Shree Rama-Sita-Laxman's

Shree Rama-Sita-Laxman’s forest movement and moving ahead leaving the city dwellers a sleep

Religious story

Shree Rama-Sita-Laxman’s forest movement and moving ahead leaving the city dwellers a sleep

All the furnishings of the forest are decorated (along with the items needed for the forest), including Shri Ramchandraji Stree (Shri Sitaji) and Bhai (Laxmanji), prostrate everyone by worshiping the feet of Brahmin and Guru.

Departing from the palace, Shri Ramchandraji stood at the door of Vashisthaji and saw that all the people were burning in the fire of violence. He explained to everyone by saying dear words, then Shri Ramchandraji called the circle of Brahmins.
Saying to Guruji, he gave them Varshan (food of the year) and subdued them with respect, charity and humility. Then satisfied the petitioners by giving them donations and honors and pleased the friends with holy love.
Then he called the slave-maids and handed them over to Guruji, folded his hands and said – O Guasai! All of them will keep doing the same care (care) as their parents.
Shri Ramachandraji again and again with both hands, says the most gentle voice, that my beneficial friend in all respects will be the one whose Maharaj is happy with his efforts.
O supreme princely gentlemen! All of you will take the same measures so that all my mothers do not be grieved by the misery of my anger.
Thus, Shri Ramji explained to everyone and was delighted to be given a head in Guruji’s feet. Then after celebrating Ganesha, Parvatiji and Kailasapati Mahadevji and getting blessings, Shri Raghunathji went.
Due to Shri Ramji, there was great depression. Aartanad (hahakar) of the city is not heard. Bad Shakun started happening in Lanka, there was a lot of mourning in Ayodhya and in Devlok everyone went under both joy and sadness. (Happiness was that now the demons would perish and the gloom was due to mourning of Ayodhya).
The faint went away, then the king woke up and called Sumantra and said – Shri Ram has gone to the forest, but my life is not going. Do not know for what pleasure they are staying in the body.
What will be more powerful than this, and after suffering, the soul will leave the body. Then the king said with patience and said – O friend! Take chariot and go with Shri Ram.
Very Sukumar both Kumar and Sukumari Janaki are offered in a chariot, showing the forest and returning after four days.
If the two brothers who are patient do not return – because Shri Raghunathji is a true and firm follower of Prana – then you fold your hands and beg that Lord! Please return Janakkumari Sitaji.
When you are afraid of seeing Sita One, then get an opportunity to tell me that your mother-in-law and father-in-law have said such a message, O daughter! You return, there is a lot of tribulation in the forest.
Sometimes father’s house, sometimes in-laws, stay where you want. Thus, you have to do many measures. If Sita comes back, my life will be supported.

Shri Ram-Laxman Dialogue

(Otherwise, I will die at the end. Unlike the Creator, nothing is under control. Ha! Bring Rama, Lakshmana and Sita and show it. Saying this, the king fainted and fell on the earth.
Sumantraji obeyed the king’s command, nodded his head, and very quickly went to the chariot, where he had two brothers outside the city along with Sita.
Then (reaching there) Sumantra narrated the king’s words to Sri Ramachandraji and begged him on the chariot. Both the brothers, including Sitaji, climbed the chariot and went to Ayodhya in their hearts.
On seeing Shri Ramachandraji and seeing Ayodhya as an orphan (everyone), everyone became distraught and joined him. When the sea of grace Shri Ramji explains to them in many ways, they return to (towards Ayodhya), but return again with love.
Ayodhyapuri looks terrifying, as if it is a dark night. Men and women of the city are afraid to see each other like terrible animals.
The house is the crematorium, family of ghosts and sons, well-wishers and friends as if the messengers of Yamaraja. Trees and vines are withering in the gardens. The river and the pond look so terrible that they are not even seen.
Hundreds of crores of horses, elephants, reindeer, reindeer (cows, bulls, goats, etc.) of cattle, papyrus, peacocks, cuckoo, chakwe, parrots, myna, cranes, geese and chakor.
In Shri Ramji’s disconnection, everyone was distraught where he stands (standing silently as if), as if writing in pictures. The city was like a very dense forest full of fruits. All the men and women of the city were many animals and birds. (That is, Avadhpuri meaning, religion, work, salvation was the city giving four fruits and all men and women used to get those fruits with pleasure.)
The creator made Kaikeyi a Bhilani, who set the sadusha davagni (terrible fire) in ten directions. People could not bear this fire of Lord Ramachandraji. Everybody got upset and ran away.
Everyone thought in mind that there is no happiness without Shri Ramji, Lakshmanji and Sitaji. Where Shri Ramji lives, the whole society will live there. Without Sri Ramachandraji, we have nothing to do in Ayodhya.
By firming such an idea, the Gods left all the houses with rare pleasures and left with Shri Ramchandraji. Those who love the feet of Shri Ramji, can they ever control the subject?
Everyone joined together except children and old people in their homes. On the first day, Shri Raghunathji resided on the arrow of Tamsa River.
Seeing the people lovingly, Shri Raghunathji felt very sad in his kind heart. Prabhu Shri Raghunathji is compassionate. They get foreign pain immediately (that is, they immediately become sad after seeing other’s grief).
Shri Ramji, by saying a loving and gentle word of love, explained to the people in many ways and gave many sermons related to religion, but loving people do not return.
Modesty and affection are not left out. Shri Raghunathji became subject to confusion (confused). People fell asleep due to mourning and exertion (tiredness) and their intellect was fascinated even by the illusion of some gods.
When two o’clock had passed, Mr. Ramchandraji lovingly said to Minister Sumantra – O Tat! Hit the chariot by searching for the chariot (ie, the direction of the wheels do not know the direction). And nothing will make a difference.
Shree Ramji, Lakshmanji and Sitaji rode the chariot with their heads bowed at the feet of Shankarji. The minister promptly drove the chariot, hiding it here and there.
When everyone woke up in the morning, there was a big noise that Raghunathji left. Can’t find the chariot anywhere, all the ‘Ram! Yes Ram! Calling and running around॥
As if the ship had sunk in the sea, the community of traders got very upset. They preach to each other that Shri Ramchandraji, knowing that we will be in trouble, has left.
They condemn themselves and appreciate the fish. (Says-) Without Sri Ramachandraji, our life is damnable. If the creator created the beloved’s separation, then why did he not die on demand!
In this way, while doing many things, he came to Ayodhya, filled with anguish. The state of odd disconnection of those people cannot be described. (Fourteen years), they are keeping their lives with the hope of a period.
(All) men and women started doing rules and fasting to see Shri Ramchandraji and became sad as Chakwa, Chakvi and Kamal are humbled without the sun.
Both brothers including Sitaji and the minister reached Shringverpur. Seeing Gangaji there, Shri Ramji got down from the chariot and worshiped with great pleasure.
Laxmanji, Sumantra and Sitaji also bowed. Shri Ramchandraji found happiness with everyone. Gangaji is the origin of all the Ananda-Mangals. They are going to do all the pleasures and defeat all the sufferings.
Saying many story episodes, Shri Ramji is watching the waves of Gangaji. He told the minister, younger brother Laxmanji and Priya Sitaji the great glory of Devanadi Gangaji.
After this, everyone took a bath, so that all the labor (weariness) of the road was removed and the heart became happy after drinking holy water. For those whose great labor (of repeated birth and death) is erased, they have to be ‘labor’ – this is only cosmic behavior (Narleela).


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