Shri Ram-Kaikeyi Dialogue Ayodhya Kand

Shri Ram-Kaikeyi Dialogue –The nature of Shri Ramchandraji is gentle and compassionate. He (in his life) saw this sorrow for the first time, never before had he heard sorrow. Still considering the time, while a patient in the heart, he asked Mata Kaikeyi with sweet words-

O, mother! Call me the reason for my father’s grief, so that he can be relieved (sorrow is removed). (Kaikeyi said-) O Ram! Listen, the whole reason is that the king has a lot of affection for you.

He asked me to give two boons. Whatever I liked, I asked for it. Hearing him, the king got thinking in his heart, because he cannot leave your inhibitions.

Here, there is the affection of the son and the word (pledge), the king has fallen into this dilemma. If you can, obey the king and eradicate their difficult tribulation.

Kaikeyi is sitting fearlessly saying such a bitter voice, which itself hardened itself too hard. The tongue is the bow, the words are many arrows, and as if the king is like a soft target.

(With all this equipment) It is as if the hardness itself is learning the bow by taking the body of the best hero. She is sitting in such a way after telling Mr. Raghunathji, as if wearing a body with impudence.

Suryakul’s Sun, naturally Anandanidhan Shri Ram Chandraji smiled in the mind and spoke such soft and beautiful words without all the corruption, as if the voice of speech was only-

Hey mother Listen, the same son is Badabhagi, who is a follower of the words of father and mother. (By obeying) The son who satisfies the parents, O mother! Is rare in the whole world.

In the forest, there will be an association of monks especially, in which I have all kinds of welfare. In that too, then father’s order and mother! Your opinion,

And Prana dear Bharat will reach the kingdom. (Seeing all these things it seems that) Today, the creator is in front of me in all respects (is favorable to me). Even if I do not go to the forest for such work, first of all, I should be counted in the society of fools.

Those who leave the Kalpavriksh serve the Rand and renounce the nectar and ask for poison, O Mother! Seeing it in your mind, you (the great head) will never miss an opportunity.

Hey mother I am especially suffering the same, seeing Maharaja very distraught. For this little thing, the father has so much grief, O mother! I do not believe it

Because the King is a very serene and deep-sea of virtues. Of course, I have committed a major crime, due to which the Maharaj does not say anything to me. You are my love, mother! You tell the truth

By the nature of Shri Ramchandraji, the best in Raghukul, knowing the words directly by obscuring Kaikeyi is sinuous, as though the water is the same, but leech moves in it with a zigzag.

Rani Kaikeyi was delighted to find the attitude of Shri Ramchandraji and said with treacherous affection and said – Your oath and goodness of Bharata, I am not aware of any other reason for the sorrow of the king.

Hey Tat You are not worthy of the crime (it is not possible for you to become a parent’s crime). You are going to give happiness to your parents and brothers. Hey Ram! Everything you are saying is true. You are ready in the words of father and mother.

I go to your sacrifice, explain to the father and say the same thing, so that he is not in ruin in the fourth age (old age). It is not fair to disrespect the virtue that has given them sons like you.

How do these auspicious words appear in Kaikeyi’s evil face, like a pilgrimage to Magadha! Shri Ramachandraji liked all the words of Mother Kaikeyi as if going into Gangaji (all kinds of good and bad), the waters become auspicious, beautiful.

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