Shree Sita-Hanuman Dialogue

Shree Sita-Hanuman Dialogue

Then Hanumanji thought in Hada (in front of Sitaji) and put the ring as if Ashoka gave the ember. (Realizing this) Sita ji got up and took her in her hand.

Then he saw a very beautiful and beautiful ring inscribed with the name Ram. On recognizing the ring, Sita started to look at him with surprise and astonishment arose in her heart with joy and sadness.

(She started thinking-) Shri Raghunathji is absolutely invincible, who can win them? And from Maya such a ring (divine, Chinmaya completely devoid of Maya’s gift) cannot be made. Sita was thinking many types of thoughts in her mind. At this time, Hanumanji said sweet words.

He began to describe the qualities of Shri Ramchandraji, (on whose hearing) Sita’s grief ran away. She started listening to him with ears and mind. Hanumanji told the whole story from the beginning till now.

(Sitaaji said-) Who said this beautiful tale as nectar to the ears, he is brother! Why doesn’t it appear? Then Hanumanji went near. Seeing them, Sitaji turned around (turned aside)? His mind was surprised.

Shree Sita-Trijata Dialogue

(Hanumanji said-) O Mother Janaki, I am the messenger of Shri Ramji. I take the true oath of Karunanidhan, O mother! I have brought this ring. Shri Ramji has given me this Sahidani (sign or identification) for you.

(Sitaji asked-) How did you say with the male and the monkey? Then Hanumanji told the story as it happened.

Hearing Hanumanji’s affectionate words, Sita ji got confidence in her mind, she realized that it is the slave of Shri Raghunathji, pleased with the mind, words and deeds.

Knowing the person of God (servant), he became very loving. Water (in the eyes) of the eyes filled up and the body became very pulsed (Sitaji said-) O Tat Hanuman! You are a ship drowning me while sinking in Virhasagar.

I go to Balihari, now with the younger brother Lakshmanji, call Khar’s enemy Sukhdham Prabhu-Mangal. Shri Raghunathji is soft hearted and kind. Then hey Hanuman! Why have they taken this ruthlessness?

It is his natural gift to give happiness to a servant. Does he ever remember me, Mr. Raghunathji? Hey Tat Will my eyes ever cool by looking at their soft sooty organs?

The word does not come out (from the mouth), water filled the eyes (with tears). (She said with great sorrow-) Ha Nath! You have completely forgotten me! Seeing Sita ji supremely distraught, Hanumanji said soft and humble words -॥

Hey mother The shrines of beautiful grace are efficient (from the body) of Lord Bhai Laxmanji, but saddened by your sorrow. Hey mother Do not accept guilt in your mind (do not make your mind short by sorrow). You have double love in the heart of Shri Ramchandraji.

Hey mother Now listen to Shri Raghunathji’s message with patience. Saying this, Hanumanji became overwhelmed with love. Water filled with (the eyes of) the eyes.

(Hanumanji said-) Shri Ramchandraji has said, O Sita! All things have become unfavorable for me in your disconnection. Like the new soft leaves of trees, like fire, like night, night moon, moon like sun.

And the lotus forests have become like the forest of the Bhals. It is as if the clouds rain the boiling oil. Those who were interested, they are now suffering. Trividha (cold, dull, fragrant) air has become like poisonous (hot and poisonous) breath.

Saying the grief of the mind also reduces something. But with whom? No one knows this sorrow. Hey honey Only my mind knows the element (secret) of me and your love.

And that mind always stays with you. Just understand the essence of my love. Janaki ji became engrossed in love as soon as he heard the message of God. He could not care for his body.

Hanumanji said- O mother! Be patient in your heart and remember Shri Ramji who gives happiness to the servants. Bring the sovereignty of Shri Raghunathji in the heart and leave my cowardice on hearing my words.

Groups of demons are like kites and Shri Raghunathji’s arrows are like fire. Hey mother Be patient in your heart and consider the demons to be burnt.

If Mr. Ramchandraji had received the news, he would not have agreed. Hey honey Where can the darkness of the army of demons remain when the sun rises like a panacea?

Hey mother Let me get you from here now, but the oath of Shri Ramchandraji, I do not have permission of Prabhu (them). (So) O Mother! Be patient for a few more days. Shri Ramchandraji will come here with monkeys.

And will kill demons and take you. Narada etc. (Rishi-sage) will sing his fame in the three worlds. (Sitaji said-) O son! All the apes will be like you (from little ones), the demons are very strong, warriors.

So there is a lot of doubt in my heart (how will monkeys like you conquer demons!). Hearing this, Hanumanji revealed his body. There was a (very huge) body shaped like a mountain of gold (Sumeru), which was very strong and valiant in the war, causing fear in the hearts of the enemies.

Hanumanji is saddened to see Sitaji in Ashoka Vatika and Ravan shows fear to Sitaji

Then (seeing her), Sitaji believed in his mind. Hanumanji again took a small form.

Hey mother Listen, apes do not have much strength and intelligence, but even a small snake can eat Garuda by the majesty of the Lord. (Even the very weak can kill a great force)

Hearing the voice of Hanumanji, soaked in devotion, brilliance, strength and strength, Sita ji was satisfied. He blessed Hanumanji knowing that he is dear to Ramji. You are the treasure of power and modesty.

Hey son You are ajar (devoid of old age), immortal and a treasure of virtues. Shree Raghunathji be very kind to you. Lord Hanuman became engrossed in complete love as soon as he heard ‘Please God please’.

Hanumanji repeatedly bowed at the feet of Sitaji and then folded his hands and said – O mother! Now I am grateful. Your blessing is unfailing (infallible), this thing is famous.

Hey, mother Listen, I am very hungry looking at trees with beautiful fruits. (Sitaji said-) Oh, son! Listen, big heavy warrior demons guard this forest.

(Hanumanji said-) Oh, mother! If you accept happiness in your mind (happy), then I have no fear of them at all.

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