Shri Ram-Kausalya Dialogue ayodhyaakaand

Shri Ram-Kausalya Dialogue –All men and women are being subjected to extreme depression. Swami Sri Ramachandraji went to Mata Kausalya. His face is happy and there is fourfold chav (enthusiasm) in the mind.

The thought has disappeared that the king should not be kept somewhere. (Shri Ramji was saddened to hear the coronation, why do I have an elder brother except for all the brothers. Now, after getting the orders of the mother Kaikeyi and the silent consent of the father, that thinking disappeared.)

The mind of Shri Ramchandraji is like a newly caught elephant and the coronation is like a barbed iron fencing of that elephant. Hearing ‘One has to go’, knowing that he is left free from bondage, his heart has increased in joy.
Raghukul Tilak Shree Ramachandraji with both hands folded his head at the feet of Mother with joy. Mother blessed her, took it from her heart and put jewels and clothes on her.
Mother is repeatedly kissing the face of Shri Ramchandraji. The water of love has filled the eyes and all the organs have pulsed. Sitting Shri Rama on his lap and again took him to the heart. Beautiful breasts Premaras (milk) began to shed.
His love and great bliss are not called anything. It is as if the pauper has attained the rank of Kubera. Seeing the beautiful face with great respect, Mother said sweet words-
Hey Tat Mata goes to Balihari, say, when is that bliss – auspicious ascendant, which is the beautiful limit of my virtue, modesty and happiness and the absolute best period of birth
And the (Lagna) whom all men and women want with extreme distraction in the same way as thirst and chatka want rain of Swati Nakshatra of autumn.
Hey Tat I take a bath, take a quick shower and eat whatever sweet you like. Brother! Then go to the father. It is too late, Mata goes to Balihari.
Hearing the very favorable words of the mother – as if the flowers of the Kalpavriksha in the form of affection, which were filled with happiness Makranda (Pushparas) and the origin of Shri (Rajalakshmi) – by giving such words of flowers, Shri Ramchandraji’s mind is not a bumblebee.
ForgotDharmadhuryan Shri Ramchandraji, knowing the speed of religion, said to the mother with a very soft voice- O mother! Father has given me the kingdom of forest, where in all ways my great work is going to be done.
Hey mother May you please me with a happy heart, so that my forest journey can be joyful. Do not be afraid even by forgetting my affection. Hey mother There will be bliss by your grace. Staying in the forest for fourteen years, authentic
In Raghukul, these very humble and sweet words of Shree Ramji, like the arrow in the heart of the mother, began to tighten. Hearing that cold voice, Kausalya dries up just as rainy water dries up.
Heart discord is not called anything. It is as if the deer has become distressed after hearing Singh’s roar. Water flooded into the eyes, the body trembled. It is as if you have gone into disgrace after eating fish manja (froth of first rain)!
After being patient, seeing the face of the son, mother Gadgad started saying the words – O Tat! You father is as dear as life. He was always happy to see your characters.
He gave research on the auspicious day to give the kingdom Then with which crime were you asked to go to the forest? Hey Tat Tell me the reason for this! Who became Agni to burn Suryavansh (forest of form)?
Then, seeing the attitude of Shri Ramchandraji, the minister’s son explained all the reasons and said. After listening to that incident, she remained silent (silent), her condition cannot be described.
Neither can you keep it, nor can you say that the forests go away. In both ways, there is a lot of heartache in the heart. (Think in mind, look-) The trick of the teacher is always crooked. Moon began to be written and Rahu was written
Both religion and affection surrounded Kausalyaji’s intellect. His condition became like snake-mole She started thinking that if I request (stubbornly) keep the son, then religion goes away and the brothers protest.
And if I ask to go to the forest, then there is a big loss. The queen especially fell under the thought of falling into this type of religion. Then by understanding Buddhist Kausalyaji Stree Dharma (Pativrat Dharma) and knowing both Rama and Bharata sons equally.
Shri Ramachandraji’s mother, with a simple nature, endured and said the words – O Tat! I go to Balihari, you did well. To obey the Father is the Shiromani religion of all religions.
Asked to give the kingdom and gave it to the forest, I am not even saddened by it. (It is sad that) without you Bharat, Maharaja and people will have a great tribulation.
