, the month of the holy Shravan is beginning. It is telling that this month the month of Sawan is 29 days. Which starts and ends on Monday itself. Astrologers tell that in the month of Sawan, there will be 11 Sarvarthasiddhi, 3 Amritasiddhi, and 12 days Ravi Yoga. In which worship of Shiva will be very auspicious.

Religiously, this month has more importance. Every year, during this time, the devotees from all overdraw holy water from Haridwar and other holy rivers and offer water to the Shivalingas installed inside the ancient temples of Shiva. Apart from this, what is the significance of this month, what should be done during this time, what should not be done this time, read ahead to know how many Mondays are falling in Shravan this time.

Religious importance

According to mythological legends, Lord Shiva comes down to the earth in the month of Shravan,

as Lord Vishnu goes into sleep for 4 months as soon as this Charthumas starts. After which the burden of creation falls on Lord Shiva’s shoulder. According to other beliefs, when Lord Shiva had poisoned the ocean during the churning, his throat started burning with its heat, so all the gods and goddesses had burnt him with the Ganges water, after which this tradition is prevalent in the Sawan. Hui.

It is said that worshiping Lord Shiva in this month gives relief from all the problems of life. Especially during this time, if the couple worships Shiva Parvati together,

their difficulties in their marital life are overcome, life is sweet. Talking about unmarried girls, keeping a fast in the month of Sawan gives the desired groom.

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