Shree Durga Saptashati Pathan

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Ath Shree Durga Saptashati Pathan

Part First – Durga Saptashati

(Maharishi Rishi’s Best Surath and Samadhi tell the magnificence of Goddess)

Maharishi Markandeya said – Tune in to the account of the birthplace of Savarni, the child of Surya, tune in, tune in to the way wherein Savarni turned into the ruler of Manvantara by the finesse of Mahamaya. Beforehand there was a realm called Swarochish. Regardless of whether he considered the subjects like his child, the Kolavidhvanshi lord turned into his foe. Ruler Surath, who rebuffed the mischievous, had a battle with him, despite the fact that the quantity of Kolavidhvansis was low, Raja Surath lost to him in a fight. At that point he went to his city, just the realm of his nation stayed with him and he began to control as the ruler of that nation, however, his adversaries assaulted him there.

Considering the to be as feeble, his malevolent pastors caught the ruler’s military and treasury. Subsequent to crushing his realm, Raja Surath rode riding a horse on the guise of playing a chase and went towards an awful backwoods. In that woods, he saw the withdrawal of Maharishi Medha, There Medha Maharishi was situated with his followers and sages and what number of savage animals lived there in supreme harmony. Lord Surath bowed to Maharishi Medha and the Maharishi additionally concurred him appropriate neighborliness. Ruler Surath remained in Maharishi’s ashram for quite a while.

With the interest of the adoration for his city, the lord began thinking in his psyche – the city which the precursors had followed in the past dropped off my hands today. Will, my insidious and insidiousness serve to shield my city from religion now or not? My central elephant, who was consistently the downpour and the knight of the thing, Don’t have the foggiest idea of how pitiful my enduring will be? My faithful workers, who were consistently glad to get cash and food by my elegance and tailed me, would without a doubt follow the malevolent lords and aggregate futile cash spent by my underhanded and underhandedness clergymen. My fortune will be unfilled one day. The ruler kept on being hopeless reasoning numerous such things.

One day Ruler Surath saw a Vaishya close to the ashram of Maharishi Medha, the lord asked him – Sibling, who right? What is the purpose behind your coming here and for what reason do you see me with deprived? On hearing this modest expression of the ruler, Vaishya bowed to Maharaja Surath and stated, Vaishya said-Rajan! My name is Samadhi, I am a Vaishya conceived in the family of the Dhanis, my malicious ladies and little girls have taken all my riches from voracity and drove me out of the house. I have resulted in these present circumstances backwoods unfortunately along these lines and keeping in mind that living here, I don’t know whether everybody is gifted at home as of now.

Here I can not get any news identified with the lead of my family whether he is effectively at home or not. I don’t know comparable to my children that they are ethical or are trapped in unfortunate behavior. The ruler said – the abundance of whose voracious ladies and children has tossed you out of the house, yet for what reason does your brain love them vaishyas said – It is alright for you to say this regarding me, however, my psyche isn’t so unbending. Despite the fact that they have surrendered me from the house because of the avarice for cash and relinquished Pitrisneh, I despite everything don’t feel hard for them.

Goodness, dear! Despite the fact that my psyche is getting caught in them, I don’t have a clue about the way, my brain is dismal for them. I am taking long breaths for them, they don’t have the name of adoration, yet my heart isn’t solidified for such tender ones. Maharishi Markandeji said – O Brahman! After this, both Maharaja Surath and he Vaishya went close to Maharishi Medha and began chatting with them with legitimate equity. The lord said – O God! I need to ask you a certain something, so please let me know, my brain isn’t subjected, I am miserable along these lines, the state, I am as yet stressed over the Dhanadik, and my adoration is developing like numbness. What’s more, this Vaishya named Samadhi has additionally come out of his home mortified, his family members have relinquished it, even he is profoundly disheartened by the takeoff from his own, hence we are both pitiful.

Hello, corridor Seeing the faults of those individuals, the two of us have a Mamata-borne fascination for them. For what reason is this in spite of our insight? For what reason do the two of us have this idiocy like uninformed people? Maharishi Medha said – The information on the topsy-turvy way is for all creatures, subjects are diverse for every one of, a few creatures don’t find in the day and some around evening time, however, there are numerous such creatures who can see both day and night. The facts confirm that information is overwhelming among people however not just people are learned, creatures, feathered creatures, and so forth additionally have information. Similarly, as these creature fowls are learned, so is the information on people and the information that is accessible in people similarly that creatures are in winged animals and different things are additionally found in both.

