Shree Sita

Shree Sita-Trijata Dialogue

Religious story

Shree Sita-Trijata Dialogue

Then (hereafter) they all went wherever. Sitaji started thinking in her mind that after one month, the demon Ravana will kill me.

Sita Ji said with folded hands – O mother! You are the companion of my calamity. Quickly take any such measures that I can leave the body. Virah has become intolerable, now it is not endured.
Bring wood and decorate it with a pyre. Hey, mother Then set it on fire. Hey Sayani! You make my love come true. Who listened with ears that gave sorrow like the sound of Ravana?
Hearing the words of Sitaji, Trijata grasped the steps and explained to them and told the majesty, strength, and sue ash of the Lord. (He said-) Hey Sukumari! Listen, there will be no fire at night. Saying this, she went to her house.
Sitaji began to say (mind to mind) – (what should I do), the teacher turned opposite. Neither fire will be found nor pain will be eradicated. Embers are visible in the sky, but not a single star appears on the earth.
The moon is fiery, but even as if I do not fire it knowing Hathabhini. Hey, Ashoka tree! Listen to my request Take away my grief and make your (Ashoka) name come true.
Your new tender leaves are like fire. Give fire, do not put an end to Viraha’s disease (ie, do not reach the limit by increasing Viraha’s disease) Seeing Sitaji as the ultimate distraught from Viraha, that moment was spent like Hanpa to Hanumanji.


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