Shri Ram-Laxman Dialogue

Shri Ram-Laxman Dialogue

When Laxmanji got the news, he ran agitated and got sad. The body is shivering, thrilling, eyes filled with tears. Very impatient with love, he held the feet of Shri Ramji.

They cannot say anything, standing looking. (Such are being oppressed) as if the fish are being oppressed when removed from the water. There is a thought in the heart that O Creator! what is going to happen? Is all our happiness and virtue complete?
What will Mr. Raghunathji call me? Will you keep it at home or take it with you? Shri Ram Chandraji folded hands with brother Lakshman and saw the body and the house standing broken with all ties.
Then Shri Ramchandraji, who was adept in policy and the sea of modesty, affection, simplicity and happiness, said – O Tat! Do not be impatient with love considering the resultant bliss in your heart.
Those who naturally follow the teachings of mother, father, master and master, they have got the benefit of taking birth, otherwise the birth in the world is futile.
Hey brother! Knowing this in my heart, listen to my learning and serve the feet of parents. Bharata and Shatrughna are not at home, Maharaj is old and I have grief in his heart.
In this state, if I go with you to the forest, Ayodhya will be orphaned in all ways. The grief of grief on all the gurus, father, mother, subjects and family.

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So you stay here and keep everyone satisfied. Otherwise, hey! There will be a big flaw. In whose kingdom the beloved subjects remain unhappy, that king is definitely entitled to hell.
Hey Tat Think about this policy and stay home. Laxmanji became very distraught upon hearing this! How they dried out with these soft words, like a lotus dries with the touch of frost!
With love Laxmanji does not get to answer anything. He got distraught and held the feet of Shri Ramji and said- O Nath! I am a slave and you are a master, so if you leave me, what is my control?
Hey master! You have given me very good learning, but I found it inaccessible to me with my cowardice. They are the best male officers of scripture and policy, who are patient and wear the axis of religion.
I am a small child in the love of God (you)! Somewhere Hans can also raise Mandarachal or Sumeru mountain! Hey Nath! I say by nature, believe you, I do not know anyone except you, Guru, Father and Mother.
As far as affection, love and faith are concerned in the world, whom the Vedas themselves have sung – O Lord! Hey Deenbandhu! Who knows inside everyone’s heart! All those things are only to me.
Religion and policy should be preached by someone who is beloved by fame, vibuti (Aishwarya), or salvation, but one who loves mind, word, and deed in feet, O mercy! Is he also worthy of renunciation?
The sea of mercy, Shri Ramchandraji, after listening to the gentle and gentle words of the good brother and knowing them scared for affection, explained them with heart.
(And said-) O brother! Go and ask for goodbye from mother and come to the forest soon! In Raghukul, Lakshmanji became ecstatic after hearing the voice of Shri Ramji. Big loss goes away and the big profit is made!

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