Considerably subsequent to having information, take a gander at these fowls, how much love they put grains of food in the nose of their ravenous kids. Hello Rajan! A similar love is likewise found in people towards their kids. So as to seek retribution for their kindness because of voracity, people want children and in this manner fall into the pit of connection. This world is intrigued by the dream of Ruler Shrihari. There is nothing astonishing in this since she is the Yogendra of Ruler Vishnu, it is Maya that is the motivation behind why the world is inundated in interest, this Mahamaya Bhagwati Goddess maneuvers the brains of the information into interest and by that she finishes the entire world. Starts.

This Bhagwati Devi is satisfied and offers the freedom to man. This is the purpose behind the holding of the world and the ace of the entire God. Maharaj Surath asked – God! Which goddess would you say you are called Mahamaya? O, Brahman! How could she start and what is her capacity? What are his characters? God Whatever impact it has, whatever structure it might have, kindly let me know, I need to get notification from you. Maharishi Medha said – Rajan! That goddess is nityaswarupa, she made this world. And still, at the end of the day, it has its birthplaces from various perspectives. You hear all that from me, it seems to demonstrate crafted by the divine beings, around then it is said to have started.

At the point when Master Vishnu was dozing on Sheshaaiyya taking the safe house of Yoganidra by consuming the world, two Asuras named Madhu-Catabh showed up with the foulness of his ears and he consented to murder SriBrahma Ji. When Shri Brahmaji saw them two coming towards him and furthermore observed that Ruler Vishnu is laying down with the assistance of Yojanidra.So around then, he began commending the Yojanidra living in his eyes to stir Shri Bhagwan. Shri Brahma Ji said – O Goddess! You are simply the, you are oneself and you are the year-old. The voice is additionally your structure, you are the person who gives life.

In the consistent letters in order Pranav, you are arranged as moms in each of the three of these structures, fit as a fiddle and fit as a fiddle. Aside from this, which is the Bindpath Ardhamatra, which isn’t explicitly articulated, O Goddess! That is you too O Goddess! You are Sandhya, Savitri, and Paramjanani. You are going to wear this world, you have made this world and you are the one to follow this world. You will eat up everybody toward the finish of the cycle. O, Goddess! At the hour of the making of the world, you are the type of the world, you are the type of life in the recognition, and toward the finish of the cycle, you take the pulverization. You are Mahavidya, Mahamaya, Mahamedha, Maharastra, and Mohratri. You are likewise Shri Ishwari and Bodhwaroopa Insight, you are additionally a disgrace, attestation, fulfillment, harmony, and absolution.

You are going to wear the Kharag Dharani, the Shul Dharani Ghorroopa and the mace, the chakra, the conch, and the bow. Arms, bhushundi, and ward are likewise your weapons. You are delicate and delicate – this as well as all the delicate and delightful things are in this world, overall you are wonderful. Be that as it may, you are the excellent one who lives on the highest. Gracious, Goddess of all! Whatever is the unceasing substance and the force in it is you who can adulate you in such a state! When you have enslaved the God who made, supported, and annihilated this world, at that point who can laud you? You are the person who conveys me, Ruler Vishnu and Master Shankar. Who has the ability to applaud you?

O, Goddess! You are appreciated in view of these liberal impacts. Madhu and Catabh who are wild asuras, entice them and make Srihari wake up to Ruler Vishnu too early and create the astuteness to slaughter them. Maharishi Medha said – O Rajan! When SriBrahmaji requested that the Goddess stir the Master along these lines and murder Madhu and Catabh, at that point he got the eyes, mouth, nose of Ruler Sri Vishnu. Brahma, standing apart of the heart and chest, remained before Brahmaji. He needed to do this that Master Shrihari promptly woke up and saw both the Asuras, who were extremely solid and relentless, and whose eyes of outrage were turning red and the individuals who were prepared to murder Brahmaji, at that point them two would be irate. Master Shrihari battled with the Asuras for a long time.

One, he was incredible and compelling, and furthermore, Mahamaya likewise kept him in interest. Along these lines, he began to state to Shri Bhagwan – The two of us are content with your courage, you request a husband to be from us! God said – In the event that you are content with me, presently incredible my hands. That is all I ask of you. What is the motivation behind another man of the hour here? Maharishi Medha said – along these lines when he is in duplicity when he came and saw water surrounding him, he said to Master Shrihari – where there is no water, there is dry land, murder us in a similar spot. Maharishi Medha says, saying that Master Srihari cut the head of the two by lying on his thigh. Thusly, it showed up on commending Goddess ShriBrahmaji, presently I depict her impact to you, so tune in.

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Shree Durga