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Shree Sita Ram Dialogues Ayodhya Kand Shree Ramcharitmana -They are reluctant to say anything to Sitaji in front of Mother. But realizing in his mind that this time is like this, he said – O princess! Listen to my teachings. Do not understand something else in your mind.

If you wish for yourself and me, then stay home keeping my word. Hey Bamini! My orders will be obeyed, service of mother-in-law will be done. It is good to stay home

There is no religion other than reverently worshiping (serving) the feet of the father-in-law. Whenever mother will remember me and be distraught with love, her intellect will be naive (she will forget herself).

Hey beauty Then and then you can explain these old stories with gentle speech. Hey Sumukhi! I have hundreds of tastes, I say by nature that I keep you at home only for mother.

(By staying at my obedience at home) You get the fruits of the religion (conduct) agreed by the Guru and Veda without any tribulation, but under the stubbornness, Galav Muni and King Nahusha etc. all suffered.

Oh hey! Hey Sayani! Listen, I too will return soon after making my father’s word true. The day will not take long to go. Hey beauty Listen to this lesson from us!

Hey Vama! If you persevere with love, you will be sad at the result. The forest is very difficult and terrible. The sun, winter, rain and wind are all terrible.

On the way there are kushas, thorns and many pebbles. They have to walk without shoes. Your feet are soft and beautiful and there are many inaccessible mountains on the way.

The caves, coves, rivers, rivers and streams of the mountains are such impassable and deep that they are not even seen. Badgers, tigers, wolves, lions and elephants make such (terrible) words that after listening to them, endurance runs away.

One has to sleep on the ground, wear tree bark clothes and eat tubers, root, fruits. And will they always meet all day? Everything will be available according to their time.

Noishars (demons) eating humans keep wandering. They take crores of different forms. Mountain water is very used. The calamity of the forest cannot be told.

In the forest are fierce snakes, terrifying birds and flocks of demons stealing men and women. Only the missing of the forest (fierceness) scared the cold-blooded men. Then O Mriglochani! You are a coward by nature!

Hey laugh You are not fit for the forest. Hearing of your going to forest, people will give me bad (call me bad). Like the nectar of Manasarovar, Hansini, raised with water, can live somewhere in the saline sea.

Does the cuckoo, who is visiting the forest of new mangoes, grace the forest of Kareel? Hey Chandramukhi! Think like this in your heart and stay at home. There is great trouble in the forest.

The one who does not accept the teachings of the master and master who wants a natural interest, he regrets in the heart and his interest is definitely lost.

Hearing the tender and charming words of the beloved, Sitaji’s beautiful eyes were filled with water. How did Shri Ramji’s cold learning burn him, like Chakvi gets a moonlight night in the autumn?

Jankiji does not make any reply, she is distraught thinking that my holy and loving Swami wants to leave me. By forcibly stopping the water (tears) of the eyes, they endured in the female Sita heart of the earth.

With her mother-in-law’s feet, she folded her hands and started saying – O Devi! Forgive me this big bullying. Pranapati has given me the same education, which is my ultimate interest.

But I understood in my mind that there is no sorrow in the world like the separation of the husband.

O Prannath! O Mercy of Mercy! Hey handsome! O giver of happiness! Hey Susan! O moon-feeding moon of the lord of Raghukul! Heaven is like hell without you.

Mother, father, sister, loving brother, loving family, community of friends, mother-in-law, father-in-law, father, brother-in-law (brother-in-law), supportive and beautiful, happy and happy son-

Hey Nath! As far as affection and nurture are concerned, a woman without a husband is more likely to heat than the sun. Body, wealth, home, earth, city and state, for a woman without husband, it is a society of grief.

Bhoga is like disease, jewelry is a form of weight and the world is like yam torture (torment of hell). Hey Prannath! Nothing is pleasing to me in the world without you.

Just like a body without creatures and a river without water, so O Nath! She is a woman without a man. Hey Nath! I will get all the happiness by staying with you and seeing your face like the pure moon of the full moon (full moon).

O O Nath! With you only birds and animals will be my family, the forest will be the city and the bark of trees will be pure clothes, and only the foliage (hut made of leaves) will be the origin of happiness like heaven.

Only Vanadevi and Vanadevata of a generous heart will do my essence like a mother-in-law, and the beautiful companion (bedhauna) of Kusha and the leaves will be like a beautiful cupid of Cupid with the Lord.

The root, root and fruit will be the same diet as nectar and only the mountains (of the forest) will be like hundreds of royal palaces in Ayodhya. Every moment I will be happy to see the lotus feet of the Lord as Chakvi stays in the day.

Hey Nath! You have said many sorrows of the forest and many fears, gloom and sorrow, but O greediness! Together they cannot be like the love of the separation (sorrow) of God (you).

Knowing this in my heart, O Susan Shiromani! Take me with you, do not leave here. Hey master! What do I request more? You are compassionate and know the inside of everyone’s heart.

Hey Dinbandhu! Hey handsome! Hey pleasers! O modesty and store of love! If you keep me in Ayodhya for a period (fourteen years), then know that my life will not last.

I will not get tired of walking the path by watching your phase lotus moment by moment. Hey dear, I will serve you in all ways and will remove all the tiredness caused by walking the path.

After washing your feet, sitting in the shade of trees, I will air with a happy heart (fan will swing). Seeing Pranapati with his sweat drops and seeing Pranapati, where will I be for leisure?

By laying grass and leaves of trees on flat land, this maid will pressure your feet overnight. Seeing your soft idol, again and again, I will not feel hot air.

Who (who no one can see) is looking at me (with eyes) towards God (living)! For example, a lion’s lady (lioness) cannot see rabbits and jackals. I am a woman and I am worthy of Nath forest? Do you have penance right and enjoy me?

Even when hearing such harsh words, my heart does not break, Lord! (It seems) These Palmer lives will bear the great sorrow of your separation.

Saying this, Sitaji became very distraught. She could not even handle the separation of the word. (That is, the matter of disconnection remained separate from the body, on hearing the disconnection from the word, she became very distressed.) Seeing this condition, Shri Raghunathji knew in his heart that he would not keep his life by stubbornly keeping them here.

Then kindly, Shri Ramchandraji, the lord of Suryakul said, leave thinking and go to the forest with me. Today is not an opportunity to grieve. Prepare for immediate forestation.

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