Shree Ramji’s delirium, Hanumanji’s return, Laxmanji’s rise

Shree Ramji’s delirium, Hanumanji’s return, Laxmanji’s rise
Seeing Laxmanji there, Shri Ramji said according to ordinary people (same), the word said – Midnight has passed, Hanuman did not come. Saying this, Shri Ramji picked up his younger brother Laxmanji and took him to the heart.
(And said- O brother! You could never see me sad. Your nature was always soft. For my benefit you also left the parents and tolerated winter, heat and wind in the forest.

Hanuman’s becoming unconscious with the arrow of Bharatji, Bharat-Hanuman dialogue

Hey brother! Where is that love now? Why don’t you get up after listening to my distraught words? If I knew that there would be brother’s separation in the forest, then I would not even accept the word of the father (which I believed was the ultimate duty for me).
Son, money, woman, home and family – these happen and go again and again in the world, but in the world the siblings are not found again and again. Thinking like this in the heart Wake up॥
Like a bird without wings, a gem without a snake and a trunk without a trunk, the best elephant becomes very poor, O brother! If the root god keeps me alive, my life would be like this without you.
After losing a dear brother for a woman, with which face will I go to Awadh? I would have tolerated the infamy in the world (that there is nothing heroic in Rama who loses a woman). There was no specific damage from the loss of the woman (in view of this loss).
Now, O son! My cruel and hard heart will bear both this waste and your grief. Hey Tat You are the only son of your mother and her soul.
Knowing that he was pleasing in all respects and supremely benevolent, he held you by hand and handed me over. Now what will I answer them? Hey brother! Why don’t you get up and teach me (explain)?
Shri Ramji, who is free from thinking, is thinking in many ways. Like their lotus petals, water is flowing from their eyes (tears of sorrow). (Shiva says-) O Uma! Shri Raghunathji is one (unique) and unbroken (unconnected). The God who has blessed the devotees (by performing leela) has shown the condition of man.
Groups of apes became distraught after hearing Prabhu’s (made for Leela) babble with his ears. (Only then) Hanumanji has come, just as Veer Rasa (incident) has come in Karunaras (episode of).
Shree Ramji was delighted and hugged Hanumanji. Prabhu is very supreme (clever) and extremely grateful. Then Vaidya (Sushen) immediately took measures, (by which) Lakshmanji jolted and sat up.
Please meet Lord Bhai with heart. Groups of bears and apes all rejoiced. Then Hanumanji brought Vaidya there in the same way as he had brought him (earlier) at that time.

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