Shiva’s sacrifice of Sati, Shiva’s tomb

Shiva’s sacrifice of Sati, Shiva’s tomb


Shiva’s sacrifice of Sati  – Sati is absolutely pure, so it is not made to leave them and it is a great sin to love. Mahadevji does not say anything by revealing, but there is a great sadness in his heart.

Then Shivji gave head in the feet lotus of Lord Sri Ramachandraji and after remembering Shri Ramji, it came to his mind that I could not meet this body of Sati (husband-wife form) and Shivji resolved this in his mind have done.

Considering the steady wisdom, Shankarji remembered Shri Raghunathji and went to his house (Kailas). While walking, there was a beautiful voice that O Mahesh! Hail thee. You have good faith in devotion.

Who else can make such a vow except you. You are a devotee of Sri Ramachandraji, capable and God. Hearing this Akashvani was worried about Satiji and he hesitantly asks Shivji -॥

Hey kind! Say, what vow have you made? Oh, Lord! You are the abode of truth and Deendayalu. Although Satiji asked in many ways, Tripurari Shivji did not say anything.

Satiji speculated in the heart that omniscient Shiva knew all. I cheated with Shiva, a woman is foolish and senseless by her nature.

See the beautiful way of Preeti that water too (together with milk) is sold like milk, but then the water gets separated (milk gets ripped) and taste (love) goes away after the fraud is broken.

Shree naam Vandana and Naam Mahima

By remembering his actions, there is so much thinking and so much concern in the heart of Satiji that it cannot be described. (He understood that) Shiva is the ultimate ocean of grace. In this manifest, he did not say my crime.

Seeing Shivji’s attitude, Satiji realized that Swami abandoning me and she was distraught in her heart. Considering his sin, he does not say anything, but the heart (within itself) burns very much like a potter’s feet.

Vrishketu Shivji, knowing Sati, worried about beautiful stories to give happiness to him. In this way, Vishwanath reached Kailas, telling different kinds of history on the road.

Yes, Shivji, remembering his promise, sat under a big tree and planted Padmasana. Shivji took his natural form. His Akhand and immense samadhi was establishing.

Then Satiji started living on Kailas. He was very sad. Nobody knew this secret. Every day of them was passing like an era.

There was a new and heavy thought in Satji’s heart that when will I go beyond this grief sea. I insulted Shri Raghunathji and then knew the lies of my husband.

The creator gave me his fruit, he did what was right, but hey! Now, this is not fair to you, which has kept me alive even when I am away from Shankar.

The guilt of Satiji’s heart is not says. The wise Satiji remembered Shri Ramchandraji in his mind and said- O Lord! If you are knows Deendayalu and the Vedas have sung your fame that you are going to defeat sorrow.

So I plead with folded hands to leave my body soon. If I have love at the feet of Shiva and this fast (of love) is true with my mind, words, and deeds (conduct).

So, O omnipresent God! Listen and take that remedy soon, which will kill me, and this (husband-renunciation) unbearable calamity is overcome without diligence.

Mind’s form and significance

Daksasuta Satiji was very sad in this way, he was so bitter that it cannot be described. Indestructible Shivji opened the Samadhi after the passage of twenty-seven thousand years.

Shivji started remembering Ramnama, then Satiji realized that now the lord of the world (Shivji) woke up. He went and bowed at the feet of Shiva. Shivji gave him a seat in front of him.

Shivji started telling Rasamayi stories of Lord Hari. At the same time Daksha became the creator. Brahmaji made Daksha the hero of the Prajapati after seeing all the ways worthy.

-When Daksha got such a great authority, then there was great pride in his heart. There is no one born in the world who does not have an item by attaining sovereignty.

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