Shree Sita-Ramji

Shree Sita-Ramji departs for Awadh by boarding Pushpak Vimana, glory of Shri Ramcharitra

Religious story

Shree Sita-Ramji departs for Awadh by boarding Pushpak Vimana, glory of Shri Ramcharitra

But with the inspiration (commandment) of God, all the apes and bears keep the form of Shri Ramji in the heart and plead in many ways to go home with joy and sorrow.

With Vanararaj Sugriva, Neel, Raksharaj Jambavan, Angad, Nal and Hanuman and Vibhishan and who are powerful monkey commanders
They cannot say anything, lovingly filling the eyes with water, leaving the eyes blinking (gaze) and facing towards Shri Ramji.
Shri Raghunathji, seeing his immense love, boarded everyone on the plane. Subsequently, in his mind, he turned his head towards the north direction with his head in mind.
There is a big noise while the aircraft is running. Everyone is saying Shri Raghuveer’s Jai. The Vimana has a very high graceful throne. Lord Shree Ramchandraji along with Sitaji sat on it.
Shri Ramji with his wife is beautifying it as if there is a black cloud with lightning on the summit of Sumeru. The beautiful aircraft ran very quickly. The gods were delighted and they showered flowers.
Three types of cool (cool, dull, fragrant) air started running. The water of the sea, ponds and rivers became clear. Beautiful Shakuns started being around. Everyone’s heart is happy, the sky and directions are pure.
Mr. Raghuveerji said- O Sita! Watch the battlefield. Laxman killed Meghnad, who won Indra here. Hanuman and Angad are killed in this heavy nocturnal battlefield.
Both Kumbhakarna and Ravana brothers who grieved the gods and sages were killed here.
I tied the bridge here (tied up) and established Sukhdham Shri Shivji. Later, Shri Ramji bowed down to Shri Rameshwar Mahadev along with Sitaji.
Wherever in the forest Karuna Sagar Shri Ramchandraji had lived and rested, the Lord showed Jankiji all those places and told the names of all.
The plane soon arrived, where the ultimate beautiful Dandakavan was, and many Munizars lived in Agastya etc. Shri Ramji went to all these places.
Jagadishwar Shri Ramji came to Chitrakoot after receiving blessings from entire sages. Satisfied the monks there. (Then) the plane moved faster from there.
Then Shri Ramji showed Janaki ji to Yamunaji, a beautiful man who had taken away the sins of Kali Yuga. Then saw the holy Ganges. Shri Ramji said- O Sita! Salute them
Then look at the pilgrimage pilgrimage, from whose sight the sins of millions of births run away. Then see the Supreme Holy Triveniji, which is like a ladder to defeat the oppressors and reach (reach) the supreme abode of Shri Hari. Then see the very holy Ayodhyapuri, which is going to destroy all the three types of heat and disease.
By saying this kindly Shri Ramji bowed to Awadhpuri along with Sitaji. Shri Ramji is rejoicing again and again with his eyes and pulsed body.

Coronation of Vibhishan

Then, coming to Triveni, the Lord took a bath with joy and gave many types of donations to the Brahmins including apes.
After that, Lord explained to Hanumanji and said – Take the form of Brahmachari and go to Avadhpuri. To tell Bharata our skill and bring them news.
Pawanputra Hanumanji immediately left. Then Lord went to Bhardwajji. The sage worshiped and praised him (with a favorable intellect) in many ways and then (from the point of view of Leela) blessed him.
With both hands folded and worshiping the feet of Muni, Prabhu climbed on the plane and moved forward. Here when Nishadraj heard that the Lord had come, he said, ‘Where is the boat? Where is the boat? ‘ Calling people out
At the same time, the aircraft came to Gangaji by crossing it (on this side) and after getting permission from the Lord, he landed on the shore. Then Sita ji worshiped Gangaji in many ways and then fell at his feet.
Gangaji cheered in his heart and blessed – O beautiful! May your honey be unbroken. Nishadraj Guh ran furiously in love as soon as he heard of God descending on the shore. He came near to God, full of absolute happiness.
Seeing the lord including Sri Jankiji, he (being engrossed in bliss and joy) fell on the earth, he could not remember the body. Seeing his supreme love, Shri Raghunathji picked him up and took him to the heart with joy.
The King of Sujans (Shiromani), Lakshmikant, Kripanidhan Bhagwan took him to heart and asked him to sit very close. He started to beg – I am now safe after seeing your Charankamal who are serviced by Brahma and Shankar. Hey Sukhdham! Hey Purnakam Shri Ramji! I greet you, greet me.
In all respects, God had put that Nishad in the heart like Bharatji. Tulsidas ji says – This retard (I) has forgotten that God. This sanctifying character of Ravana’s enemy is always going to generate love at the feet of Shri Ramji. It is the person who destroys Kamadi disorders and generates special knowledge (of the form of God). Gods, Siddhas and sages sing it joyfully.
God gives eternal victory, wisdom and vibhuti (Aishwarya) to those who listen to Shri Raghuveer’s Summer Victory Leela.
Hey mind! Consider it It is the home of sins. There is no other basis except the name of Shri Raghunath (to avoid sins).
Masparayan, twenty-seventh rest
Iti Srimadramacharitmana sakalakalikalusvidhvansne shashtha: Sopan: Finish
This sixth step of Shri Ramcharit Manas, who destroyed all the sins of the Kali Yuga, ended (Lankaand ended).

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