Shivji bizarre procession and wedding preparations

Shivji bizarre procession-All the gods started decorating their vehicles and planes like their own, the well-known Mangal Shakun started and the Apsaras started singing.

Lord Ganesha started adorning Shivji. A crown of jatas was made and decorated with snakes. Shivji wore a coil of snakes and kankan, worshiped Vibhuti on the body, and wrapped the tiger in place of clothes.

There was a moon on the beautiful forehead of Shivji, Gangaji on the head, three eyes, a serpent of snakes, venom in the throat, and a rosary of blossoms on the chest. In this way, even if their dress is inauspicious, they are the abode and well-being of welfare.

Trident in one hand and Damru in the other is graceful. Shivji climbed on the bull. Instruments are playing On seeing Shiva, the Devangans are smiling (and saying that) they will not be found worthy of this groom in the world.

The groups of gods like Vishnu and Brahma etc. boarded their vehicles (riders) and went to the procession. The society of the gods was unique in all respects, but there was no procession worthy of the groom.

Then Lord Vishnu called all the warriors and laughed and said, “Everyone, including their respective parties, walk separately.”

O, brother! This procession of us is not worthy of the groom. Will you go to a foreign town and make you laugh? The deity smiled and listened to Lord Vishnu and he separated along with his army.

Mahadevji (seeing this) smiles mind-to-mind that Vishnu does not miss God’s sarcasm (dillagi)! Hearing these very dear words of his beloved (Lord Vishnu), Shiva also sent his beggar and called all his ganas.

On hearing Shivji’s orders, everyone came and gave him ahead in the lotus feet of Swami. Shiva laughed after seeing his society with different types of riders and different types of clothes.

Some are without a face, some have many faces, some are without hands and feet and some have many hands and feet. If someone has many eyes, no one has an eye. Some are very fat and fresh, and some are very thin.

Some are very lean, some are very fat, some are holy and some are wearing impure clothes. Wearing ghastly ornaments, they have a skull in their hands and all of them have fresh blood wrapped in their bodies. Their faces are from donkeys, dogs, pigs, and jackals. Who counted the countless vestments of gana? There are many types of phantoms, vampires, and yogis. They are not made to describe them.

Ghosts dance and sing, they are all capricious. Looks very clumsy and speaks very strangely.

As the groom has now become a marriage procession. While walking along the road, they become curiosities (tamashas). Here Himachal created such a strange pavilion that it cannot be described.

All the small and big mountains in the world, which cannot be crossed by describing and the forests, seas, rivers, and ponds, Himachal sent an invitation to everyone.

They all went to Himachal’s house with beautiful women and societies wearing beautiful bodies as they desired. All sing mangal songs with affection

Himachal had already decorated many houses. Everyone deservedly landed in those places. Seeing the beautiful beauty of the city, Brahma’s creation Chaturi also seemed insignificant.

Seeing the beauty of the city, Brahma’s mastery seems really insignificant. Forests, gardens, wells, ponds, rivers are all beautiful, who can describe them? A lot of Mars poles and flag-bearers are beautifying from house to house. Seeing the images of beautiful and clever women and men there, even the sages are captivating.

Can the city where Jagadamba himself incarnate be described? There, Riddhi, Siddhi, wealth, and happiness grow ever newer.

Hearing the procession approaching the city, there was a stir in the city, which enhanced its beauty. The people who received the reception proceeded to take the procession with respect by decorating and decorating various types of riders.

Seeing the society of the gods, everyone was happy in the mind and Vishnu was very happy to see God, but when he saw the team of Shiva, then all his vehicles (elephants of horsemen, horses, chariots, etc.) ran away.

Some older wise people endured and stayed there. The boys all ran away with their lives. On reaching home, when the parents ask, then they say such a word to the body trembling with fear.

What to say, nothing is said. Is this a procession or an army of Yamraj? The groom is mad and rides on the bull. Snake, skull, and ashes are his ornaments.

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The groom’s body is covered with ashes, snakes, and cranial ornaments, he is naked, jatadhari, and fierce. She is accompanied by terrifying-faced ghosts, ghosts, vampires, yoginis, and demons, who will survive by seeing the procession, is truly her great virtue, and will see the marriage of Parvati. The boys said the same from house to house.

The parents of all the boys smile as they understand the society of Maheshwar (Shivji). He kindly explained to the boys that to be fearless, there is nothing to fear.

The people brought the procession to Liva, they gave everyone a beautiful stay. Maina (mother of Parvati Ji) decorated the auspicious aarti and the women accompanying her started singing good songs.

The plank of gold is beautiful in beautiful hands, thus Maina went to hug Shiva with joy. When Mahadevji was seen in a terrible rage, then a lot of fear arose in the minds of women.

