Shri Ram – Dasharatha Dialogue, Sadness of the Awadhis, Explaining Kaikeyi

Shri Ram – Dasharatha Dialogue, Sadness of the Awadhis, Explaining Kaikeyi –In such a situation, the king’s cloak was removed, he turned back after remembering Rama (saying ‘Ram! Ram!’). The minister pleaded time by saying that Shri Ramchandraji was coming.

When the king heard that Shri Ramchandra had come, he patiently opened his eyes. The minister handled and made the king sit. The king saw Shri Ramachandraji falling at his feet (bowing).
When the king heard that Shri Ramchandra had come, he patiently opened his eyes. The minister handled and made the king sit. The king saw Shri Ramachandraji falling at his feet (bowing).
Out of affection, the king took Ramji to heart. It is as if the snake has recovered its lost gem. King Dasharathaji was left staring at Shri Ramji. A stream of tears flowed from his eyes.
The king cannot say anything due to the special control of mourning. He repeatedly invokes Shri Ramchandraji with his heart and celebrates Brahmaji in his mind so that Shri Ragunathji does not go to the forest.
Then remembering Mahadevji and staring at him, he says – O Sadashiva! You hear my request You are Ashutosh (soon to be pleased) and Awadhardani (mouth-watering). So, remove my grief by knowing me your humble servant.
You are inspirationally in everyone’s heart. Give such wisdom to Shri Ramchandra, by which he will leave my word and leave modesty and stay at home.
In the world, if there is a waste and Suyash is destroyed. Whether (by committing a new sin) I fall into hell, or go to heaven (I may not get heaven as a result of prior virtues). You can bear me all kinds of sad sorrows. But Mr. Ramchandra should not be afraid of my eyes.
The king’s mind is thinking like this, not speaking. His mind is drooling like a peepal leaf. Shri Raghunathji, knowing his father’s love and anticipating that the mother will say something again (then the father will feel sad).
Considering the country, time and occasion, say unobtrusive words – O Tat! I say something, I respect it. I will forgive this impropriety as my childhood.
You got so much grief for this very trivial thing. Nobody made me say this before by saying this. Seeing Swami (you) in this condition, I asked Mata. Hearing the whole affair from him, all my organs became cold (I was very happy).
Hey daddy During this Mars, stop thinking with affection and allow me to be happy in heart. Saying this, Lord Shri Ramchandraji Sarvang became angry.
(He then said-) Blessed is his birth on this earth, hearing the character of which the father has the ultimate bliss, whose parents are as dear as life, the four substances (meaning, religion, work, salvation) in his mortal (fist) Live on
I will return soon after obeying you and receiving the fruits of birth, so please give orders. I ask for goodbye from my mother. Then with your feet (by bowing) I will walk to the forest.
Having said that, then Shri Ramchandraji left from there. The king mournfully gave no answer. That very shrill (unpleasant) thing spread so quickly throughout the city, as if the venom of a scorpion had spread all over the body on the sting.
Hearing this, all men and women became distraught as the vine and tree withering after seeing the forest fire (forest fire). Wherever one hears, that is where the head starts beating. There is great sadness, no one is bound to be patient.
Everyone’s face is dry, tears are shed from their eyes, grief does not take place in the heart. It is as if the army of Karuna Rasa has come down on Awadh by playing a gun.
All the matches were received (all coincidences were corrected), only then did the Creator spoil it! Everywhere people are abusing Kaikeyi! What did this papin think that he set the house on fire?
She wants to see her eyes with her hands (without eyes) and throw the nectar and taste the poison! This crooked, hard, unintelligent and unfortunate Kaikeyi became a fire for the bamboo forest like Raghuvansh!
Sitting on the leaf, it cut down the tree. Mourned in pleasure Shri Ramchandraji always loved it like a life. Yet, do not know why it decided this crookedness.
The poet truthfully says that the nature of a woman is unfathomable, unfathomable and penetrating in all respects. Even if you catch your shadow, brother! The speed (gait) of women is not known.
What a fire can’t burn! What cannot be in the sea! What a strong woman (caste) who calls Abala cannot do! Who doesn’t eat time in the world?
