Shri Ram Bharata Samvad, Paduka provided, Bharatji’s farewell

Shri Ram Bharata Samvad –(Next sixth day) After bathing in the morning, Bharatji, Brahmin, King Janak and the whole society came together. Today is a good day for everyone to leave, knowing this in mind, they are unable to say kindly to Shri Ramji.

Shri Ramchandraji looked at Guru Vashistha, Raja Janakji, Bharatji and the whole assembly, but after turning narrowly, they turned their eyes towards the earth. The House appreciates his modesty and thinks that there is no self-conscious Swami like Shri Ramchandraji.
Seeing the attitude of Sujan Bharatji Shri Ramchandraji, he rose up lovingly, especially with patience, bowed and folded his hands and said – O Nath! You kept all my interests
For me all the people suffered and you also got a lot of grief. Now Swami give me permission. I should go and consume Awadh for a period of fourteen years.
Hey Deendayalu! The way by which this slave again sees the feet – O Kosaladhish! Hey kind! Give me the same education for the duration.
Hey Gosain! In your love and relationship, the residents of Awadhpur, Kutumbi and Praja are all holy and full of rasa (bliss). It is also good for you to burn in the flame of Bhavadukh (the sorrow of birth and death) and without God (you) the benefit of the supreme (salvation) is also meaningless.
Hey master! You are well-informed, interested in everyone’s heart and my servant’s mind, longing (longing) and knowing, O Pranatpal! You will all follow someone and O God! Will handle both sides till the end.
I have such great faith in every way. On thinking, there is no thought even equal to a bit (little bit)! Both my humility and Swami’s affection together have made me overbearing.
Hey master! After removing this big flaw, abandon the inhibitions and give education to my servant. Hearing the plea of Bharatini with the same speed of separating milk and water, everyone praised him.
Deenbandhu and the supremely clever Shri Ramji, listening to the poor and deceptive words of brother Bharati, spoke the words favorable to the country, time and occasion.
Hey Tat All concerns of yours, mine, family, home and forest are to Guru Vashistha and Maharaj Janakji. When Guruji, Muni Vishwamitraji and Mithilapati Janakji are on our head, then we and you do not have any affliction in your dreams.
Me and yours are the ultimate effort, selfishness, good faith, and religion, that both of us follow the orders of our father. The welfare of the king (protecting his vow) is good for both the people and the Vedas.
By following the instruction (command) of Guru, Father, Mother and Swami, the foot does not fall into a pit (does not collapse) even when walking on the way. Thinking like this, leave all thinking and go to Awadh and follow it throughout the period.
The responsibility of everyone, country, treasury, family, family etc. is on Guruji’s stage. According to the education of Muni Vasishthaji, mothers and mantris, you should continue to protect (protect) the earth, subjects and capital accordingly.
Tulsidasji says- (Shri Ramji said-) The head should be like the mouth, which is one (alone) to eat and drink, but wisely maintains all the organs.
The same sarvasva (essence) of Rajdharma is the same. Like the desire is hidden inside the mind. Shri Raghunathji explained to brother Bharata in many ways, but there was no satisfaction or peace in his mind without any acceptance.
Here, the modesty (love) of Bharatji and the presence of gurus, ministers and society! Seeing this, Shri Raghunathji became particularly enthralled by the inhibitions and affection (that is, due to the love of Bharatji, he wants to give power to them, but at the same time he is hesitant to the Guru etc.) Finally, Lord Shri Ramchandraji (with the love of Bharatji) kindly gave up. And Bharati respectfully put them on his head.
Karunanidhan has two watchmen to protect the lives of both the Khadun subjects of Shri Ramchandraji. It is as if there is a box for the precious gem of Bharatji and there are two letters of the name Rama for the means of life.
There are two doors for Raghukul (protecting). There are two hands (helpers) to perform efficient (elevated) deeds, and clean eyes to suggest the best religion of service. Bharatji is absolutely delighted with the addition of this support. He felt the same pleasure as living with Sita-Ramji.
Bharatji bowed and asked for goodbye, then Shri Ramchandraji embraced him from the heart. Here, crooked Indra got a bad chance and elevated the people.
That mischief also became beneficial for everyone. She became alive for life, just like the hope of the period. Otherwise (if there was no elevation), everyone would die of panic (Hi-Hi) from the bad disease of Laxmanji, Sitaji and Shri Ramchandraji.
Shri Ramji’s grace corrected all the confusion. The army of the gods who came to loot, became the virtuous (Hitkari) and protector. Shri Ramji is meeting his brother Bharata with arms. That rasa (bliss) of Shri Ramji’s love is not made.