Hey Tat If only the father’s command is given, then do not go to the forest considering the mother (father) to be big, but if both father and mother have asked to go to the forest, then the forest is like hundreds of Ayodhya for you.
The gods of the forest will be your father and the deities will be your mother. The animals and birds there will be servants of your feet. In the end it is only right for the king to go into exile. Seeing your (sukumar) state only makes the heart sad.
O tilak of Raghuvansh! The forest is very fortunate and it is Awadh unfortunate, which you abandoned. Hey son If I say take me with you, then there will be doubt in your heart (that mother wants to stop me on this excuse).
Hey son You are the dearest of all. Life of life and heart of life. The same (mortal) you say that mother! I go to the forest and I am sorry to hear your words and sit!
Thinking that I do not stubbornly raise false affection! son! I take care, do not forget to listen to my mother’s relation.
Hey Gosain! May all the gods and ancestors protect you, just as the eyelids protect the eyes. The duration of your exile (fourteen years) is water, loved ones and family fish. You are the mine of mercy and the axis of righteousness.
Thinking like this, take the same measures in which you can come while you live. I go to Balihari, orphaned by the servants, family members and the whole city, and go to the forest happily.
Today everyone’s virtue is fulfilled. The difficult period was opposite to us. (Thus) mourning a lot and knowing herself to be the ultimate unfortunate, she clung to the feet of Mother Shri Ramchandraji.
There was terrible sadness in the heart. The multiple lamentations of that time cannot be described. Shri Ramchandraji picked up the mother and took it from her heart and then explained it to her by saying soft words.
Hearing this news at the same time, Sitaji Akula woke up and went to her mother-in-law and worshiped her two feet and sat down with her head down.
Mother-in-law blessed with gentle speech. She was shocked to see Sitaji very delicate. Sita, who is pure in love with her form and her husband, is thinking of sitting down.
Jeevannath (Prannath) wants to walk the forest. See which virtuous person will be with them – will both the body and soul go together or will they be alone only with life? The Creator is not known for doing anything.
Sitaji is scorching the earth with her beautiful feet. While doing this, the sweet words of Nupur are being made, the poet describes it as if under the control of love, Nupur is pleading that the feet of Sitaji should never be abandoned by us.
Sitaji is blowing water with beautiful eyes. Seeing his condition, Shri Ramji’s mother Kausalyaji said – O Tat! Listen, Sita is very tender and mother-in-law, father-in-law and kutumbi are dear to everyone.
His father Janaki is the head of kings, father-in-law is the sun of Suryakul and husband is the moon feeding the Kumudavan in the form of Suryakul and is a repository of virtue and form.
Then I have found Rupi, beautiful qualities and sheelwali sweet daughter-in-law. I have increased the love of these (Janaki) by making them an effigy of the eyes and have put my life in them.
I have nurtured them with great pampering and watering them with water like affection. Now at the time of this creeper flourishing, the creator left. It is not known what the result will be.
Sita never set foot on the hardened earth except for the longitudinal (over the bed), lap, and handle. I have always been guarding them (carefully) like Sanjeevani Judd. Never even ask to remove the lamplight.
The same Sita now wants to walk with you in the forest. Hey Raghunath! What orders does he have? How can Chakori, who wants the juice of the moon’s rays (nectar), turn the eye towards the sun?
Many evil creatures like elephants, lions, demons etc. are wandering in the forest. Hey son Can the beautiful Sanjeevani herb be adorned in the garden of poisons?
For the forest, Brahmaji has composed girls of Kol and Bhils who do not know the subject pleasure, who have a hard nature like stone worms. They never have trouble in the forest.
Or women of ascetics are eligible to live in the forest, who have given up all the pleasures for austerity. Hey son How can Sita who is scared to see the monkey of the picture stay in the forest?
Is a swan in wandering in the lotus forest of Devsarovar able to live in the cows? Thinking as you command, I should give Janaki the same education.
Mother says- If Sita stays in the house, then I have a lot of support. Shri Ramchandraji, listening to the beloved voice of the mother, as if she was soaked with the nectar of modesty and affection.
Satisfied the mother by saying prudent dear words. Then he started explaining the faults of the forest to Janaki Ji.

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