What the creator has heard and what he has shown and what he wants to show now! One says that the king did not do well, did not give consideration to the ill-fated Kaikeyi.
Those who stubbornly (by being adamant in fulfilling Kaikeyi’s talk) became worthy of all their sorrows. As a woman has special control, it is as if her knowledge and qualities kept on going. One (another) who knows the dignity of religion and is a grown-up does not blame the king.
They tell the story of Shibi, Dadhichi and Harishchandra to each other. Some one mentions Bharatji’s opinion in it. On listening to one, they are left indifferent (some do not speak).
Some people close their ears and press the tongue under their teeth and say that this is a lie, saying that such a thing will destroy your virtues. Bharatji is as dear as Shri Ramchandraji Pran.
Whether the moon (instead of cold rays) starts burning fire, and the nectar may become like a poison, but Bharatji will never do anything against Shri Ramchandraji even in his dream.
Some blame a Creator who gave poison by showing nectar. There was uproar throughout the city, everyone got thinking. Heartbroken heartburn, euphoria and ecstasy disappeared.
The women of the Brahmins, the honorable elders of the clan and those who were dear to Kaikeyi, began to appreciate her modesty and teach her. But to him his words seem like arrows.
(She says-) You always used to say that Bharat is not dear to me like Shri Ramchandra, the whole world knows this. You have been naturally affectionate to Shri Ramchandraji. What crime do you give them today?
You have never had a soutiadaah. The whole country knows your love and trust. Now Kausalya has spoiled you, because of which you have thrown a light on the whole city.
Will Sitaji leave her husband (Shri Ramchandraji)? Will Laxmanji be able to stay home without Shri Ramchandraji? devise Bharatji to be able to enjoy the kingdom of Ayodhyapuri without Shri Ramchandraji? And will the king survive without Sri Ramachandraji? (That is, neither Sitaji will stay here, neither Laxmanji will live, nor Bharatji will rule the kingdom nor the king will survive, all will be desolate.)
Leave the anger in the heart like this, do not be a sorrow of mourning and stigma. Give Bharat to the Crown Prince, but what is the work of Shri Ramchandraji in the forest?
Shri Ramchandraji is not hungry of the state. They hold the axis of religion and are obsessed with the subject (ie, they do not have sensuality), so do not doubt that if Shri Ramji does not go to the forest then he will disturb the kingdom of Bharat, even if he does not mind ) Take another such boon from the king that Shri Ram should leave the house and stay at the Guru’s house.
If you do not listen to us, then you will not feel anything. If you have laughed, then tell it in the manifest (let me laugh).
Is son like Rama fit for forest? Hearing this, what will people tell you! Wake up early and do the same measures by which this mourning and stigma is destroyed.
The way mourning (of the city) and (your) slander is eradicated, take the same measures and protect the family. While returning to the forest, take Shri Ramji by stubbornness, no other thing goes. Tulsidasji says- Just like day without sun, body without soul and night without moon (becomes lifeless and graceless), similarly Ayodhya will be done without Shri Ramchandraji, O Bhamini! If you understand this in your heart (think it), then you are right.
Thus, the Sakhis gave such a learning which was sweet in hearing and beneficial in the result. But Kaikeyi, who taught and taught Kutila Kubri, did not pay any heed to it.
Kaikeyi does not give any answer, she is becoming unhappy (unhappily) in an angry rage. This is as if a hungry tigress is looking at the herons. Sakhis then deemed the disease incurable and left it. Everyone started calling her a retarded, unfortunate person.
Daiva destroyed this Kaikeyi while ruling. Nobody will do what he did! All the men and women of the city are mourning in this way and are giving crores of abuses to that crooked Kaikeyi.
People are burning with asymmetric fever (fire of terrible sorrow). Taking long breaths, he says who hopes to live without Sri Ramachandraji. Due to great disconnection, the people have become distraught as if the community of aquatic creatures is distraught at the time the water dries up.

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