Love flourished in body, mind and words. Shri Raghunathji, who bears the axis of endurance, also gave up his endurance. They started flowing water from the lotus-like eyes (of the prematures). Seeing his condition, the assembly of the gods (society) became sad.
Like the sages, Guru Vasishthaji and Janakji, Dheeradhurandhar, who had tightened their hearts like gold in the fire of knowledge, whom Brahmaji created in peace, and who, like a lotus leaf in the water of the world (even while in the world, unattached to the world ) were born.
Seeing the immense love of Shri Ramji and Bharatji, they too became engrossed in that love with body, mind and speech, including disinterest and conscience.
Where the speed of the intellect of Janakji and Guru Vashistha is frustrated, there is a great flaw in calling that divine love as Prakrit (cosmic). Listening to the disconnection of Shri Ramchandraji and Bharatji, people will consider the poet as a hard heart.
That inhibition is inexplicable. Therefore, the poet’s beautiful voice was heard at that time by remembering his love. Shri Raghunathji explained to him by meeting Bharatji. Then delighted Shatrughnaji took him from the heart.
After getting the attitude of servant and minister Bharatji, everyone started going to their work. Hearing this, Darun became sad in both the societies. They started preparing for walking.
Bharat and Shatrughan both brothers went on worshiping Lord’s feet and keeping the command of Shri Ramji on their heads. Muni, ascetic and vanadevata repeatedly respected everyone and prayed to him.
Then, by offering and bowing down to Laxmanji respectively and holding the dust of Sitaji’s feet on his head and listening to the original blessings of all the mangoes, he walked away in love.
Shri Ramji, including younger brother Laxmanji, beheaded King Janakji and begged him in many ways (and said-) O God! Pity you got a lot of grief. You came to the forest with society
Now bless and visit the city. Hearing this, King Janakji patiently turned away. Then Sri Ramachandraji honored the sages, Brahmins and sages as Vishnu and Shiva and sent them away.
Then Sri Rama-Lakshmana went to both brothers-in-law (Sunayanaji) and returned after receiving blessings after worshiping his feet. Then Vishwamitra, Vamdev, Jabali and Kutumbi with good conduct, city dwellers and ministers–
Shri Ramchandraji along with younger brother Laxmanji, everyone deservedly greeted and saluted them. Kripanidhan Shree Ramachandraji honored all the men and women of small, medium (middle) and big category and returned them.
After worshiping the feet of Bharata’s mother Kaikeyi, Lord Sri Ramachandraji met him with pious (innocent) love and after removing all his inhibitions and thoughts, decorated him and sent him away.
Sita, who had a pious love with her beloved husband Shri Ramchandraji, returned from the family of Naihar and with her parents. Then I greeted all the mothers-in-law with a hug. There is no enthusiasm in the poet’s heart to describe his love.
Listening to his education and getting the desired blessings, Sitaji was engrossed in love (both for a long time) on both the parents-in-law and parents! (Then) Shri Raghunathji ordered beautiful palanquins and offered them to all the mothers and offered them.
The two brothers repeatedly mingled with mothers with equal love. The parties of Bharatji and Raja Janakji embarked on horse, elephant and many other types of rides.
Everyone is going to go insensible, keeping Sita and Lakshmanji in their heart. Animals like bulls, horses, elephants, etc. have lost their hearts (loosely) but are going to die.
After worshiping the feet of Guru Vashistha and Guru wife Arundhatiji, Lord Shree Ramachandra along with Sitaji and Lakshmanji returned with joy and sadness to Parnakuti.
Then, respectfully, left Nishadraj. He walked right, but there was a huge sadness in his heart. Then Shri Ramji returned the forest dwellers like Kol, Kirat, Bhil etc. All of them returned after doing whatever they could.
Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji, Sitaji and Lakshmanji are saddened by the disconnection of loved ones and family by sitting in the shadow. After talking about the affection, temperament and beautiful voice of Bharatji, he started saying to dear wife Sitaji and younger brother Laxmanji.
Shri Ramchandraji described the love, love, deeds and faith of Bharatji to his Shrimukh under the control of love. At that time birds, animals and fishes of water, all the conscious and root creatures of Chitrakoot became depressed.
Seeing the condition of Shri Raghunathji, the Gods sprinkled flowers on them and said the condition of their house (grief). Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji bowed and assured him. Then he walked away happy, there was no fear in his mind.

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