Out of fear, she ran into the house and went to the place where Shivaji was living. Maina felt very sad in his heart, he called Parvatiji to him.

And sitting in his lap with great affection, filled tears in his eyes like his blue silk and said – How did the fool who gave you such a beautiful look make your groom mad?

How did the Creator who gave you beauty, make you a mad deer? The fruit which should be planted in the Kalpavriksha is forcefully planted in acacia. I will fall from the mountain with you, burn in a fire, or jump into the sea. Even if the house goes to ruin and disgrace spreads throughout the world, but I will not marry you with this mad bride.

Seeing Himachal’s woman (Maina) grieving, all the women got distraught. Remembering the affection of her daughter, Maina used to mourn, cry and say-

What a mess did I do to Narada, who ruined my inhabited house and who preached to Parvati that he meditated for a mad bride?

Indeed, they have no attachment to anyone, neither Maya nor their wealth, neither house nor woman, they are mostly indifferent. With this, they are going to destroy the other’s house. He is neither ashamed nor afraid of anyone. Who knows about the pain of childless, sterile women?

Parvatiji, seeing his mother as dejected, said with a soft voice – O mother! The creators who create, it does not stop, do not think by thinking like that!

Who has written a mad husband in my destiny, so why blame anyone? Hey, mother Can the points of the creator be erasing from you? Do not take the stigma

Hey, mother Do not take stigma, stop crying, this is not an opportunity to gloom. I will find the sadness and happiness written in my destiny, wherever I go! Hearing such soft and gentle words of Parvatiji, all the women began to think and in a regular way blamed the creator and shed tears in their eyes.

Hearing this news, Himachal went to his house at the same time with Naradji and Sapta Rishis.

Then Naradji narrated the story of the past life and explained to everyone (and said), O Mena! You listen to my truth, this girl of yours is a real person.

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These are Ajna, Anadi, and Avinashini Shakti. Always lives in Shiva’s ardhanga. They are the origin of the world, nurturing and killing and wearing their own Leela body.

First, she was born in Daksha’s house, then she was name Sati, and found a very beautiful body. Sati was married to Shankarji there too. This story is famous in the whole world.

Once he saw Raghukul’s lotus Surya Sri Ramchandraji coming (along the way) with Shiva, then he was fascinating and he disregarded Sita Ji by not believing Shiva.

Sankaraji abandoned her due to the same crime that Sita took on Sita. Then in the disconnection of Shivji, she went to her father’s yajna and consumed the yogagni there. Now, after taking birth in your home, she has done austerities for her husband and leaves it in doubt, Parvati is always Shiva’s Priya (Ardhangini).

Hearing the words of Narada, the grief of everyone was erase and within a moment this news spread from house to house.

Then Maina and Himwan became engrossed in bliss and worshiped the feet of Parvati again and again. Women, men, children, young and old people in the city were very happy.

Mangal songs start to be sung in the city and everyone decorated the urns of gold in a similar way. According to the custom in Pak Shastra, according to many ways, there was a Jyonar (kitchen made).

How can one describe the zone (foodstuff) in the house where Mata Bhavani herself lives? Himachal reverently summoned all the Baratis, Vishnu, Brahma, and all caste deities.

There sat a lot of rows of food (eaters). The clever cook started serving. Knowing the food of the gods, the circles of women started abusing with soft speech.

All the beautiful women started abusing in a sweet voice and started uttering sarcastic words. Gods feel very happy after listening to Vinod, so they are taking too long to eat. The pleasure that was increase during the meal can not be said with crores of mouth. (After paying food) everyone was wash hands and mouth and fed. Then everyone went to the place where they stayed.

Then the sages returned and heard Himavan as Lagan (Lagna Patrika) and seeing the time of marriage, he called the gods.

He called all the gods with respect and gave them proper postures. The altar was decorate in the manner of Vedas and women started singing beautiful beautiful songs.

There was a very beautiful divine throne on the Vedika, whose beauty cannot be described because it was made by Brahma himself. Shivaji sat on the throne after naming the Brahmins and remembering his master Sri Raghunathji in the heart.

Then the Munishvaras called Parvatiji. Sakhis brought them up after makeup. On seeing the form of Parvatiji, all the gods were fascinating. Who is such a poet in the world who can describe that beauty?

The gods bowed their hearts to Parvatiji considering Jagadamba and Shiva’s wife. Bhawaniji is the limit of beauty. Even crores of faces can not be say to adorn him.

Jagajjanani does not even describe the great beauty of Parvatiji with crores of faces. Vedas, Seshaji, and Saraswati Ji are compell to say that, then what is the count of Tulsi, a brainless person? The Khan of beauty and beauty went to the center of Mata Bhavani Mandap, where Shiva was. She could not look at the feet of her husband (Shiva) due to hesitation, but her mind was a bumblebee there (doing Espana).


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